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Softball Performance – Average Softball Pitching Speed

By Coach Marc

I came accross an interesting post on the average softball pitching speed. I thought I would share with you.

The author mentions that obviously there are exceptions with some pitchers but she thinks that this reflects the reality.

Age Average Pitching Speed Top Pitching Speed
10u 37-41 MPH 43-46 MPH
12u 44-47 MPH 50-53 MPH
14u 46-49 MPH 52-55 MPH
16u 50-53 MPH 54-57 MPH
18u 53-56 MPH 58-61 MPH
College 59-64 MPH 65-72 MPH

What do you think? Do you agree?

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September 7, 2008

Robin Walters @ 5:08 pm

I agree with the pitching speeds. My daughter Kendra is 15, playing on an 18U team and she is only pitching 55mph but moves the ball very well. I think speed and movement can both be good.

February 11, 2009

Rob Smeets @ 4:19 pm

Hey Mark..thanks for all you do to keep moving the quality of coaching forward in fastpitch. Speeds listed seem pretty reasonable for 95% of pitchers. My instructing experience has shown me that when we start developing and practicing the spin pitches many times the students will stagnate or fall back on their speeds, simply because they tend to forget to continue working their speed drills. It is important to add the spin drills to what they are doing in practice, not necessarily allowing them to replace spins for speed work. Best of luck!

February 23, 2009

Marc Dagenais @ 10:45 pm

You have to keep working on speed all the time. As you get faster, it gets harder to build up but over time you may be able to gain a 1-2 extra mph.

June 1, 2009

Sydney Sowinski @ 2:18 pm

can you send me some ways to keep my arm loose in a game, to improve my pitching speed.

Sydney Sowinski @ 2:20 pm

I dont know if i agree i have never saw what speed i pitch but it seems about right.

Marc Dagenais @ 4:51 pm

To keep your arm loose, shake it up a little bit between pitches as you step on the mound. Many top pitchers do that including Lisa Fernandez.


June 3, 2009

Alex Lewis @ 6:07 pm

Im 14 years old and pitching consistanly 60-61 mph, and I have seen many other pitchers that are faster than what those averages say. Kids are throwing faster these days. I think those speeds need to be incresed

July 8, 2009

JK @ 1:59 pm

I think you are dreaming. You are not 14 and pitching 60 miles an hour consistently. Unless maybe you are Jennie Finch reincarnated?

September 23, 2009

Jaynee @ 8:26 am

Usually just read the posts,but had to comment this one.

JK,I don’t think Alex Lewis is dreaming.Nor is she Jennie incarnated…Cat Osterman threw at this speed in highschool,not sure about Jennie but willing to bet she did too.
My daughter(shes 14)consistently throws near 60,as well as many other girls in my area.I am a coach with 14u girls.I see it all the time.I totally agree with the statement “girls throw harder these days.”I think the sport gets much more competitive at this age.

October 27, 2009

Kelly @ 9:19 pm

hey i’m writing a paper in my College Speech class about the differences between Softball and Baseball.

Can anyone find the different softball pitches and their average speeds for me please.

ie fastball, change up, curve ball anything else would be awesome!

Thanks for your Helpp!


October 28, 2009

Marc Dagenais @ 5:54 am

Hi Kelly,

I am not sure where to find this. If ever you do, please let me know. I would love that info.

November 8, 2009

mike @ 1:20 pm

I agree wiyh Rob Smeets comment.My daughter is 13 yrs. old averaging 60-61 mph.It seems natural to us.But when we go to tournaments we see girls her age throwing 50-55 mph.

November 11, 2009

Dstar @ 12:16 pm

These speeds of girls 13 and 14 throwing over 60 is unbelieveable. At the 2009 rising stars in fla one of the biggest showcases in the eastern US girls (sophomores, juniors and seniors) from 25 states. Of the 40 pitchers 4 threw 60 or over.

November 17, 2009

mitchell johnson @ 2:43 pm

You have to go with what you around. I have been coaching fastpitch now for 17 years in the Texas area, with many trips to Nationals and Showcases around the country. When measuring pitch SPEED, are you clocking at the release spot or the catcher spot, or in between somewhere? This does make a huge differencec. Its faster at the release point than catching point. Are you in front of the ball or radaring behind the release,, all of these techniques will come up with different mph’s. The BIGGEST thing is the gun you are using, the guns must be re-calibrated every season. 90% of all pitchers will never throw over 60mph. Age plays a part, but depending on height, arm length, type of pitches anything is possible. But, DAD’s let go of the ego, someone told you she is throwing 60+, be rational. Remember speed is not what wins games, pitching placement, spins, and strategy. It’s nice to have that 60+ pitch, but throw it more than once per batter its going to get hit and hit hard. Remember its the combination of pitches presented.

December 24, 2009

emily w. @ 12:53 am

i am 13 years old and i consistently pitch around 60 well actually 57 but i am also a lefty and i am still getting faster i also get many compliments on my movement and spin on the ball as well. this year i will be playing for a 16u “A” team that is planning to be playing in college exposure tournaments and is planning on playing in 18u tournaments but i think the change from 40ft. to 43ft. will be a little difficult but i think i can manage. does anyone know why they changed the distance in 16 u from 40 to 43 if you do please let me know thanx ūüôā

January 11, 2010

amber @ 10:04 pm

i am at age 15 and pitching about 56mph and on a travel and local team and i dont get reconized and i want this so badly the coaches play favoritism which i don’t like at all.

January 24, 2010

J @ 6:46 am

Mr. Johnson (or anyone else who might have an idea), do you happen to know if using the indoor soft softball would clock differently than the standard hard softball? If so, how many mph would we be talking?

January 29, 2010

Lenny @ 3:17 pm

i definatly agree that you need to increase the speeds because they seem low. i have been playing softball all my life and have only been taking pitching lessons for a year now. i just turned 14 and i just hit 59. 2 weeks ago i had just hit 58 so i am improving dramatically. i consistently hit 57. i am also quite accurate. though with all of this i must at all times work as hard as i possibly can because i live in a town with a lot of favoritism for other girls who are also pitchers but i am better than them. i have been on travel teams for the past 3 years and every year i have had to move to a different team because of favoritism towards other girls. i have had a really tough time but i continue to work as hard as i possibly can and wish to continue playing in college, i maintain a GPA of 3.84 also so i would want to go to a good academic school also. last year i played for a 14u team and the pitchers that i saw were either around 50 or 55 but still were not very good so i somewhat blew them away haha =)

February 7, 2010

Ron @ 11:53 pm

All you girls that are 13 to 15 years old that “THINK’ your pitching 60+ mph..WAKE UP!!!! You have no clue what it takes to pitch that fast.. you got to use a good speedgun..not one of those from WAL-MART..If you are throwing that fast then every college in the nation will want you..It’s a good dream to have to throw that fast with accurcy…keep dreaming…

March 14, 2010

Michelle20 @ 6:30 pm

I am 15 and on the high school team. I have been timed with a speed gun from the police department. I am throwing 60-62 consistently and i have a rise ball, drop ball, change up, and a fastball. Girls our age are throwing harder these days then what you all give us credit for.

March 30, 2010

Bob @ 11:16 am

My 13 yr old daughter throws about 50-55 Max. BUT , has lots of Movement in her pitches . She can and has gotten more girls out then all these girls that Believe they throw 60-62 mph …….. sorry , but it is getting a little deep here , don’t ya think ??

