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Softball Pitching - How to Pitch a Peel Drop

By Chuck Darcy & Karen Johns
Assistant Coaches - U.S. Olympic Team

Mastering a pitch that can stay low in the zone and more creates a difficult challenge for a hitter to hit the ball hard. Most hitters are trained to hit above the ball, and the drop can be very effective in countering these power hitters. Pitching takes hard work and developing a pitch that moves is even tougher. Stay dedicated and be consistent with your workouts.


1) Stride forward with chin in front of stride foot.
2) Chest over top of front toes.
3) “Spit Gum” six inches in front of stride foot toes.
4) Close gap between knees
5) Contract stomach muscles at release.
6) Lift the drive foot and transfer the weight all the way over the stride foot.


1) Close quickly as the stride foot lands but keep the hips and shoulders even (square).
2) Do not let the throwing shoulder get ahead of the glove shoulder


1) The fingers point toward the ground and the palm faces the plate - the thumb leads the pathway to home plate.
2) Pressure from the index and middle finger on top of the ball.
3) Relax the shoulder and emphasize wrist snap.
4) Snap wrist rather than roll shoulder.
5) Loose grip - don’t strangle the ball.
6) Release at the hip - not out in front - release the ball when the weight is forward, but before the drive foot passes the stride foot.
7) Momentum takes the pitcher forward to finish in fielding position.

Trouble Shooters

If your drop isn’t breaking, try making the following adjustments:

1) Throwing shoulder too low at release or in follow-through
2) Stride is too long and not getting over top of the ball.
3) Stride is too short and causing the trajectory of the pitch to be too low.
4) Grip is too tight because locking the wrist; relax, especially the thumb.
5) Uneven pressure on the finger tips, creating improper spin.
6) Lazy wrist
7) Overthrowing: Let the ball do the work.

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