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How To Stay Healthy When Playing Softball

If a person is very serious about becoming a softball player, then you need to make sure you are focused in leading healthy softball nutrition. Nutrition is a very important aspect in a game of softball. Good nutrition is like adding new energy and ‘fuel’ to your body so that you are strong enough to play well without getting easily tired. Taking good food help your body by providing it with the necessary stuff needed in order for your body to be able to perform at its best way possible. If you then want to become a very good softball player, your solution will lie on the kind of food that you are eating and also with what it that is you are drinking.

What to Eat To Stay Healthy When Playing Softball 

Take Lots of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are very vital for a player. This is because they are the quick fuel that your body requires to burn in order for it to keep up everything that is demanded from softball. These requirements include running quickly, hitting the ball and also involves catching the ball. Without enough carbohydrates, or any at all, your body will feel like it is lethargic. The body will then become real slow in reacting to whatever it is that you would want it to do. The best sources of getting carbohydrates from include bread; you can get it from pasta and also from brown rice. These are majorly all wheat based products.

Ingest Enough Proteins as is Necessary

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Drills & Skills in Baserunning

Drills & Skills in Baserunning

There can be no doubt that in many softball teams there is a lot of work to be done at the bases. Sadly, most players and coaches never notice it.  This is because most coaches assume that some players are naturally good base runners than others. Thus, most coaches do neglect coaching base runners for they perceive baserunning as a natural talent that can hardly be improved. However, there has been evidence that teams with great and well trained base runners are better performers than their counterparts. In support of this notion, Coach Ralph & Karen (of the University of Tennessee) in 2012 wrote that “…To have a high scoring offence, a team must be aggressive at the bases and be willing to take risks.”

As such, because the drills have borne fruits in most of their earlier embracers, then learning them for success is possible; yet because of the former perception, a need for baserunning drills is necessary. While it is true that not everyone has been blessed with great athletic speed needed for base runners; it is also factual that everyone who truly desires to be a great base runner can be trained to be one. Thus in this edition I am going to explore some important drills for all base runners.

Basic run

Just as the name suggests, this is the simplest drill to try out. And it works very perfectly for beginners as well as for advanced players as a warm-up exercise.

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The Progression of Softball and Baseball Bat Technology

The Progression of Softball and Baseball Bat Technology

Arguably the most crucial piece of equipment in baseball and softball is the bat, as this is the vehicle through which runs are scored and games are won. The right bat can make all the difference between a solid hit and a disconnect with the ball, and continued innovations see baseball and softball bats becoming more powerful with each passing year. Softball bats as we know them today were greatly influenced by the centuries of bat evolution. Follow us through the history of bat technology and find out exactly what’s gone into the creation of your softball bat as you know it today.

The Early Days

In the early days of baseball and softball, bats were created following an “unstructured structure.” Players were allowed to select or create their own bats, and this resulted in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, as there were no restrictions regarding length or width. As experimentation occurred, players determined that wagon tongue wood created the most solid round bat, and a trend towards the now traditional round bat picked up steam.

The Changes of the 1860s

The first limitations on bat size came in 1859, when The Professional National Association of Baseball Players Governing Committee voted that bats could be no larger than 2.5 inches in diameter. The 1860s saw players wrapping strings and cords around the handles of their bats to find a better grip on the larger bat handle. By the end of the 1860s, a new rule limiting the length of bats was set at a maximum of 42 inches—a limitation which still stands today for baseball. For softball, regulations require bats not be over 34 inches in length, regardless of association.

Cue John Hillerich…

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Hit It To Win It!

Softball Hitting Drills

Practice alone does not always make perfect. But perfect practice will always make one perfect. Nowadays there are hoards of articles on good softball hitting drills out there; this isn’t one of them. More so, if you only sought have just a good reading time. This is because in this edition I opted to focus mainly in the objectives of the drills rather than the ease of engaging them. Upon a careful consideration, I am certain that every hitter who reads this article will obviously add something to his/her hitting menu. I know it’s not always an easy task to read through drills line-by-line, but I am sure you’re going to enjoy this if you read so.

Are you ready my now? Keep the wide stance, feet straight, knees & arms bent; elbow, shoulder and your eyes be even. Now assume the correct bat grip. Everything check?  Now we begin our drill list.