April 6, 2010

Kac @ 1:15 am

I have pitched since I was 11 years old. I am 24 now. I never once hit 60+ in high school or college and I threw 2 shut out seasons and averaged 11k’s agame with no more than 3 walks agame. I have a hard time believing these little girls are throwing that fast.. My advice would be to save their little arms a little and work on placement. Speed DOES NOT MATTER, its all about reading your batter, having a variety of solid pitches with lots of movement and playing smart defence. Most importantly: MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Leen @ 1:26 pm

I have a daughter that pitches, What I found out about speed is depends how tall you daughter is and how big your daughter is. My daughter is 5-11 very slim and when she pitches her leg touches the end of the circle that gives her more speed and she gets closes to home plate which is hard to hit. She has long legs and long arms she learn how to use her body. Some times when she doesn’t extend her legs the ball doesn’t go as fast as when she extended. She is almost 60 Mph at 14 years old. I have seen girls almost as faster as her, but not yet there. I have seen girls almost as tall as her but bigger in weight, that throws a little faster than her but I’m talking about big girls. I leave in southern California and I have seen so many teams and the good teams here almost all of their pitchers are way slower than my daughter. But they are very good they really hit their spots have good change up and movement in their pitches. Speed is good in a way but some times the Umpires call balls to good pitches, because they are coming to fast that is hard to see from their position. Most Umpires are really not use to very fast pitching.

April 9, 2010

Branell @ 10:12 am

I am a pitcher in college and I’m a left handed pitcher im only 18 tho but I have very good movement and placement, and I throw 60 without using my legs much… and drills or anything that could help me use my legs so I can gain more speed? The coaches are trying to get me to use them wayy more but i guess I dont have the muscle memory to keep doing it…I need some help!! lol

April 10, 2010

natalie beck @ 12:17 am

i just turned fourteen and i am a pitcher(sort of). i topped out at 54 a few weeks ago and i want to throw 57 by the end of the summer. i worked in the winter almost every single day and in august i was only through 47 so i have gotten alot of speed over the winter and accuracy. i have a change up and am currenctly working on a drop curve..i play for a traveling team also. my average speed is 52mph. and i was just wondering if anyone knew of any drills on how to gain speed an accuracy..?
it would be greatly appreciated.

and for everyone that is my age that is pitch 60+ good job! keep up the good work. you guys are lucky to have that kind of talent(: good luck in the future!

Jay @ 10:09 pm

Everyone throws 60 on the internet. It’s a total joke. I live in NY, there’s a freshman here that throws a bit over 60 and she DOMINATES. She also has a lot of movement but in regards to speed no one around here throws harder, she has no team behind her at all and lost in the state semis last year. incredible that on the internet this ability is common place….for 13 & 14 year olds! I’m big on using my radar gun and I don’t care how experienced a coach or daddy is -his/her eyes are not a radar gun, there’s a reason scouts use guns (even though they’ve seen tens of thousands of pitches from hundreds of different pitchers). Bottom line if you want to show the world your 13 year old throws in the 60’s put it on youtube with the radar in front of the camera without editing, just let it run for 10 pitches. Until you do that you just sound like a clown.

April 13, 2010

shag @ 6:46 pm

I agree with the ave speed of the young ladies these days.But I think the majority of them are learning a weaker way to pitch these days. They’re not learning the art first. My dad was clocked at 104 in the late 60’s.And they don’t pitch the same way now.

April 18, 2010

marc @ 11:45 am

I agree with jay and leen my daughter is 8 years old and she throws between 39 to 41 mph we used a radar gun and we clocked her from behind the catcher last year was her first year pitching she was throwing between 32 to 38 mph and she was consistently throwing around 35-36 mph the umpires missed calls like the batter swinging way after the pitch and it also doesn’t help her when the batters don’t swing at all and the other parent’s on the other teams start to complain to our league’s board and say that it’s not fair and that she throws to hard they have even gone as far as to single her out that if she hit’s 3 batter’s that i have to pull her but yet we played against a team and there pitcher hit 5 of my girls including my daughter and they didn’t pull her out besides last time i checked it was called fastpitch softball and that’s what i teach my girls to throw hard because you can teach mechanics but you can’t teach speed and like i tell my girls go out there throw hard and have fun because i don’t care if they walk every batter it’s not the end of the world and no matter if we win or lose and the end of the game every one gets snacks

April 25, 2010

Dave @ 6:49 pm

I don’t want to be rude, but you people who don’t think there are kids 15 years old pitching in the 60’s need to get out more. Just because you haven’t witnesses it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. While unusual, I’ve seen freshmen pitchers throw with accuracy and movement in the mid to above mid-60’s. On the same note, and she’s not alone, take a look at the 14U Shamrocks pitcher (cruising speed in the mid-60’s+). There are others. There’s a new breed out there that are being trained and conditioned by the players/coaches before them. If you don’t believe it, and you’re still connected to the game, you’ll see it soon enough if you’re playing at the same level as these kids.

May 21, 2010

Ken @ 10:52 am

Dave, you are completely correct.

In my area, there is a freshman pitcher who I have personally spent an afternoon with a gun on. In 7 innings of pitching her average was right at 60. She had many fastballs well over 60 with the maximum at 67. Yeah, I know it was a one time thing (67) but she hit 64 a couple of times so I know it happened.

May 24, 2010

Socali @ 12:47 pm

I am a coach for an allstar 10U team in southern California where PLENTY of the top softball players come from and I must admit I have gunned girls throwing early to mid 50’s at this level. Our top pitcher throws consistenly at 48mph but has 4-5 pitches that get girls out. Our fastest pitcher throws in the low 50s but is either over the plate or a little wild. I would say around 60 is possible for 14 and up but seeing a lot of teams play (yes I do carry my gun around to state and national tournaments)I would say I have probably witnessed 8 or 9 girls in the 12 division throw 55+ out of the at least 300 I have seen..it happens but I wouldn’t say there are more than half of the girls or even a quarter of 14 year olds throwing 60+.

May 27, 2010

emily @ 11:29 pm

to everyone who thinks we cant throw in the the rely high 50s to low 60s at 13 and 14 you need to get out and look at some more teams because its true! I am a lefty who is 14 and this season I have been pitching at 43ft due to the change in distance in 16u and up and I am throwing 58 average and I hit the 60 often but not as much as I’d like to but ive been clocked from behind the catcher at those speeds and from not just one gun and from even a newly calibrated jugs gun not the kind u buy at wal mart. i am also still coming back from a broken ankle. but to me my speed isnt everything i still work on the spin on my pitches every single day! I am not the only one who is throwing close to the 60s so those who think its not true it is

July 11, 2010

julia @ 3:24 pm

Hey, it definetely is possible to throw 60+ at age 14. I am 14 and my record is 63. I have been timed off many guns and the one that my dad uses on me shows 58-61. That gun was $150…not so great. However the one my coach used on me showed 63. It was $800 and he was lined up correctly, directly behind the catcher. Pitching at those speeds is definetely possible but extremely rare. I’ve only seen one other girl my age throw as hard as me.

July 13, 2010

Allison @ 1:50 pm

I’m 12 years old (turned 12 a month ago)….last year (10U last year) i pitched about 38-40 mph…I haven’t really “speed gunned” myself since that but it sounds pretty reasonable…Just one complaint – i was watching the softball championships replay (UCLA vs. Arizona) and they were only pitching 57 mph and they are in college…

July 14, 2010

Linda Keller @ 11:47 am

My daughter is 14 going to be a freshman this year and has been playing softball since age 7. She has been pitching ever since then, and was determined to be a pitcher well before that. Honestly she started throwing pitch balls since 5…. Her average speed is 51-53 pmh. We have had her clocked at many games, and her first game of the season was at 51mph. It’s very impressive to watch such a young lady throw fast like that… She is determined to be successfull. And hopes to some day receive a scholarship!

