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Unique Opportunity to Become a Softball Achiever...

Why Would Marc Dagenais Give YOU a FREE Copy of His Best-Selling Explosive Power for Softball DVD That Sells for $39.95 (With NO Strings Attached) Even Though His Assistant Thinks He's Nuts of Doing So???"

(The Answer Below May Surprise You)

Free Stuff

Dear Softball Friend,

We are willing to send you a FREE copy of our best-selling Explosive Power for Softball DVD.

Explosive Power and Speed Training for Softball

You know, no matter their age and level, today's softball players need to have more speed and power than ever before to stay competitive.

 In this best-selling video, Ernie Parker, pitching coach to some of the game's greatest pitchers and Marc Dagenais go into great detail explaining and illustrating plyometrics exercises and medicine ball drills for developing greater explosiveness, speed and power for softball.

More explosiveness will improve all aspects of your game whether be hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing or running. Softball is an explosive sport!

More specifically, this best-selling DVD will show you:

  • How to increase your explosiveness, speed, and power
  • How to apply the principles of explosiveness and power training
  • The best plyometrics exercises to increase explosiveness
  • Innovative jump and medicine ball drills that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment
    How many sets and reps you should do
  • How long your should rest between each set
  • What are the best exercises to develop upper body and lower explosive power
  • The best exercises for young athletes (8-13 years old) and for mature athletes (over 14 years)
  • How to properly and safely execute each exercise
  • And much more..

Okay, So Why Are You Giving Away Your Explosive Power for Softball DVD For FREE? What's the Catch?

The answer is simple: it's a bribe! It's a shameless bribe to get you to test drive a free two-month trial membership to my exclusive Softball Performance Achievers' Club. What's the Softball Performance Achivers Club, you ask?

It’s a monthly coaching and newsletter program that will give you the tools to be ultra-successful on the softball field and take your game to a whole new level, possibly even in record time.

Here’s what you get when you claim your two-month free trial membership to this exclusive club ($40.00 value):

  • A monthly subscription to our private, members only “No BS Softball Performance Letter ” Newsletter. My jam-packed newsletter where I reveal the exact performance-exploding tactics and secrets elite coaches and superstar players use to achieve extraordinary performances. Plus the latest training strategies and brand new workouts to keep you in top condition. You cannot find this valuable newsletter anywhere for any price.

  • In addition to all the great information in my newsletter, you also get a monthly “Coaching Audio Program”. Imagine hiring your own A-Team of world-class coaches and trainers to accelerate your success. These coaching audio programs take you behind the scenes to show you exactly what it takes to succeed on the field and reach superstar performances. Each coaching program is crammed with indispensable and instantly usable strategies to instantly boost your performance and achieve more results!

  • The Softball Workout of the Month. Each month, you will receive a softball-specific workout using the breakthrough training methods and most effective, innovative exercises used by the world's best athletes to help you skyrocket your speed, strength and power! These workouts are exactly the same workouts that the best players on the planet use to achieve extraordinary performances.

  • The Softball Performance Secrets Hotsheet. This is a separately supplement added to each issue of your Softball Performance Secrets Audio Coaching Program, featuring especially timely information, special tips, unique resources, and articles.

You'll also receive...

  • FREE Consulting Call-In Days. You'll also be able to get Marc's first hand advice. Several times a year, Marc schedules Open Call-In Hours ONLY for Gold Members, making it substantially easier and more convenient for you to have 'one-on-one' access to him personally and ask him your specific questions.

  • Special Bonuses . You'll also be get regular special bonuses throughout the year.

  • Special Offers at significant discounts many times through the year.

Why Am I Willing to Give Away All This Valuable Information for Free, Risking My Own Time and Money?

The answer is simple: Because I really want you to succeed as a coach and I know once you read our newsletters and listen to our monthly coaching programs, and really improve your game, you'll be hooked and never want to cancel. This is our way of showing you, "yes, we are the Real Deal," and I'll back it up by risking our own money.

All we ask from you is a small $7.95 shipping fee so we can immediately ship out your 60-mminute Explosive Power for Softball DVD.

You will have two free months of my Softball Performance Achievers Club where we spill our guts every month to keep you on the cutting edge with cutting-edge and grounbreaking performance-boosting training methods, technique, strategies, tips and tricks used by the world's best softball players and coaches.

After your free trial is up, you will automatically continue at the low rate of only $19.95 per month, which you may cancel at any time with no obligation whatsoever. And, you may even keep all the newsletters and audio coaching programs you've received, plus the free DVD and the two ebooks. There is, literally no risk on your part whatsoever.

Do No Wait - Offers Ends Soon

However, this free trial offer is strictly limited. Obviously I am incurring a great expense here, and I simply cannot afford to offer it to the entire world. Fast action is essential on your part to take advantage of this unprecedented free trial offer before the first 93 people take advantage of it. This offer will end soon, and I will start charging full price again for the Softball Performance Achievers Club.

We look forward to taking the exciting challenge of becoming your coaches!

Click Here to Grab Your Offer of a FREE Copy of
Explosive Power for Softball DVD and your free 2-month membership

Marc Dagenais

Marc Dagenais
Your Softball Peak Performance Coach

P.S. Now you can either continue to do what you’ve always done – and keep getting the same results. Or you can click here and get your hands on a program that can make you ultra-successful on the field and take your game to a whole new level fast – for FREE.

P.P.S. I cannot keep giving away this DVD forever. Therefore, I am limiting production of this DVD to 93 copies. So, don’t hesitate… request your DVD today!


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