Part A – Basic drills
Main Objective:

In hitting, strength, agility, confidence and creativity will often support winning. The drills of this segment will focus mainly on strengthening the hands. In addition, they can also help a beginner to master the art of swinging. They are pretty simple and you can actually try them indoors if you wish.

Drill #1: The Wall Drill

Assume a bat’s distance (place a bat between the tip of the belly and the wall) with a wall.
Within that distance, make swings without the barrel of the bat hitting the wall.

Note: This drill’s main aim will be to help you learn the correct swings. It could best be practiced with a friend/coach to correct you if you mess up.

Drill #2: The Tee Drill

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Softball Performance Tips – Softball Throwing Drills Tips

Softball Throwing Drills Series

Of all the several skills in softball, I consider the art of throwing one of the most pivotal. Often, throwing is a highly emphasized and a greatly important skill in softball. Sadly, when one’s hitting practice is to daily run across the field as a warm-up. Then stand before a catcher and make over 50 daily swings holding a ball with each single throw trying to make it look perfect, it obviously becomes boring. As a result, such a throwing drill may not achieve its goals as intended. That could be the reason I opted to put across some simple drills that can ensure one becomes an expert hitter with ease.

Drill #1: The Arm-Flipping Drill:

This is the simplest and easiest drill. The aim of this drill is to strengthen the wrist muscles and teach on making the correct throwing spins. As such, it is highly recommended for beginners or as an exercise just after the warm-up.


– 4 – 5 balls


  • First Pair the players and let them take a knee at a distance of about 8ft from each other.
  • The option of the knee to be on the ground should be with regard to the throwing arm. That is, the “lefties” opt for the left knee as the “righties” chose the right.
  • Then with the correct hand grip on the ball and the throwing arm maintaining a 90 degrees elbow-bend, let the ones having the ball throw it to their partners.
  • This drill should not exceed 5 minutes when training.

i. Ensure that all players have learnt on the correct hand gripping.
ii. Also ensure the correct throwing spin as it is the main aim of the drill.

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Is Softball Beneficial to Your Body?

Is Softball Beneficial to Your Body?

There are several games out there that you are sure of getting health benefits from, so when it comes to playing softball you might be thinking that there are no benefits from playing the game. Well, you are wrong, softball is actually a quite an engaging game that will help the player benefit in so many ways, health being one of them. If you are looking for a fun way to stay healthy and lean, softball is a perfect way that you can do so. There are so many benefits of playing this wonderful game. For those who thought that the game is only for girls you are wrong. Whether you are a man or woman you will have the same benefits from the game.

Why Start Playing Softball?

The health benefits are numerous when you look at softball, in the long run, as a player you will find that your body is much better than you started. Softball is a game that requires the players to be very active, whether you are running, throwing or hitting the ball. All this activities require that one is quite active. With so many activities involved all muscle groups will be worked on, from the shoulders, thighs to the feet. This type of total body conditioning will ensure that your muscles are more flexible since they will be getting the workout that they need. Playing the game on a weekly basis will be a perfect way to ensure that you stay health and get the lean body that you are looking for. Unlike going to the gym where you have to do various workouts, with softball all you have to do is spend a few hours on the pitch and get the workout that you need, plus you get to have fun at the same time.

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Softball – A Health Resource

During a softball game, there are numerous of activities that take place and if played for a long time, you will be able to ensure that you benefit in numerous ways, include to your health. Staying healthy should be a key factor in your life, and you need to look for various activities that will help you stay fit and healthy. Rather than jogging or going to the gym every evening, you can decide to skip your normal routine, and join a softball team and play during the weekends. This will be a smart healthy move for you. To stay active in a softball game is no joke, and after playing for some time, your body will get used to the game, thus it will benefit from the health and fitness aspect’s brought by the game. Also, you get to have fun at the same time.

With over 350 calories while playing softball, this is an ideal game for those looking to stay healthy. If you find that exercise is not your favorite activity but you can play softball, then you better stick to softball and get the health benefits that it offers. Playing softball is an ideal way to bulk up and stay lean, especially if you play frequently. You will also be able to maintain a sharp mind. There are plenty of health benefit of playing softball. If you are wondering what these benefits then you have come to the right place:

Nutrition and Softball

First of all, playing softball will require that you maintain a healthy diet, so you will automatically have to change your diet. This will play a huge role in the overall health and fitness of your body. You will need to eat foods that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates so that you provide the body with the energy that it needs.

