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Attitude – How Do you Play the Game?

softball-girlsBy Coach Marc

Last summer at a tournament, I was talking to a college coach who was on a recruiting trip.

Like I often do, i asked her:

“Besides athletic talent, what do you look for in a potential recruit?”

Without any hesitation, she answered:

“A warrior mindset.”

“They make the best competitors and they are the ones that make the differences in key games.”

I agree.

In fact, most coaches use the following words (or synonyms of…) when describing players that are difference makers:

– Hard work
– Passion
– Determation
– Team Player
– Fighter
– Attitude (in a good way)

Do you have a “warrior mindset”?

My friend Coach Dalton Ruer, author of Winning the Short Game,  always tells his girls to “get dirty”.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, that’s how the game should be played.

If you love this game and you’re passionate about it, be a difference maker and give yourself 100%.

That will not go unnoticed.


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