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Becoming A Top Softball Player – You’ve Got to Want It

By Coach Marc

Earlier this week, I was having a discussion with a very talented teen athlete.

Like many kids of that generation, she has it easy. She is used to get what she wants and do what she wants.

We were discussing her life goals and she mentioned she want to go far in softball.

However, she somewhat believe that it will naturally happen.

I had to wake her up and tell her that many talented athletes never go anywhere because they either don’t have the desire or they aren’t willing to work and make sacrifices for it.

It’s only a very small majority that do make it at a high level.

I think as coaches and parents, we need to really emphasize  that to our athletes and kids Рespecially those who are both talented AND somewhat spoiled.

They have to learn to make sacrifices and work for what they want.

Do they really want it? That is the question.

Something to think about and that needs to be drilled in the head of kids at earliest age possible.


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