July 15, 2010

Kendra @ 9:41 pm

I’m 16 and I’m 18u and I throw the ball Around 65 and move it verry well
so it depends on the girls mussels my coach told me, I’m still increasing
my speed so some girls are totally built different to change that whole chart but
normally girls throw about that speed posted above..

August 2, 2010

savannah @ 10:33 pm

wow looking at this puts me in a diffrent look at my cousin, ashleigh. she has got on a 10u team in fredrick’s burg, VA and throws 52 mph all the time her change up i believe is 47. i didnt think it was so strange because two ppl on her team pitches 55 and they are a year older.so her change up is faster then the top speeds shown. but i know ashleigh and the other girls are the exeption so i think the chart is true.

January 6, 2011

Branson Reiter @ 10:33 pm

My cousin is 12 and can throw 55mph…Do you think she could play for Georgia?

January 25, 2011

Why is it important to know how fast your DD pitches? @ 1:26 pm

[…] Pitching Speed? Great softball pitching hints and recommendations for girl softball pitchers Softball Pitching – Average Softball Pitching Speed And to pitch D1, you do NOT need to have a 60 something fastball. But you WILL work into it once […]

February 24, 2011

Softxdxball @ 4:10 pm

hmmm, that's interesting! Where I'm from the girls pitch several miles faster than the average speed (myself included). I play 14u and my speed is 59, seeing this was a bit of a confidence booster!:)

April 30, 2011

Brianna Cunningham @ 1:36 am

how are you pitching 59 at 14u that is crazy

May 24, 2011

Gymnast21 @ 6:33 pm

Yeah I play U14 and my pitchers speed it bout 55 (i am catcher ūüėČ so this seems about right

June 14, 2011

EVEY1424 @ 1:12 pm


June 30, 2011

lellasaur @ 10:37 pm

Not really. I'm 14u and I pitch around 60…

July 30, 2011

pitching coach @ 9:29 am

I've been around a lot of 14U pitchers. if the ball is coming in fast and fat, it's easy to hit by 14U.  at 12U, speed kills, at 14U it's placement and movement.

I've also seen about a 15MPH difference in radar guns and sometimes even the same radar gun.  If you are using a $150 or less gun, I wouldn't put a lot of stock in it.

I've seen girls that throw “60”, go up against “low 50's” and the speed looks really really close.

The question that should be asked is what percentage of your pitches are strikes, what is the average number of walks.

August 8, 2011

Mmahy9 @ 4:57 pm

That is not right. Im in 12u going from 10u and my teams pitchers and other teams pitchers i have faced. They have been alot faster than 47

September 8, 2011

Pamielia @ 6:17 pm

Have you even seen the oc batbusters? ive played the 98 team! do you know how fast there pitcher can pitch

September 23, 2011

Eric Salverda @ 10:51 am

The comment about the cheap radar guns is so very true.. I recently bought a gun for around 180 bucks and my daughter who plays softball in college and consistantly throws around 61-63 for her fast ball only registered around 55.. Talk about killing her confidence….Her coach has a juggs Radar gun and I think it cost around 900 dollars¬† also she has been clocked at many camps with more expencieve radar guns and her speed seems to be in the low to mid 60,s. I will say that speed is good but not the only way to be sucessful in fastpitch….I have seen some slower girls get the job done with ball placement and good movement.¬† Remember hitters love to see a fat fastball right down the pipe.. Move the ball around and chage speeds that is where sucess is at.

October 23, 2011

Guest @ 2:38 pm

No average in 14U is like 50, average 16U probably 56, average 18U 60

Guest @ 2:39 pm

Anything is possible

November 29, 2011

All-State pitcher @ 4:24 pm

i began pitching at the age of 16 and was pitching an average 42-45 miles per hour. there's no way the average 16 year old pitchs 50 something mph unless that's all they focused on since the age 5.

December 18, 2011

Liveyloveswhitey @ 10:35 pm

I'm 13 and starting my first season of 14U ASA travel softball in the spring, and I have been estimated by my coaches that I can pitch around 55 MPH. I can throw drop, change, fast and am working on screw.
Honestly, I think that the faster the pitchers in 12U kills because everyone's afraid of the speed. However, for 14U I'm guessing that the slower pitchers, being an abnormality, might be better since the ball will come in with an unexpected velocity.

December 31, 2011

Pmaye27 @ 2:37 pm

actually it is really common…you¬†will¬†not get into a good college unless you pitch AT LEAST 58-62 by age 16

Pmaye27 @ 2:38 pm

you guys¬†don't¬†know what your talking about…18u average for a top team is closer to 65-68

March 27, 2012

Akelm13 @ 11:38 am

my dtr is 10 and can hit 53 also can throw change up, drop, and rise

April 9, 2012

softball mom @ 10:54 am

it's not all about speed! the real question is are they strikes!!! 100 mph if they are not in the strike zone it's no good! accuracy is the key! The speed will come with age. My daughter is 10 and averages 39 but is extremely accurate. and does fast, change up at 29 and screw ball and curve

April 13, 2012

Pi @ 3:20 pm

she is right but believe this or not i pitch 55 and i am only twelve turning 13 in july my goal is to pitch 60 by the end of the season

May 11, 2012

Khazlewood3 @ 1:00 pm

not true. My daughter started pitching when she was 9. She is now 11, but considered a 10year old in the softball world. I moved her up this year into the 12U league, because from 35ft. she threw well into the 60s which was too fast for the girls in that league. She honestly is a natural and she loves it. That is what it takes to be a great pitcher. She also puts in the time and dedication that it takes. We do not push her. She also has the size to back up suck velocity. She has a killer change up and can work the corners. I was a pitcher, and who knows maybe it's genetic, but yes no matter the age focus and determination can happen at any age. Oh yeah, she played baseball for the first 4 years.

Khazlewood3 @ 1:03 pm

With proper mechanics you should see some speed and accuracy. Also, the pitcher can't be afraid to cut loose, relax and throw the ball.

May 22, 2012

Steve @ 2:51 am

I agree it's not about speed. My daughter is a softball prodigy. She started playing when she was 12. Within 2 years she can pitch in the low 70's. She's been clocked at 81. Nobody could catch her so we slowed her down and now she can put the ball wherever she wants.

May 31, 2012

SBCoach @ 4:02 pm

Thats about 10mph too high for averages.. this sounds like a bunch of daddy/mommy ball responses.. College is averaging low 50's with occasional low 60 pitches.. All State Pitcher is the only one who is being honest.. get a radar gun and get your average speed and not one pitch that went fast..

June 1, 2012

Marvinclaytoncpa @ 8:53 pm

Are you paying attention?..Every college pitcher throws at least 60 MPH for a division 1 school and if you are watching the Softball World Series, these girls throw upper sixties and into the seventies.  The chart above is VERY accurate (surprisingly) as I have seen radar on girls from 10 through high school (including my daughter, who is on the lower end of fast).  A collge pitcher throwing in the low fifties is throwing batting practice.

Marvinclaytoncpa @ 8:55 pm

I want to see video if your daughter is throwing 81 MPH.¬† It would be like her dunking on¬†a twelve foot goal.¬† Not quite believable…..

June 3, 2012

Jimh @ 12:55 pm

You are goofy. Nobody throws that fast. Good luck in never-never land!

Sokmonkey123 @ 5:53 pm

my girl is 10 and throw2 35-45!

Sokmonkey123 @ 5:57 pm

 my daughter is 10 and throws screw, fast. split , change and drop. she can hit low 50's at highest

Rck44bball @ 6:03 pm

 i am 10 and was invited and made a 12u travel and pitch 37-45 so that is crap

Sokmonkey123 @ 6:04 pm

 my girl is 10 and plays 12u travel she pitches 45!

