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Tryouts Organization Kit

WARNING: These are the tryouts secrets coaches of elite softball programs use to pick winning teams!
“Don’t Even Think About Organizing Your Next Softball Tryouts Until You Read This!”
“Make Your Life A LOT Easier, Run Highly Successful Tryouts and Pick the Most Hard Working, Talented, Athletic, and Coachable Players!”

Listen to a special message from Coach Marc:

Dear Fellow Coach,

In just a moment, I’m gonna show you how to quickly and easily organize your next tryouts and pick a softball team that will be hard working, talented, athletic, and fun to coach!

And it will make your job of organizing and running killer tryouts a lot easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before.

Organizing and Running Tryouts Can Be Complicated, Time-Consuming,

and Lead to Major Headaches!

As coaches, there are a lot of things we have to think about, determine, and figure out when organizing and running tryouts for our program.

Here are just a few of them…

  • Who will you invite and how many athletes do you expect?

  • How many fields do you need?

  • Which selection criterias are you going to use?

  • Which tests and assessment methods will you use?

  • How are you going to evaluate talent, athleticism (speed, agility, power, etc.), technical skills, decision-making skills, mental toughness, coachability, and attitude?

  • Where will you find relevant testing methods to assess all of those things?

  • How much time do you time?

  • What do you do in case of your rain?

  • What equipment will you need?

  • How many people will you need to help you run the tryouts?
  • Who will be involved in the evaluation process?

  • How will you make and announce the cuts?

  • How will you explain and justify your decisions?

  • How will you document the whole thing?

These are just some of the things you have to figure out! I don’t know about you but that’s can be somewhat complicated and time-consumming, yet it’s essential.

Bottom line, organizing and running tryouts is a lot of work and it’s no easy task.

How Do Top Travel Ball and College Coaches Do It So Successfully?

Have you ever wondered how top travel ball and college coaches…

  • Organize and run their tryouts?

  • Pick the right players?

  • Make and announce their cuts?

  • Assess talent, athleticism, technical skills, decision-making skills, coachability, and attitude?

or which….

  • Assessment methods or tests they use to evaluate potential players?

  • Selection criterias they use to pick talented and coachable athletes?

  • Tools or forms they use to quickly, accurately and easily assess many athletes?

I sure would love to know how they do it so successfully year after year. It definitely shows in the quality of their softball program.

I’m willing to bet that, you too, would love to have answers to all these questions.

Having answers to all these questions would make your life a lot of easier. Wouldn’t it?

How do successful people get successful? They copy what other successful people do. There are no secrets to success. That’s how it works. You have to model what successful people do to achieve success. It’s no different in softball.

Getting answers to all these questions would take you a while but it would certainly be worth to make your life as a coach so much easier and so much better in addition to making you a more successful coach.

Guess what? I went to find out and I’ve done the work for you!!!

Yes, that’s true. I’m super curious and always want to find out how successful coaches do things.

Even though I consider myself pretty knowledgeable and that I’ve been around for a while, I always learn when I talk to other successful coaches.

Just hang around conferences and you’ll see that the “big names” and “who’s who of softball coaching” are attending sessions and talking to their peers. Even though they’re already successful, they want to find out how others do it.

That’s how they stay on top and have winning programs every year. They texhange ideas with other succesful peers.

How about you? Do you ever learn from other successful coaches?

As I said, I’ve been a coach a long time and I know that organizing and running tryouts is super important but that it can be complicated, frustrating and time-consuming to organize and run.

So I went to find out how other successful coaches do it.

Let me tell you, I learned a lot. Even though if I already know a lot and have been around softball for 20 years.

To make your life super easy, your coaching much more enjoyable, help you pick the right athletes, and make you more successful, I’ve put together a great resource for you.

The Successful Tryouts Organization Kit.

Basically, I asked myself one question:

“What would be the perfect resource to help coaches organize and run a successful tryouts, help them pick the right athletes, make their life easier, and develop a winning softball program?”

I answered that question by determining that this perfect resource would have to…

  1. Provide sample testing protocols and tryouts plans

  2. A list of relevant, easy-to-administer testing and assessment methods

  3. Provide guidelines on how to identify talent and predict future success

  4. Share the best tryouts practices of highly successful travel ball and college coaches

So, I went to work and spent several months that perfect resource together.

