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Softball Tryouts Tips – Going Beyong Skills and Talent When Selecting Athletes

softball-girls.jpgBy Coach Marc

Identifying talent and predicting the future success of an athlete is as reliable as the weather forecast for next week.

In other words, not reliable at all.

Despite years of research, there are only a handful of true predictors of athletic success that have been identified.

When selecting their team, coaches will use a variety of criteria.

Most of the time, and with reason, the two main selection criteria are: 1) technical skills and 2) athletic talent.

However, all coaches agree that you have to factor in other variables to predict athletic success.

You should definitely keep that in mind when selecting athletes for your team.

One such variable is personality which includes coachability and character.

This morning, I was reading an article from famous mental training consultant Jeff Jenssen and he was explaining how important those two variables are.

A few years ago, I completed an interview with Mike Candrea as part of a paper I had to do on coaching leadership.

Mike mentioned that one of the things he looks for when he goes on recruiting trips is how potential recruits treat their parents because he feels this tells him a lot about the personality of these athletes.

Most recruiters agree with that.

So, when you will be holding tryouts for your team, try to include a bit of a “personality assessment” in your evaluation.

I know – it’s easier said than done. A few things you  can keep in mind.

Do your homework before the tryouts if you know who’s coming. Talk to former coaches, former teammates, go and watch them play and observe how they interact with their coaches, teammates and parents, etc.

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Softball Tips – What to Do When Trying Out Injured

By Coach Marc

It’s going to be tryouts season very soon and for most, their summer season had ended or the end is close. Many will be trying out to find a team for next year in the coming weeks.

A common problem is that many players have been carrying injuries for most of the season and injuries take time to heal. Most of  the time, you show up at tryouts a few weeks later and you’re  still injured.

What should you do… tell or not tell the coach?

This is a big debate.

I’ve been talking to several coaches, elite softball athletes,  and also a sports psychologist over the last days and they were all unanimous in saying that you should definitely not hide an injury.

There are 2 reasons for this:

1) You don’t want to make it worse by doing things that you shouldn’t be doing. It will just take more time to heal.

2) Hiding an injury will just make you appear weaker than you really are because you will not be at 100% of your capacity.

The coaches I talked to said that they would factor that in in their evaluation. Also, some said that if the athlete is too injured to try out at the moment but they think that she might have a shot at making their team, they would hold a separate  individual tryout for that athlete.

The point is, even though tempting, you shouldn’t hide an injury from the evaluators at a selection camp. That will not play in your favor.

Coaches know injuries are part of the game and are interested in getting the best players possible. If that means waiting a few weeks to evaluate a player, so be it.

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