June 9, 2012

Bucket Dad @ 11:28 am

Speed speed always speed. Ive been working with my daughter since age 9 now 17. Never been a fast pitcher, spots movement. From my expeience in the northeast the chart is dead on for what I call career pitchers. I would think the top speed colume is more like average in the southwestor other warm areas. She wants to play in college likly not D1 her goal is 60s. I think she will get there might be already we dont gun her much.

Bucket Dad @ 12:25 pm

By the way pet peeve of mine with riseball. 10 year olds dont throw riseballs. Some 14 -16 year olds can provided there the very rare kid who can reach low 60s at that age. The kid has to be very strong especially the legs. Ive seen Monica Abbot and Jennie Finch upclose throwing it and Rachel Fico who had the same pitching coach as my daughter. When see the real thing its obvious

June 11, 2012

Rstewart @ 9:24 pm

i'm not sure if my daughter is an exception to the rule but she has been working with a pitcher that used to play for Team USA.  She now lives in Kentucky where we live and my daughter works out with her 2 day a week and works on her own and team pratice 4 other days a week.  She is playing for 10U travel team and her average speed has been timed from the time it leaves her hand to the time it hits the glove is .32 to .42 second and to the rader gun that my police officer friend says she is averaging 69 to 78 mph.  She has learned about 5 pitches right now but her fast ball is her best pitch since it comes in so fast

June 13, 2012

10udadofpitcher @ 9:43 am

To the guy from Kentucky. Average of 69-78 mph at 10u? Wow your cop friend better place you under arrest cuz you must be high. good luck I'm sure she's incredible despite that info.

June 19, 2012

SoFtabaLlloVeR<3 @ 12:42 pm

I just turned 13 a few days ago and I pitch at 55-56 ūüôā

Katie2981 @ 12:49 pm

Haha that's funny

Aubree @ 2:06 pm

That is like impossible. a girl thats on 10U does NOT pitch 69-78. college girls dont even throw that fast. Thats a bunch of lies.

Asaunders27 @ 2:09 pm

i am 13 and pitch 46. yeah im not the fastest but girl, if your pitching at 16 and its 42-45 your speed needs to get higher. 

B_e_holland @ 2:38 pm

 lets be respectful little girl.  I probably don't agree with the speed thing, but Just turning 13 a few days ago, you have a lot to learn.

The truth is, softball is to be ENJOYED. If you start comparing yourself to others, then compare your height and physical stature. If you are 13 and not 5'10″ right now, you should consider another position.

i agree 46 is not particularly fast for 13. 

June 20, 2012

Dave 98026 @ 12:34 am

My 13 year old (playing 12u) just set a new personal best of 61 mph this evening.  Her pitching coach said that's among the fastest 12u pitchers in the country.  He was so amazed he even checked the calibration on his gun to make sure it was accurate.

IvyLeague4MyDD @ 12:33 pm

Seriously?¬† Who cares about the fastball?¬† I can count on 1 hand the number of fastballs thrown during the championship games at the CWS.¬† Any legit player over the age of 14 can hit a fastball (almost regardless of the speed).¬† I'll take MOVEMENT any day.¬† All these dads and coaches looking for that “big, dominant fastball pitcher” must be coaching at 10U/12U.¬† The bottom line – their daughters simply can't throw any other pitches for a strike.¬† Congrats on being able to over power a 9 year old!

June 21, 2012

Genelet @ 6:20 pm

im 15 and my average fastball is 58 (accurate)and my highest is 61. I have 4 pitches that all work.

June 22, 2012

Texan @ 12:20 pm

My daughters pitching coach goes to college recruiting camps (lack of better word) in Texas and he told me out of all the pitchers there were exactly 500 out 2000 pitches last year that actually were 60 mph or more. It's a given though when getting in front of the radar gun the girls tense up trying to throw hard and the speed will go down. In Texas the range of 10u open tournament teams I have watched the last 9 years throw from 35-48 accurately. I have seen very few at 48. 12u it's from 40-50 (50 is very rare). 14u – 45- 55 (55 is rare). I have no idea about 16u and up but I know there are few that can throw 60 or more¬†consistently and¬†accurately… I have known many girls that can throw 60 but can't throw strikes, when they do it's in the 55 range. when I post these numbers I am referring to girls that an go out throw that speed and not walk everyone and pitch a whole game. Hit'n spots, speed changes and movement is more important than power-speed in the long run. Also, girls from 10-14 change so much and some grow more than others, what that means is it doesn't matter if you throw 50 when your 12 if you have grown and matured all your going to. My daughter throws is 11 and throws in mid 40's and has good control of her pitches. She is 5' 1″ and weighs 85 lbs. The girls in our families are 5' 9″ and taller so she has some growing to do and the speed will come up with it.

Texan @ 12:24 pm

I have never heard of or ever seen any 10u girl throw over 50 in my 10 years of softball. It may have happened but not that I ever heard of. I have seen some monster 10u players that could throw it 47-49 but that was one girl.

June 25, 2012

Junkmail @ 4:47 pm

10u at 69-78 is simply not factual.  Your friends radar gun is off.  The best 10u pitchers can hit 48-50 with some accuracy.  But these can be counted on a single hand.

July 1, 2012

Sm1527 @ 10:44 pm

the gentalman that let you borrow the radar gun must Issue a whole lot of tickets.

July 2, 2012

Teawinburn @ 10:34 pm

Patience! Your girls arms are not developed. Dads wants their girls to throw breaking pitches, your daughters are going to Hurt their elbows from under development.
You guys will be talking about what they used to throw.
Have fun Play ball. Fastball change up, maybe peel drop!

July 11, 2012

Danarowley98 @ 8:57 am

Hey everybody,
For the most part I agree with what you're saying, but I am a first year 14u pitcher and I throw in the mix to high 50's (around 57 mph consistently). And I often play up to 16u, so I think your top speed for 14u could be a little higher, otherwise great job! ūüôā

Danarowley98 @ 8:59 am

Plus I know others my age who throw at similar speeds.

July 13, 2012

July @ 11:55 am

Check out on you tube 10u Team Watley.  Last year’s  ASA National winners.  There number one pitcher was pitching 55 to 58. 

July 19, 2012

Sbdaddy @ 9:49 am

Just finished nationals 10u. Clocked a few girls at 10u. One girl pitched consistantly 50-52. Very fast but control not perfect. Top teams had girls averaging 47-50. Less competitive teams speeds were on the mark with lower speeds mentioned. My kid averaged 48 and did great against most teams but got lit up by the top. Great fastball and change up but needs more movement on curve and screw. Peel drops were fence ornaments. Hope the speed will continue upon transition from 10u to 12u. Btw the 50mph pitcher was more physically developed. She was a guest and was hard to believe. Looked like a little sneakiness. Just hope no one would be capable of cheating at that level. Btw that team did not win.

July 29, 2012

jhen23 @ 2:06 am

9-10 Luray All-Stars from Virginia. Chelsea McClung throws 59 as an average, also has a working change-up. South-East Regional Champs!

August 6, 2012

Dobee32 @ 2:22 pm

Jennie Finch was clocked at 71 MPH at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. She usually throws in the mid to upper 60sRead more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_

August 30, 2012

va fastpitch @ 9:56 pm

Correction. I watched luray's games against mathews, deer park, and mclean. which they lost 2 of those three. their pitcher maybe throws 45 (which is really good for 9-10). luray was a great hitting team, but there was not a pitcher in whole state tournament that could hit 50. i saw nearly every game. They were not the south-east regional champs. You were the runner ups (awesome job). Florida was the champion. If you think that girl averages 59, you need to be drug tested.

va fastpitch @ 10:05 pm

My daughter is a 12U player (Age 11) and she throws 98 mph. No, really – LOL. I think people are just delusional or there are a lot of kids commenting on here. Get real people, or find a new radar gun that is accurate.

