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Crystl Bustos

Softball Hitting Q&A with Crystl Bustos



By Stacie Mahoe

After having Crystl Bustos in Hawaii and getting to see her work with young softball players, I thought she’d be a good person to ask about softball hitting and hitting instruction. Crystl graciously took some time to answer 10 softball hitting instruction questions for us!

1. What’s your favorite thing about working with young hitters?
My favorite thing about working with young hitters is to watch them grow and get better

2. What are some of the common myths or misconceptions hitters come to you with? (things they’ve been told by other coaches that isn’t really helpful)
Squish the bug. That this is softball not baseball so the swing is way different. That they can’t hit homeruns.

3. What is the hardest part of teaching hitters to improve their swing?
Getting them to practice at home!

4. When a hitter comes to you and has multiple areas of her swing to work on, how do you know where to start?
I start from the ground up and age sometimes plays a role.

5. What are some of the most common problems you see in hitters that come to you for help?
They don’t know why they should do what we are telling them to do.

6. What are some of the things you feel you do differently from other hitting coaches?
I get them to understand why we do what we do and how to fix it themselves.

7. When a parent is looking for a hitting instructor to send their daughter to, what should they look for? What kinds of questions should they ask?
Why do you do that? Why is that wrong? Why is that way right? A good hitting coach should know “why” and it when they tell you “why” it should make sense.

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What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

cleats2By Coach Marc

In January 2009, Crystl Bustos received the 2008 USA Softball Player of the Year award. 

It’s definitely a well-deserved honor for who is considered by many to be one of the best hitters to ever play the game especially after her 2008 stellar season.

Here’s a quote in the news release by USA Softball:

“She leaves behind a legacy not only as the most  powerful hitter in the game, but also as a leader on and off the field.”

As you probably remember, she was one of the few players on the US team  to leave her cleats at home plate after the Olympic final.

This powerful symbol means that you just played your last game and that are you’re retiring.

After you retire from something, people will usually talk about what you are leaving behind and what you will most be remembered for.

So, let me ask you, as a coach or as a player…

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What do you want people to talk about when you retire?
  • What legacy will you leave behing?

These are powerful questions.

What would people say if you were to leave today?

Think about it for a second and be honest with yourself.

What would people say about you today if you were to leave the game and is that what you would want to be remembered for?

If so – then great. If not, think really hard about what image you’re carrying and how to conduct yourself on the field.

Every single day, whether at games or practices, you want  to conduct yourself and act like you want to be remembered.

That’s important. You build your legacy every day.

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Softball Performance – Hype About Rotational Hitting

Softball hitting techniques - good softball hitting tips are essential to have success at the plate

By Coach Marc

Have you heard of rotational hitting? I certainly do.

You almost have to have lived in a cave not to have heard of the debate between rotational and linear hitting that is  going on in the softball circles (and baseball too).

Don’t worry – I’m not getting started on that topic.

However, I just want to mention that those interested in the  debate should definitely check out the softball hitting section of my softball discussion forum.

At the present moment – the thread about Rotational Hitting has more than 174 replies!!! It’s definitely something that people are interested in.

For those who are not familiar with http://www.discussfastpitch.com – it’s a new discussion froum that was launched 6 weeks ago to promote intelligent and interesting discussions about the game of fastpitch softball.

You’re invited to come over and check it out.

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