This kit is really what you’ve been looking for! It will make your life a lot easier, help you quickly and easily organize and run a killer tryouts, and put together a highly competitive and successful program.

Click here to order now

All The Tools You Need to Organize and Run Highly Successful Tryouts Without Too Much Work or Any Major Headache!

This Successful Tryouts Organization Kit will give you all the tools you need to do an outstanding job of organizing and running successful tryouts using the same techniques and methods elite coaches use to run their tryouts and pick talented and winning teams.


With this Tryouts Organization Kit, you’ll…


  • Make your life easier

  • Pick better, more talented and more coachable athletes

  • Save tons of time

  • Use proven testing and assessment methods

  • Learn how the best coaches in the game do it

  • Be able to model what successful coaches do

  • Make your coaching much more enjoyable

  • Experience more success on the softball field

  • Run world-class tryouts

  • Win more softball games
  • And much more.

Click here to order now

So, what exactly is in that Successful Tryouts Organization Kit?

We often say – if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That couldn’t be more true for softball tryouts.

And you know what? Most softball coaches fail to spend enough time preparing their tryouts.

This kit will give the ultimate edge on your competitors by giving you all the tools you need to quickly and easily prepare great tryouts and help pick hard working, athletic, talented, and coachable athletes.

Here’s what you get with this complete and ultimate Successful Tryouts Organization Kit:

  1. Sample Testing Protocol and Tryouts Schedule

  2. Softball Skills and Physical Testing Manual

  3. Talent Identification Guidelines

  4. Physiological Demands and Performance Factor of Softball Guide

Plus… the 4 amazing audio interviews with great minds of the game to really help you prepare your next tryouts…

“Learn From The Masters – Top Softball Coaches Reveal How They Quickly and Easily Organize and Run Killer Tryouts and Pick Hard Working, Talented, Athletic, and Coachable Athletes That Helps Them Make Their Program Super Successful Every Single Year!”

Have you ever wondered how top coaches at different levels of the game conduct their tryouts and select players? Well, I went to find out for you.

I’ve interviewed 4 highly successful coaches at different levels of the games to give you the best insights, tips, and tricks on how to select players and run successful tryouts.

Interview #1

“How An Elite Travel Ball Program Runs Its Tryouts!”

Guest Coach: Pat Moyer – A very successful and experienced travel ball coach, he is the director of the Fury Fastpitch Softball Organization based in Chattanooga, TN. He’s also the Head Coach of the 16U team of the same organization and attended ASA Nationals numerous times over the last few years. He runs very successful, highly organized tryouts for the entire organization.


Interview #2

“Softball Tryouts at the College Level! “

Guest Coach: Coach Rick Pauly – Rick Pauly, father of pitching sensation and National Pro Fastpitch MVP Sarah Pauly, is currently the pitching coach at South Carolina. Previously, he was the Head Coach at Spartanburg Methodist College, where he led the Pioneers to back-to-back appearances in the NJCAA Division I World Series. Rick is also a former men’s fastpitch pitcher and played at a high level for many years.

Interview #3

“How to Select Character Players at Any Levels! “

Guest Expert: Coach Mark Smith – Mark is one of the true leaders in sports and bring a refreshing on how to select players at any level of the game. As a player/pitcher, he dominated the men’s game for 15 years at the international level. He has also excelled as a Head Coach with both the Men’s and the Women’s Canadian National Team Programs. In addition to his international coaching experience, he has spent a few seasons coaching youth softball at the 10U, 12U and 18U Levels.

Interview #4

“Practical Advice for Highly Successful Tryouts! “

Guest Coach: Coach Ken Krause – Ken has been coaching girls fastpitch softball for nearly 15 years, and has been contributing regular columns on the game to Softball Magazine since 2003. In addition to working as a head coach in travel softball he is also a highly-sought after private instructor, specializing in hitting, pitching and catching. Ken is head softball pitching instructor at North Shore Baseball Academy in Libertyville, Illinois and Grand Slam USA in Spring Grove, Illinois.

That’s everything you need to triple your chances of being selected!

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Great Kit?