October 22, 2012

fastpitcher58 @ 10:34 am

im ten and i pitch 58

fastpitcher58 @ 10:38 am

no that is impossible cuz the highest speed in the world is 72

November 12, 2012

Jerry @ 10:41 am

Check there speeds and spin rates by using a REVFIRE not a radar gun. I would like to see some of these girls pitch. however, I will say it's the exception not the rule.

November 27, 2012

SI Dirt Dawgs 14U @ 8:50 pm

I agree with the posted speeds. My two girls play about 200 games a year. Even at 18U anything over 60 is the exception not the rule. My daughter is just over 13 and throws 50-53. I consider that good. Judge speed by where batter is in the box. Also by where ball is hit. Hitting right field a lot means players are behind on ball, conversely if hits are to left field. As players age that fat fast ball is worthless. Girls catch up and speed is not so important. Movement becomes dominant. With movement comes varied pitching speed. So at that point your trading all that speed for movement. Learning all your pitches and keeping batter's guessing is the key.

November 28, 2012

emily @ 7:14 am

this website is really stupiddddd…. no information at all))))):

March 12, 2013

Skylaredwards @ 6:07 pm

Well her pitching coach is wrong. My pitching coach ( highschool coach) dosn’t have a gun and dosn’t need one either. I played 14U when i was 11 , now i’m 12 he said i throw from 55-60+ ,and playing 12U.

skylar edwards @ 6:11 pm

ill link a video if you don’t beleive me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjFw1ra2C6Q

April 12, 2013

Srifkin @ 10:54 am

46 mph at 13 is really good. “pitching” is more about fooling the batter than throwing fast in baseball or softball. Baseball pitchers can be effective at a range of speeds as can softball pitchers. There is a minimum, but you are certainly comfortably within that range. Work on the mental part (e.g. understanding batter tendencies, etc..) as well as the physical part and you will find the game becomes more fun and interesting and you will become more successful.

April 13, 2013

Af @ 10:42 pm

My daughter is 15 and throws around 62-64 mph. Along with that fastball she has a change up at about 45 mph, a rise, a drop, and a curve. People who found out how old she is cannot believe it. Speed I'd important but she also moves the ball around well also.

July 7, 2013

14utravel @ 6:20 pm

I am 13, going to be 14 in a month. I play travel ball, and my average fastball is 43. I throw a change up and a drop, and am able to make batters dance at the plate. Speed isn't everything at this age, it will come.

July 12, 2013

mary mestas @ 2:47 pm

im 11 and i play 10u(cuz my b-day is jan.9th)and i pitch at least 54 mph to 58 mph

August 2, 2013

Softball @ 1:48 pm

I think its funny how people mention arm speed. That's looking for a disaster!
Any good pitcher or coach know that leg strength is key to pitching.
I've been pitching for ten years now and have always been taught to get a good kick of the rubber.
P.S I'm 18 and throw 60.

August 3, 2013

Indychick @ 8:57 pm

A change up is not suppose to be fast so I think you are a bit confused??

October 26, 2013

Haley @ 12:14 am

My daughters 12 and she pitches a consistent average in GAMES of 47mph;In practice I can get her up to a 50mph if she's feeling it. She also has her change up mastered (it's beautiful *tear)drop,screw and we are working on the rise ball (about 75% ready before thrown in game)she also hits all her corners and is getting faster when she hit puberty went from 42 to 48…..in a year

October 30, 2013

Who is right? - Page 2 @ 6:42 am

[…] Softball Pitching – Average Softball Pitching Speed Average Top 14u 46-49 MPH 52-55 MPH 16u 50-53 MPH 54-57 MPH Reply With Quote […]

February 6, 2014

Quasimodo @ 4:25 pm

How many times I have said this! Men pitch with their biceps. Women pitch with their legs.

March 14, 2014

SEGrady @ 12:40 pm

The problem is that many of the “guns” parents use are cheap versions of what we use at the College level. So many parents told me “My daughter has been clocked at 60 plus mph” and then I'd show up to watch her…take out my gun and the best she could do was break the 50 mark a few times…parents are often sold a bill of goods with the “radar guns” they find online.

April 22, 2014

Chazz @ 8:07 am

I think the averages above are good, give or take a few. There are cases where girls throw a lot harder for their age. My daughter is 9 and throws around 45. It's not increditbly fast, what is more important is throwing strikes and hitting spots. You can throw fast, but if it's wild it doesn't do you a lot of good. Girls can adjust to the speed. My daughter has struck way more batters out on change ups than fast balls. Pitching is just like anything else, the more work you put in the better.

July 24, 2014

slapperfan @ 5:54 pm

Check out the youtube video of Monica Abott balancing on an exercise ball on her knees and throwing just as hard as she does from the mound.

September 22, 2014

Brian @ 12:29 pm

Gun must have been broken….or you were smoking dope

December 15, 2014

PJR @ 2:45 pm

I find this all interesting. Not sure why anyone needs to understand speed. We use radar guns, jugs, stalker pro and now the new cheap ball coach pocket radar. We understand if someone is throwing 34mph and registers a 74mph we need to disregard and measure again. We measure all of our athletes “speed” and know all of their times from running to underhand throwing speed, overhand throwing speed, bat speed and ball exit speeds both the average, best and worst. If you don't “know” these numbers and go to an exposure camp you are hurting yourself. Speed does matter that is why the scouts don't leave home without a radar gun. Command and spin rates also matter but if you don't throw hard enough no one will stick around to see the drop, curve, screw or rise ball. I am not sure how many girls throw over 60mph in college or 50 mph in high school but the chart looks relatively accurate from the actual numbers I have recorded. I would think the average is at least were you want to be if you are goal setting as a young pitcher.

December 28, 2014

Gerry Poe @ 6:12 pm

The speeds are pretty close, I've played men's fastpitch for 20 year and my daughter plays at the competitive level. She is 17 years old, 5'4″ and about 138 pounds, she throws accurately 60-61 fastball and hits 62-63 every now and then. Rest of her pitches minus the change up is between 59-61 mph. Despite her size she works hard to keep her speed up in the low 60s and she wants to throw at 65 before she commits to a college.

March 15, 2015

liv @ 2:59 pm

I pitched in college, even though I was a d3 player many girls I played with were great. I had d1 offers but loved the school I went to. I constantly pitched between 61 to 64 with my curve ball. A pitch other than a fast ball should be your best pitch. Most pitchers at college,no matter the level, who are ranked pitch 60 plus except for a change up. I think the original post is correct but most girls don’t have a much movement or speed as they think. It takes years and years and years of work and dedication to pitch over sixty with movement. Nothing wrong with pitching less than 60 as long as your movement is great. There are plenty of successful pitchers that don’t push “fast”… And speed comes from relaxation which can only come from experiencd training. I think the number of girls pitching over sixty is far fewer than they claim. I’m 26 and pitched fast pitch from 8 to 22.

March 19, 2015

Bray @ 6:53 pm

I have coached travel teams and have been to many many National tournaments the chart is pretty close of course there are exceptions….but 99% of people on this site are not being honnest with themselves and therefore are not honnest on there posts. We did have a girl at 10u throw around 55 in nationals a few yrs ago and no one hardly ever hit her she was the exception not the rule..in HS ball we are seeing an average of about 50-55 and a few very few exceptions that are throwing 60 or above and when you see someone who is throwing above 60 mph you know right away..so there no reason to go around and tell these stories about I’m 10.and throw 60 and so on there are only a handful of kids that throw 60mph or above so get over yourself.I have found that on avg if a dad tells you his kids throwing 60 or above you can knock off immediately 7 to 10 mph.the ones who throw that fast dominate in most cases especially if they have other pitches.

