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Sliding Head First – Impossible Skill to Learn?

head-first-slideBy Coach Marc

We often compare baseball to softball and try to find differences.

Have you ever noticed that a major difference between male baseball payers and female softball players is…

…their ability to dive head first?

While most young boys on a baseball team will fearlessly dive head first, very few young ladies on a travel ball team can do the same.

Can anybody explain this to me?

Are boys less fearful?

Are girls too scared?

Some might pretend it’s a “female anatomy
thing” and I won’t argue this as I can’t

Others will say it’s dangerous.


I will admit – I used to think that only “naturals” (i.e. very athletic girls) could ever learn to slide head first.

However, I quickly changed my mind last year.

I now know that any female can learn to dive  head first fairly quickly and easily.

I’ve seen it happened before my own eyes.

My friend and instructor Dalton Ruer is a baserunning and short-game specialist.

He’s mastered the art of getting young girls getting past their deepest fears and teach them  how to dive head first safely and effectively in a matter of minutes!

I’m not kidding. I’ve seen it!

The best thing is that you can now learn how to do it as Coach Ruer reveals how he does it in his new “Winning the Short Game” system.

Winning the Short Game – Get Dirty

He’ll show you how to get dirty safely, quickly and easily.


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January 27, 2010

Allen Ciolek @ 1:27 pm

Many leagues have banned head first slides except for diving back to a base.

LH @ 1:32 pm

Wait for a day where it’s raining like crazy! the most fun I’ve ever had at practise was a day in the pouring rain where we spent an hour practising sliding head first on the grass!!!

January 28, 2010

Jessica @ 4:47 pm

It’s not that were scared it’s just we don’t know how to or we just don’t want to and most will not do it if they don’t choose to.

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