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Attitude – How Do you Play the Game?

softball-girlsBy Coach Marc

Last summer at a tournament, I was talking to a college coach who was on a recruiting trip.

Like I often do, i asked her:

“Besides athletic talent, what do you look for in a potential recruit?”

Without any hesitation, she answered:

“A warrior mindset.”

“They make the best competitors and they are the ones that make the differences in key games.”

I agree.

In fact, most coaches use the following words (or synonyms of…) when describing players that are difference makers:

– Hard work
– Passion
– Determation
– Team Player
– Fighter
– Attitude (in a good way)

Do you have a “warrior mindset”?

My friend Coach Dalton Ruer, author of Winning the Short Game,  always tells his girls to “get dirty”.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, that’s how the game should be played.

If you love this game and you’re passionate about it, be a difference maker and give yourself 100%.

That will not go unnoticed.


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Softball Recruiting – Are You Paying Attention to the Little Things?

softball-focusBy Coach Marc

Last night I held an information session for the coaches, players, and parents of my association.

The purpose of the seminar was to educate them about college softball. I talked about the reality of college softball, the recrutment process, the academic requirements, what coaches are looking for, and so on.

I also spent time explaining to the young athletes that were present that besides refining their softball skills and having the best marks possible in school, they have to pay attention to the little things.

I told them that college coaches are often looking at these little things to give them an idea of the personality of the player. They want serious and committed athletes and want to avoid potential slackers or trouble makers.

Here’s a sample of the little things they might be looking at…

  • How do you respond to your coaches and teammates?
  • How respectful are you with everybody?
  • How do you treat your parents?  <— Mike Candrea told me that one!
  • Do you hustle like running on and off the field?
  • Do you look professional like having your shirt tucked in?
  • Is her stuff neatly organized or you’re always looking for your glove?
  • Are you prepared to compete?
  • Do you take the game seriously or you just goof around?

There are a lot more but you get the idea. These little things reveal a lot about your personality, your mindset and your character.

And personality traits, character and a winning mindset are absolutely crucial to the softball of softball program. Good coaches know that and will try to recruit athletes with that possess it and evaluate that through the little things that I’ve listed above.

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Softball Recruiting – What Predicts Future Success

youth-softballBy Coach Marc

Last week, I was having a very interesting discussion with some coaches about what predicts future success in our sport.

In some sports, predicting future success is a lot easier than in softball.

For example, predicting future success in track and field is a lot easier. Just by looking at times or distances, you can a pretty good idea about it.

However, in softball, there are so many factors and variables to consider than predicting future success is very difficult.

You can look at size, speed, power, athletic abilities, and just about any stats you want.

Are there some factors or measures that better predicts future success on the field than others?

According to some baseball specialists who did study the matter, yes, there is.

Of all the various factors and measures you can look at, there are 2 that tend consistently predict future success well in baseball:

1) Arm strength

2) On-Base Percentage

Of all the stats and athletic abilities you can measure, these two measures are the ones that best predicts future success on a baseball field.

I would assume that it holds true for softball.

I thought you would like to know!

Now, we could spend a lot of time discussing why but it is beyond the scope what I wanted to share with you today.

Who loves ya? 😉

“Your Softball Peak Performance Coach”

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