Well, realize that if I was going to take the time to coach you personally on how to plan and prepare your next tryout, it could easily cost you several hundreds bucks. I currently charge $100.00/hour for personal coaching.

However, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. The current price of the kit is only $47.

So, you get it for $47 only $37 as a special launch price.

Click here to order now

Still undecided or skeptical? I will make it super easy for you…

I’m so confident that you’re going to get great benefits from this product that I’m going to put my whole reputation behind it. Which is why I’m prepared to back it with a no risk 60-day GUARANTEE!

That’s right! I’m so confident that you’ll get great benefits that I don’t mind offering an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee!

And remember, I’m putting my whole reputation behind this rock solid offer as well.

Test the material for 60 days and if you don’t feel that this products delivers on its promises, just send me an email and I’ll refund your money in full. That’s just the way I like to do things.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied. That’s right. It’s that simple.

Click here to order now

Don’t Wait Until You Choke or Fail To Perform to Get This Incredible Resource….


Whether you are months, weeks, days or even hours away from your next tryout, you owe it to yourself to get this kit RIGHT NOW to help you organize your next tryouts!

Trust me, you won’t be able to find that information all assembled together in one place anywhere else. This kit is a blueptrint to help you organize successful tryouts. It contains everytghing you need. As a result, you’ll get a tremendous edge on your competition!

Don’t wait any longer and get your own Successful Tryouts Organization Kit NOW!

But wait… to sweeten the pot, I’ll even throw this great bonus…

FREE BONUS Skills Analysis Forms Toolkit (a $25.00 value ) – This toolkit has skills analysis forms for each position to help you assess every aspect of the game. They are in MS World to allow you to modify them and adapt them to your needs.

  1. Pitcher Skills Analysis Form

  2. Catcher Skills Analysis Form

  3. First Base Skills Analysis Form

  4. Second Base Skills Analysis Form

  5. Shortstop Skills Analysis Form

  6. Third Base Skills Analysis Form

  7. Outfield Skills Analysis Form

  8. Pitcher and Catcher Evaluation Form

  9. Player Evaluation Form

  10. Softball Player Rating Form

That’s a $25.00 FREE Bonus…

Click here to order now

Don’t wait any longer and get ready to conduct the best tryouts ever!


Yes ! I’m really excited and want to order the Tryouts Peak Performance Kit right now to finally stand out of the crowd and deliver my best performance ever at my next tryouts!

I understand that I get the following 10 items:

  1. Sample Testing Protocol and Tryouts Schedule
  2. Softball Skills and Physical Testing Manual
  3. Talent Identification Guidelines
  4. Physiological Demands and Performance Factors of Softball
  5. Learning From the Masters – Interview with Coach Pat Moyer
  6. Learning From the Masters- Interview with Coach Rick Pauly
  7. Learning From the Masters- Interview with Coach Mark Smith
  8. Learning From the Masters – Interview with Coach Ken Krause
  9. Pitcher Skills Analysis Form
  10. Catcher Skills Analysis Form
  11. First Base Skills Analysis Form
  12. Second Base Skills Analysis Form
  13. Shortstop Skills Analysis Form
  14. Third Base Skills Analysis Form
  15. Outfield Skills Analysis Form
  16. Pitcher and Catcher Evaluation Form
  17. Player Evaluation Form
  18. Softball Player Rating Form

And I’m fully protected by your 100% unconditional 60-day money-back gurantee!

I also understand that I’ll be able to use the kit immediately as all of the items are delivered in digital format (instant download)!

All this VALUE for $47 only $37 for now!

Click here to order now

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

Just imagine how much easier your life will be with this kit. All you have to do is to follow the blueprint and you’ll be able to organize highly successful tryouts and select hard-working, talented, athletic, and coachable players.

And don’t forget, if you’re not completely satisfied after 60 days, you can claim a full refund. All the risk is on me so go ahead and give me a try now.

To your selection,

Marc Dagenais

Marc Dagenais

Softball Peak Performance Coach

P.S  If you are organizing a softball tryouts soon – don’t wait and get your Successful Tryouts Organization Kit today!

P.P.S If you’d rather talk to someone or order by phone, call us at 1-866-589-0439 and leave a message if we are not available, we will call you back very soon!

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