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Importance of In Season Maintenance


I’d like to talk to you about the importance of in season maintenance work when it comes to softball strength conditioning.  A lot of softball players and teams spend an awful amount of work during the off-season building themselves up.  Anything ranging from skills work, pitching, fielding, hitting to fitness work also speed, agility, strength, and power work.  Then season starts, they’re in great shape, their skills are excellent but as soon as the season starts, they stop doing anything.  Therefore, it comes down to playing many games and doing some practices when you have the time.

Softball is a technical sport, meaning you need to spend a lot of time on the technical side of things.  Such as practicing hitting, fielding and in addition to doing any kind of a tactical and strength work, offensive, and defensive strategies.  Therefore, there is very little time if any time left at all to do any kind of fitness work anymore.

Many people believe that because you play the game and spend a lot of time practicing, when you have the time to practice that does maintain what you have built in the off-season.  That’s a big mistake.  You see, fitness is pretty much a use it or lose it element.  In other words, if you don’t keep doing fitness work you start losing it.

Of course, there’s a certain element of maintenance when you do a lot of practices and games.  However, nothing that you think it would be in terms of the amount you retain.  You might be good at jumps because you do many jumps on the bases.  In addition, some of the sprinting is being maintained obviously, some of the throwing power, hitting power, because you do many throws and hitting but it’s not that much.  You end up losing a lot of your fitness level over the course of the long season.

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Interesting Facts That Set Softball Apart

Many people, me included, do not hesitate to point out how softball has striking resemblance to baseball. It is very true that for spectators, the two games are almost similar. What most of us do not know is that the two games are actually different in various ways. Nobody can be blamed for this kind of ignorance because most of us were exposed to the other kinds of sports that are more popular as we grew up: I am talking about games like basketball and football that almost everyone knows a lot about. This article highlights facts about softball that set it apart from other games and totally differentiates it from baseball. After reading this, you will never, even for a second be tempted to view the two games from the same perspective.

The game acquired its current name in 1926.The name ‘Softball’ was coined by Walter Hakanson. From its invention by George Hancock in 1887 as an indoor sport, it has had several names; mush ball, kitten ball and even indoor baseball.

This game is mainly for female players and is often referred to as a sport for ladies. It has even been argued by many, that the invention of the game was so that Baseball would remain to be played by men only. The game is played by 9 players.

There are two known types of the game; there is fast pitch softball and soft pitch softball. In soft pitch, when the ball is pitched, it must arch in the air. Fast pitch on the other hand, pitching of the ball is faster and stealing and bunting are permitted. It is important to note that stealing and bunting are not allowed in soft pitch. In any softball game, the ball has to be strictly pitched underhand.

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Amazing Benefits Of Playing Softball

There are many reasons why someone would be playing softball. Some do it because they really like the game, others love the competitions and some do it for fun as a pass-time activity. Whatever your reason for playing the game, you probably at some point, have found yourself down and wondering whether the game is really worth it. Perhaps you are scouting around to find a sport for yourself or your child and you want to know whether softball should really be on your list. Here are reasons that may make you make an appropriate decision concerning playing softball.

Playing softball has many benefits. Here are the top 10;

  • It is good at providing total conditioning of the body

Unlike many other games, softball requires a number of skills. Fielding, running, swinging and throwing are activities that require a well-coordinated effort by many muscles throughout your body.

  • It has significant anaerobic benefits

All the actions performed in the course of playing the game are very explosive .All the throwing ,lateral movements that are usually very quick, jumping off bases and hitting, are very explosive actions. The game requires overall strength of the entire body; the players learn to develop acceleration and throwing power. All these serve as a great foundation for building muscular power.

  • It is a great practice for development of the upper body

While throwing and swinging, shoulder and arm muscles participate significantly. The forearm, biceps, triceps and other major parts of the upper body are developed in the process.

  • It increases overall flexibility

An important aspect of a good softball player is overall flexibility. Players have to constantly stretch and do exercises in order to stay flexible to avoid unnecessary injuries in the course of a game.

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