Bray @ 7:08 pm

Speed does matter I agree with that statement…but you can also loose games to the really slow pitchers with allot of Junk (movement)so if you develope both and throw them consistently your going play college ball somewhere..keep working on the pitching it’s allot of work and you have to love it..

March 25, 2015

Britt @ 9:07 pm

U all are lieing and u know it. I catch for a 12 yr old pitching at top speed of 53 so all younger girls are lieing

April 2, 2015

B.Min @ 10:19 pm

I can believe some of what I’m reading but not all!. My Daughter hit 60 mph 10-15 times on a radar gun that was used side by side with a police radar gun, she was 13.
She is now 18 and the fastest she has been gunned at is 62mph. She throws 56-61 in games (I’ve gunned her in games from behind the back stop) and I’ve seen 14 yr olds that can throw 65mph (not many) but a few in person.
The girls are getting stronger and better instruction at an earlier age.

April 3, 2015

chowning @ 7:13 am

I have 16yr daughter who is throwing 58-62 mph she has only been pitching for 3years we have been told by three pitching coaching you just don’t see that very often she plays at Richmond high school come and see for your selves she is a very gifted athlete

April 8, 2015

Christina @ 12:20 pm

My daughter does it consistently – she tried out for the USSSA All American team (Palm beach Tryouts) 51mph -and that is not her best. I fact of you look at all of the pitchers for her age group they clocked the adv. speed is high 40’s. You can look at the results on their website.

April 10, 2015

JRizz @ 11:16 pm

I’m absolutely amazed at these bucket dads and their comments. Those average speeds are pretty much spot on. I’ve been a pitching coach for 20+ years – I’ve onlyhad a couple of 12U players that hit over 50 mph consistently. Each year in Massachusetts they hold a scouting combine for pitchers in June – over the last 20 years, of the 250+ pitchers each year that want to play in college and attend this combine, only 4 – 5 pitchers each year hit over 60mph. These are juniors and seniors that have aspirations of pitching in college. And this number hasn’t deviated over the last 20 years. I know every overzealous dad and coach wants to believe that their little girl is exceptional, but the truth of the matter is that 90% of the girls at each age group falls into that speed group. some slower, and some faster. The truth of the matter is that most girls do not hit 60mph until they’re in college already. The exceptions are playing division I. Please dads, stop filling your girl with unreal plattitudes – hard work and time will increase their speeds.

June 27, 2015

jere dorr @ 3:55 am

She just turned 11 and hit 50 miles an hour on the radar gun. There is nobody in our league or anybody we have have played that is anywhere close to her talent level. But yet I get crap from all the other parents about keeping her in a rec league and not going to tournament ball. Recently she has thrown six straight no hitters last game was one out away from a perfect game. She loves the game and works really hard. At this point I need help developing her if anybody has any suggestions let me know. Message me at Jere Dorr Facebook thanks softball dad.

June 29, 2015

Speed @ 7:43 am

Um I’m 12 and I pitch 50 miles per hour. In softball

July 2, 2015

dontworryaboutit @ 8:24 pm

You people are absolutely out of your minds if you think 13 and 14 year olds are consistently pitching 60mph +. My daughter is 14 and tops out at 49mph. Our best pitcher on her travel team tops out around 55mph. We played in a 14u “A” tournament where a girl was pitching around 60 and she absolutely dominated. Our girls couldn’t even see the ball! She was also about 6’2″ and prob. weighed about 180 lbs. Please come back to earth where the laws of physics apply! Maybe 1 out of 100 14 year olds are hitting 60. Maybe.

July 8, 2015

Katelyn @ 1:13 am

I am 12 years and turning 13 in October and I consistently throw 60 mph

Dontworryaboutit @ 11:14 am

Pretty sure Pat Murphy will want to talk to you

July 12, 2015

Jasmine @ 9:30 pm

I’m a 12u pitcher and i pitch mid 60s and have a lot of pitches with really good spins so yea needs to be increased

Jasmine @ 9:40 pm

most of u people who r saying u can throw a rise or screw or curve at 35-50 mph u r wrong u need more speed to have rotation also rise balls u may think u can because the ball goes up but u cant unless u r at least 14 and can throw at least 55 mph so have fun pulling your arm out

August 10, 2015

Rob @ 5:40 pm

Yes some of the speeds hit can be amazing but spin and location is the key . Play some stud tourneys and throw 60+ down the middle in a U-14 national qualifier ,250 ft bombs away . Now throw 58 inside , 55 drop and a 41mph change up and watch the look of disgust on the batters face as they walk back to the bench . This comes from a dad who has seen his daughter on both sides of that .

August 16, 2015

Marlissa Johnson @ 7:29 pm

Well actually I’m 13 and I’m 5’10 and I throw 63-65 miles per hour and 43 feet. So…

Marlissa Johnson @ 7:31 pm

Well actually I’m 13 and I’m 5’10 and I throw 63-65 miles per hour and 43 feet. So…when you say I’m dreaming, try again

September 15, 2015

rocky @ 2:54 am

My daughter pitches, I don’t know how fast. I sit on a bucket and catch. She’s a great lil pitcher, in my opinion, 15 now, not throwin 60, probably not 55. At 12 we played a team with a pitcher whos mom sat by my wife, not knowing who she was. Her daughter was pitching 63 top, 61 consistently, according to her coach and dad. We smoked them. Evidently my girl was pitchin 70, cause she was much faster than 61-63….. or maybe, someone was blowin smoke

September 19, 2015

Morgan @ 3:34 am

If you are 12-14 years old and claim to be able to consistently throw the ball in the 60s you are either lying or being lied to. Let me just say that you are absolutely not throwing the ball at 63-65 mph at twelve years old. It doesn’t happen. Also, have any of you ever actually played college softball??? I have, and no most pitchers absolutely do NOT consistently throw in the mid to upper 60s. High 50s and low 60s is average in college. (I am a sophomore in college by the way.) Anyone who knows anything about softball knows that movement is what is important, not being able to throw the ball 68 mph. And to all the 12-14 year olds claiming to throw in the 60s, what D1 colleges are you verballed to? If you’re really throwing consistently in the 60s with movement, there is no way in hell you all aren’t already verballed to PAC12 or SEC schools. And now for the person who claims to be able to throw 81 mph. You are an idiot. This would mean that you throw faster than any other softball pitcher ever recorded. Like in the history of softball, you throw significantly more than any other female pitcher ever. Please be realistic people. You do not throw 60 mph at 12 years old and no woman throws the ball 81 mph. I don’t understand why people feel the need to lie about speed? No one is impressed by a 12 year old throwing in the mid-60s because IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. Also if you are not throwing in the mid-50s it is physically impossible for you to correctly throw a rise ball or drop ball. And for the screw and curve, you can’t throw if you’re pitching under 50 mph. It is physics. I don’t care what your pitching coach tells you. Most people who claim to have 6 different pitches can only throw 3 well anyways. I could only ever throw three pitches very well, and I was a pretty successful pitcher and managed to get recruited by a D2 school. I have always thrown the ball harder than most of the girls my age, and I peeked at 61 mph at 18 years old. I consistently threw 59-60. I played for one of the best organizations in my state, and still I was the fastest pitcher on my travel team. So to all of you saying the averages need to be raised, please stop listening to mommy or daddy telling you that you can pitch 64 mph at 12 years old and throw every pitch in the book because you can’t.

