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Quick Softball Tip: Do You Know Where You’re Headed?


By Stacie Mahoe

Most softball players and coaches dedicate quite of bit of time to softball each week. In fact, you may even fall into the category of spending a “ton” of time on softball when you’re in season. However, it’s surprising how often players or coaches train, compete, and spend hours of their time on this game with only the vague purpose of having fun or wanting to “get better.”  It almost boggles my mind how much time and energy some commit to softball without really giving much thought to exactly what they want to accomplish this season or even over the course of the next 2-3 seasons.

Are you one of those people? Think about it. If I asked you right now to tell me where you want to be softball-wise at the end of this season, what would you tell me? How specific would your answer be? Do you even know what your first and biggest goal would be? If you only accomplished ONE thing, what would you want it to be? Is it a hitting goal or a defensive goal? Is it a speed and agility goal or softball skills goal? Is it more of a personal goal or one for the team you’re on?

If you’re not sure and can’t answer any of those questions with any certainty in less than 30 seconds, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone and I’m going to help you do something about that right now.

Is it really that important to do all that thinking and know all that stuff?
Before we get into the details of all that, let’s talk about why it’s so important.

You probably wouldn’t get in your car and start driving without first knowing where you want to go.  Right? 
If you would, then go ahead and stop reading right here. 😉

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Goal Setting for Softball – What Do You Want?

By Dalton Ruer

new years resolutionThis is the time of the year when many people feel the need to write down their “New Year’s Resolutions.” This tradition of becoming introspective and looking forward to a “better life” dates all the way back to 153 BC when the mythical king of early Rome, Janus, was placed at the head of the calendar. Janus had two faces and could look back on past events, while also looking forward to the future. Webster’s defines the word resolution as “a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent.” Which sounds really good, but let me share why I don’t think that really works.

Many people would like to have a million dollars in the bank and the reality is that nearly every American could accomplish that quite easily. All they would have to do is live like many other cultures in the world, as large extended families all in the same residence. The reason we don’t is that we are much more committed to making our own rules, being independent, and not having to deal with other peoples issues than we are to having a million dollars in the bank. So while our “intent” on January 1 is to save more, we aren’t willing to actually take the actions necessary to do it for more than 2-3 days, because those actions conflict with the “dreams” that we have of “doing what we want.”

A common definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things, but expecting different results. Which is exactly why I think the idea that you will change your life by writing New Year’s resolutions down on a piece of paper is as mythical as the Roman King Janus for whom the tradition started with. My firm belief is that the only way you will actually make any lasting change is to spend the time necessary to actually identify and write down what your dreams are. Find those visions that you think about in the back of your mind constantly.

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