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Top Softball Player Qualities

Want to become a top softball player? Build on these qualities

To be successful in softball, players must do a lot of practice, maintain focus and learn continuously. It is about maintaining the right attitude about the coach, team members and loses. Though the qualities of a player may depend on the position you play in the team, there are core qualities that every player must depict to help win the game. Here are 4 main qualities that will make you become a top player and team member that you should develop.

  • Top speed: In softball, a typical play only lasts about 5 seconds or even less. Good players must be fast in order to quickly get out of batter box, steal bases and catch fly balls. It is because of this that many coaches insist that players think and train like athletes. To build on speed, players have to practice running and accelerating as fast as possible.
  • Explosive strength: Being able to develop a lot of power is very critical. As a pitcher, being powerful makes it easy to throw balls at lightning speed so that the batter can miss it. Besides, the batter needs a lot of power to hit the ball and get it outside the field out of the defensive players range. To develop a lot of power, a player must eat well and participate in a lot of training. Make sure to focus on improving the wrist, legs, hands and core muscles that deliver the power you need in the field.
  • Determination and teamwork: The determination and ability to work as a team always yield good results. It is no longer a personal show, but a team operation where every individual input counts in getting more scores and outdoing opponents. Determination and teamwork makes it possible to re-energize easily at any point of the game. It makes it easy to communicate between members and change tactics as games proceed. To develop team work and determination, players need to take more time practicing together.

  • Develop high versatility: Unlike other games like footballs where some players can only work in specific positions, softball demands utmost agility. This makes it easy for a player to shift playing positions on demand. Well, you can never know where the ball will go. Within seconds, you should be able to shift positions and catch the ball. Training and working closely with coaches is essential in making it possible to play in every position.
  • Ability to learn progressively: Softball is a progressive game that sees new skills and styles pop up every from time to time. While a good player takes a lot of time perfecting personal style, he/she must be open minded and learn progressively to keep scoring for the team. A good way to do this is taking every game as a challenge. Work with a manager, coach or trainer who can use every game to cite areas that need improvement or changes to remain in top form.


To become the top player and help the team win, one must be physically fit and works as a team. He/she must demonstrate or develop the outlined qualities that make the game interesting and highly successful. Remember that power, speed, short reaction time and progressive learning must go together with team operation in order to win every game.

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