September 25, 2015

ken @ 4:07 pm

whether your closer or further away does not speed up the ball but only the time to reach distance. If you throw 55 mph you throw it at 10 feet or 40 feet period. It seems faster because again the time to reach home is less but scientifically the speed does not change.

ken @ 4:13 pm

this speed thing is crazy. My daughter is 12 on a 18gold so cal travel team and has an ERA of under 3 with a 2 to 1 win/loss ratio only striking out 1 to 2 batters per game max. She is being heavily recruited and only throws 57 to 59 mph but spins it and produces a lot of outs. I have played against D1 signed pitchers who threw low 60s and got shelled. Think about it with enough tokens any kid will get the timing down on a pitching machine after seeing it enough times. Its about the demeanor and mannerisms and placing the ball getting the batters out. Also physically impossible to throw a rise unless at 57 mph. The so called Up pitches are not rise balls so get a clue dads.

ken @ 4:17 pm

Morgan agreed 100%. But I have seen very wild 13 year olds throw it very very hard. There is that freak out there occasionally.

ken @ 4:18 pm

for those of you that say you throw low 60s where is the link to your recruiting videos so we can see you in action??????

October 8, 2015

bryan @ 2:41 pm

sure Ken,

i was just looking up this data and came across this conversation.


The thing I have a hard time with, when it comes to speed is how it’s measured and where it’s measured.

My daughter was at the 57-59 a couple of years ago and was just getting banged in 18U gold. she’s in the low 60’s now and rarely gets hit.


we measure her speed at the plate. I’ve found an awful lot of dads measure their kids speed as it comes out of the hand. there’s 5 MPH drop to the plate.

some people “average” using their iphone to measure the time. that’s the speed 1/2 way which is 2 1/2 MPH faster than at the plate.

However again.

the two things we’ve struggled with when it comes to speed, is to not get hurt and to stay legal.

I couple type a lot on those subjects but net net, if my daughter is whipping the ball, she’s crazy fast but control is a challenge. pushing the ball is very accurate but hurts her body.

However, However again.

It’s softball. not really that important.

Kind of like golf. it’s for fun.

and you are right. there’s no such thing as a rise ball under 60, and if you look at the physics of pitching. faster pitchers have greater movement. so the “my daughter is a spin pitcher” myth is just that. It just means she’s slow.

be careful with the 12 year old playing 18gold. we did it twice at that age. There’s a lot of stuff out there you probably wouldn’t want your daughter exposed to at that age. Just because she’s good enough, doesn’t mean she has to.

November 10, 2015

Lynsey @ 9:41 pm

I disagree very much I don’t think that’s right they are to high

November 16, 2015

Chris @ 7:48 am

I watched your 2 U 16 teams at nationals last summer fasted pitch on the four college scout radar guns was 61 all week and only 6 pitches hit that from the 20 some teams 1 pitch from Richmond

November 23, 2015

Mike @ 6:56 pm

We live in north Carolina and we have one of the top 12u girls pitchers in the state on our travel team and she throws every pitch imaginable that a 12 year old could be pitching and she tops out at 52 mph and we travel all over and I can honestly say she throws as hard as any 12u pitcher we have seen. So this talk of all these 14 and 15 year olds throwing in the 60s is crazy.

November 30, 2015

Paul @ 5:09 pm

Hi Mike
I used to play mens fastpitch at the world championship levels. We used to face a lot of Canadian pitchers, 6 foot 4, 250 lbs. guys who threw 78-82 mph and jumped off the rubber 6 feet before they delivered the pitch so they were letting the ball go at the 40 foot mark. It was intimidating and really fast.

December 10, 2015

10U pitch speed - Page 5 @ 1:29 am

[…] and not based on any factual information except maybe what a parent or player wants to believe: Softball Pitching – Average Softball Pitching SpeedSoftball – Lots of softball drills, s… Enjoy! Reply With […]

December 16, 2015

DT @ 1:49 pm

I would recommend looking at Rita Lynn Gilman’s Speed Club page. You can see there are lots of young pitchers who are hitting speeds well into the 60’s. Eastern NC has plenty of young (12U and up) pitchers hitting 55-60 mph.


My 8th grader has a max speed of 61 mph but only throws 58-59 in games. There are moments when she gets jacked up and she hits another gear (probably 61). She has been playing with a HS team for the last year. There has been good, bad and ugly parts of playing with older girls.

December 17, 2015

11 Year Old Pitching Speed and Accuracy @ 3:12 pm

[…] MPH 52-55 MPH 16u 50-53 MPH 54-57 MPH 18u 53-56 MPH 58-61 MPH College 59-64 MPH 65-72 MPH Softball Pitching – Average Softball Pitching SpeedSoftball – Lots of softball drills, s… Reply With […]

December 31, 2015

Brooklynn @ 11:32 pm

I’m 12 and I pitch 60

January 3, 2016

Mary @ 12:30 pm

I’mclocked at 60 and I’m 12

January 5, 2016

Bart @ 5:24 am

I thought I was crazy. Speed charts I use to track my daughters progress. A speed gun is not used a lot with our pitching coach. We work on mechanics and than more mechanics. I do not own a speed gun. This week we work on drop ball mechanics. My daughter is 15 and we started looking at many different colleges. It is not the 4 years of college softball I am worried about, it is the 40 years of a career that concern me Pick a good college and pick a better career and than maybe play softball. D3, D2, D1 does not matter, pick the right college first.

I will never post or talk about my daughters speed. The only posting of speed will come from a showcase or on her college recruiting video! My wife and I were not present when video was made. Since my daughter was 9, our rule is you must play another position as well as you pitch. Final family rule for everything “always try hard and always have fun.

January 8, 2016

Gary @ 3:21 pm

My daughter is on a 10U travel team. She throws a legit 48 MPH and at 35 feet that is gas. Her accuracy is B+, her change is fantastic one minute and terrible the next, and her drop doesn’t drop much unless she tones down the velocity a bit. I think that 50 is possible, but I haven’t seen it at 10U. I think that her pitches will all improve when she moves back to 40 and 43 feet.

January 11, 2016

steve-o @ 5:30 pm

my daughters been playing since she was 6 , she is 11 yrs old now and throws average 63-64 , her change up is about 50-52 she throws curve, screw, rize, drop , drop curve, changeup , and drop screw, she has been looked at by every d1 college but we will go to a junior college, instead,

January 17, 2016

Dean Bell @ 5:15 am

Horse shit, get a new radar gun. If she is throwing that fast she would be the top recruit on earth….What a joke

January 21, 2016

annonomys @ 7:12 pm


January 28, 2016

Joe P. @ 2:30 pm

My 10u pitcher has a 120mph fastball. I win!

February 4, 2016

Dean bell @ 9:08 pm

That’s bull shit

February 5, 2016

Joe P. @ 8:05 am

It was sarcasm!!!! I couldn’t read any more inflated numbers. It was driving me crazy!!!!

February 15, 2016

Tabatha @ 10:49 am

You might want to check the accuracy of your radar gun.

[…] people go, it’s just softball, think again. The average college softball player throws a fastball¬†up to 72¬†miles per hour from 43 feet, which is the equivalent of throwing an Aroldis […]

June 14, 2016

Jenn @ 9:50 am

Hey, my daughter is 13 and has started pitching only a year ago!! I never ever thought she would be a pitcher. She is 5″9, 185 lbs…her ball coach last season said he saw a spark in her and wanted to try her pitching. She has done amazing!! Very proud of her. I never realized how much there is to being a successful pitcher. But, Morgan is nailing it. Last season she was fast, but not accurate at all!! This season she can fire strikes rights down the pipe. But only 1 pitch she has. Last tournament she nailed it. And she saw that having a change up would help her. So, off she went to her pitching mound at home and taught herself a change up. Used it last game and nailed it. My daughter suprises me!!!she is now working towards a scholarship. But, living in Canada and from a small town of 45…just doesn’t seem like a reality. Would you have any advise for her? I am not that type of mom who drills her kids daily, but I think her having a mentor may help her smal town girl dream come a reality.

