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How to Make Big Money Selling
Softball Performance Products and Services

By joining our program you can earn commission (extra money) by referring your website visitors, email subscribers, or members to our products and services.

SoftballPerformance.com is a world supplier of high quality products that helps players and coaches boost their game, develop their talent and achieve extraordinary performance. We sell products all over the world.

Every time a referral customer purchases the given affiliate product you earn a 40% commission on all products! That’s a big commission. Where else can you get such a big commission?

With a small amount of effort, you can generate a steady stream of income even while you're sleeping. We have affiliates that generate several hundreds each month!

You want an even better deal? Refer once and get paid forever! Whenever you refer a visitor to the site, even if they do not buy right away, the system "remembers" them forever. So, when they decide to buy (even if it is 2 years down the road), you get the credit and get paid a 40% commission on all their purchases at any time. For some programs, the customers get charged every month so you also get your 40% on their monthly payments!

Can it get any better than that? Do the work once - get paid over and over again.

How the program works

My affiliate program is simple:

  • I pay 40 percent on all my information products which includes all bundles, special packages, DVDs, CDs, tapes, manuals, e-books, training programs, and special reports.

  • You get paid at the end of each month like clockwork.

  • You refer once, you get paid forever.

Please take the time to read this page and the sales tips I will send you when you join. The information here and the sales tips will explain exactly how everything works and the different ways to earn referral fees. Taking the time to read everything in its entirety will pay off in the extra referral fees you get by setting everything up *right* the first time.

How to sign up as an affiliate

Click here to fill out the simple form.

When you sign up, I will email you your username and password and also your affiliate link.

Affiliate Link: This is the link you use at your website, in your e-zine, in your handouts, or anywhere where you want to drive customers to my website. (You can read about ways to do this on the sales page I send you after you have signed up.)

The link is at the end of this paragraph. But instead of the X’s at the end, the link has your affiliate ID number. Your customers must click on this link to get to my website only one time. My website then remembers who that customer is, so the next time they return to my website and buy something, you’ll get a commission, even if they don’t use the affiliate link below, but only as long as the customer does not remove the cookie from his computer.




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