July 1, 2016

Ian @ 8:55 am

My 8year old just starting pitching and has been taking lessons for about 8 months. As a lefty she is at about 37mph, the guide line is helpful and something for her to work towards. Thanks for the post

bryan @ 3:50 pm

hi JENN.

we’re coming towards the end of our journey. we started at 8, she’s 17. We’ve learned a few things. 1) make sure she’s having fun. Nothing is more important than that. 2) get in the gym. lift and run. this game is getting more and more athletic. 3) Learn to throw as hard as you can. team coaches want strikes and I understand that, but learning to throw as hard as you can is important. 4) The change up will change a lot as she gets older. what works at 13 changes. My daughter is 6’2″, north of 200 lbs. so we watched whitney canion a lot via youtube. I would advice finding someone with a similar body type and learn from that. I would also advice finding a woman pitching instructer. we’ve had 7 instructors over our time. learned from each of them, but women understand the body better. and again, have fun with it. this ends quickly. http://www.rachelhollandsoftball.com

July 15, 2016

mckenzie newcomb @ 2:58 pm

Im not dreaming and im 13 throwing 61 to 63 so

mckenzie newcomb @ 3:01 pm

Im not dreaming and im 13 throwing 61 to 63 so i play for one of the top organizations in the south so

August 11, 2016

Ebb @ 9:59 pm

My daughter played 10U last season and the fastest pitcher we saw all season was about 50 and she was good. Our best pitcher was at 47.

October 7, 2016

matt @ 11:46 am

where is she now

October 26, 2016

steve-o @ 9:00 pm

I think all of you people are insane saying your kid throws 60 plus at 12-13-14 , if there doing that every d1 college would have her on verbal already , so for all you people saying your kid throws that hard are just dreamers , they will be burned out before they even finish high school , good luck and stop with all the dreaming speeds , how foolish can you be to say that about the speed, lmfao , idiots

October 30, 2016

Blake @ 10:01 pm

Some of you guys are simply nuts.

October 31, 2016

Jasmine @ 10:46 pm

I am. 11 year old pitcher I play for rock mountaint Thunder Colorado and I play 16u for Arvada Hawks. I have 2 different teams and I pict at 57 mph go look on YouTube I have proof it shows on the clock gun

Jasmine @ 10:52 pm

Horse shit your daughter is not 10 throwing 120 if there’s is even college girls that can’t throw that nor pep girls other wise your saighter would be college Dosent matter about the age

November 1, 2016

Nikki Harris @ 8:44 pm

I am a 12u travel team pitcher that just turned 12 in September and I pitch 50-55 mph. I plan to hit 60-65 in 14u.Do you have any tips to help?

November 22, 2016

Bob Walsh @ 11:57 am

You guys are dumb get a better radar gun because the website is right and you are wrong

November 29, 2016

Eugene @ 8:49 pm

I have to disagree, the girl isn’t far off. My daughter is 12 in second year 12u playing 14u ball on a very competitive tournament team. Today at our pitching session she was clocked at 55mph from 43′ and she threw it consistently. They are getting faster, younger. From everything we now know about mechanics in fast pitch softball the sky is the limit. P.s. this is her third year ever touching a softball. This time last year her top speed was 47mph. Some are just born with it.

December 12, 2016

David @ 3:30 pm

These ranges are for pitchers pitching during the pressure of a game. Warmup and practice pitching are always faster than under the pressure of the game. I notice warmup pitches slow by 5 mph when the batter is in the box.

December 19, 2016

Mckenzie @ 4:50 pm

She has to be dead to be reincarnated
In 13 years old and I’m pitching 59 to 60

December 21, 2016

Napoleon D @ 8:16 pm

Steve-0, My daughter is 9 and has the same stats as yours. But she is taking up wrestling instead.

January 2, 2017

Debra @ 10:15 pm

I personally know a 12 yr old pitching 56mph
plays on a high school team

February 2, 2017

Fastball @ 11:06 pm

My DD is 14 and throwing 61 consistently, she will also be pitching in some of the top showcases this summer. It’s not as common as most say, there are ways to manipulate radar guns in your favorite. All and all this chart is a pretty reliable guide there are always going to be an exception as this is not a rule. I am also hoping she is throwing her other pitches well enough that there is little need to throw fastballs, I don’t care how hard you throw the second time through the line up you will get crushed if that’s all you can do. When she is dropping change ups at 37 mph it’s gonna be a good day. Now show me a 14 year old that is throwing a “real” rise ball (not a high fastball) I’ll be impressed

February 7, 2017

Coach @ 9:11 pm

I clock pitchers for a living, I am a coach in so cal, there is a lot of competition here I have been coaching and clocking for 20 years and have clocked at least 2,000 girls in my career I have seen 3 – 10u pitchers over 50mph and all went on to be D1 college players, the fastest was at 54. Most 10u girls throw between 35-45. 12u between 39-47 14u between 44-54. 16u between 47-57. Most high school players throwing over 60 mph get a D1 or D2 scholarship. Don’t worry about speed between 10u and 14u worry about consistency and movement. Speed comes with size and length. Hope this helps

February 8, 2017

Coach @ 2:38 pm

My daughter just turned 9 in November she is pitching 37 MPH. I was worried about her speed until I seen this. Does the speed keep coming, because I’m concerned she will not be a fast pitcher. Very consistent on fastballs, but her curveball, drop ball, screw ball, change up are not consistent about 2 out of 4. Do I need to be worried about this?

PJR @ 9:21 pm

To Coach @ 2;38pm on February 8th.
37mph for a 9U is great as long as she keeps progressing. Here are what I think are the top 10% of each age group. This is not scientific just observation with a radar gun over the last 3 years at various tournaments, games and training facilities and from my own daughter who is 11.
9U – 42/43,
10U – 48/50,
11U – 53/55.
12U – 58/59.
13U – 60-62

This is what elite pitchers are throwing at those age groups. I have seen 50+ from more than one 10U and 59mph from a class of 2023 12U,(Remember most of the best 10’s are really 11 and best 12’s really 13 and best 13’s really 14). 60-62 is common at the 14U level for elite teams. Again understand these are not the average pitcher. If you want average use the lest side of the chart. If you want better than average but not elite the right column works.

February 10, 2017

Stx Coach @ 12:08 am

My daughter is 8 and still plays coach pitch, will be moving up in August but has been taking lessons for about 5-6 months now… we have her clocked at 42-45 @ 35 ft.. she is tall for her age @ 4’11”.. she will be 9 in April.. any other girls pitching this young and if so how fast are they throwing??

March 24, 2017

Lasers @ 11:23 am

My daughter is now 11. A young 05 within 3 months of playing a year younger. She is a big strong kid 5’4″ now and should end up 5’9″ range.
At 10u nationals she was gunned at 53-54. She played all over the country and we knew of 2 pitchers throwing harder. A few in the same range.
At 12u now she is throwing 53 consistently. She can hit harder but these are her legit numbers for a complete game. Gunned on a stalker and coaches ball pocket radar and both are same.

She is well above average around here. There is another who throws a little harder out of our state at same age but they are strong. I don’t begin to guess what she will throw in future but I know currently she is throwing and moving ball well and that is what matters. I know some said a 14yr old will not hit 60 but I would assume she will be in athat range with a min of 2mph gain each season. I would say there are 2 pitchers we have watched that are now 13 who was 59-60 and that was of the chart out of the normal.

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