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What’s Your Favorite Softball Bat?

fastpitch softball bat xenoBy Stacie Mahoe

Someone recently asked me which softball bat to buy. They were debating between the Louisville TPS Xeno, the Easton Stealth, and the DeMarini CF4.

It’s been a while since I’ve asked around the softball world for input and I’m curious to see what everyone’s new faves are.

What is your favorite fastpitch softball bat?

If you want to share, because I’m sure there are a lot of people trying to figure out what they should buy, leave a comment below to answer the following questions:

  1. If money were no object and you could have ANY fastpitch softball bat you wanted, what would you get? (include length and drop info)
  2. What is it that you like so much about that particular bat?  Why would you choose that softball bat?
  3. Since money IS an object, is there another bat you would consider getting?  Or would you work on saving up the money to get what you really want?

I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

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August 6, 2010

Sbell363 @ 3:56 pm

I bought my daughter the new Xeon bat. While I know that all bats are made to the same ASA specifications. This bat sounds hot if nothing else. I have been impressed with the perfomance. But like I said all bats are made to the same specs.

Lsexton3065 @ 4:01 pm

DeMarini CF4! 32 22 I bought one for my daughter, she loves it!

Derekjacobs @ 4:02 pm

Combat Fernandez has allot of Pop for a 98 MPH bat

Coach B @ 4:08 pm

The CF4 is probably the best contact bat. It seems that alot of girls use it and consistant contact is its up side. Power hitter bat would be the Louisville H2 Hybrid. I know its not listed but the end weight and flex can get the ball out of the park fast. When you put these bats in a line ups hands smaller hitters do good with the CF4 and the bigger hitters do better with the H2. Thats just what I've seen. One thing is for sure put a brand new bat in any players hands and they always start out as good hitters. Its when the thrill wears off when you tell how good the bat is.

Coach of Wicked Stix softball @ 4:08 pm

CF4, just got the 2011, my daughter loves it. BUT, I hit infield practice before every game for two older teams, have grabbed and used every bat known, the last game of the year I picked up an Icon, man was it a drastically different feel, very hot. We are still going to use the CF4, but I may consider picking up an Icon.

Tdpeter @ 4:09 pm

money no object an easton stealth scn4b (-10) or 5b (-9) The only problem is finding one
#2 demarini Phenix or onyx
#3 easton stealth scn6b or synergy scn8b
#4 demarini cf3
#5 demarina cf4
#6 easton stealth speed and the jury is still out on this bat

the only problem is that #1-4 are no longer made!!
size and drop are dependant on the player

dmno @ 4:13 pm

My daughter plays 12U and used a Miken Rain this year and hit many HR's with it. She just got an Easton Synge which she also likes but has a totally different feel to it. Both have great pop but the Miken is softer (also cracks after awhile)

Stacie Mahoe @ 4:15 pm

You're definitely right about that. The Xeno has a crazy sound to it! BUT there are 2 sides to that. IF you are trying to impress people in the stands or important people who may be watching this bat will certainly help with that. I do believe the sound makes the hit seem even more impressive. HOWEVER, there are many who prefer a bat that doesn't jumpstart the defense into action with such a strong audible cue. The Xeno probably has more of an “oh-man-that-was-a-HIT-I-better-get-on-it” effect on the defense than another bat that has a lesser thudd-y type sound. Some prefer not to “help” out the defense in any way and taking away the “explosive” sound of a bat is one of them.

So yes, it makes hits look awesome, but it also alerts the defense more than some other bats do.

Kjohnson @ 4:17 pm

Our team uses the demarini CF3 & CF4. Our summer competive softball team batting average for 13 girls is .380 , weights for all but one is 33 in 23 oz. The one is for the little 5ft, 97 bls beast hers is 32 in 22oz. her batting average is .415 with 75 games. and a ASA 16U STATE TITLE!!!!

Autman1 @ 4:19 pm

Demarini CF-4 – 33/23

Just rockets off her bat. She loves this much better than her old Easton Stealth. I used her bat and another players new 2011 Easton Stealth to hit the girls fielding practice and notice a couple of things. The Demarini has a bigger or longer sweetspot the the Stealth and is lighter (Same size).

I was very curious on the weight so I weigh them both. The Demarini was a true 23, but surprisingly the Stealth 33/23 weigh 24.2 ounces. I called Easton, but haven't retuen my call.

Now my daughter is asking for the Demarini CF-4 ST – Told her she needed to start looking for a job!

Robin @ 4:20 pm

I like the Easton Stealth bat (the purple one), any year is fine. The bat has a lot of pop and I hit very well with this bat. A lot of my teammates were asking me if they could use my bat during the travel ball season and my High school season as well.

Coach G @ 4:29 pm

Wanting the best bat? It depends on the player, some like a barrel balance bat and some like an end loaded. There will not be much difference between the high end bats since they all are made to the same specifications. After time they may react differently. Sounds like a side by side test is needed to really know. Happy shopping!

Auntcindy00 @ 4:35 pm

Demarini CF4, 32/23. Seems to have a lot of pop and a large sweet spot. I would save my money until I was able to buy this bat

Helen #13 @ 4:40 pm

Yellow Synergy composite bat 😀

Helen #13 @ 4:41 pm

oops. Yellow EASTON Synergy composite bat 😀

Carmanadjust @ 5:06 pm

We bought our daughter the new Synergy, and she was batting in the 400's with a 3 season old Demarini Madusa, with the Synergy she down to the low 300's. Slump or equipment I think its the bat

Intimidator's Dad @ 5:10 pm

I asked my 14 yr old daughter who plays on a 16u A team what was her favorite bat. She has used both the Easton Stealth & 2010 CF4 in batting practice. She says they are nice but she said to her they dont feel as good as her 08 rockettech & 07 rockettech. I guess she is a true rockettech girl. She said on solid hits she doesnt feel the same pop off the bat as the rockettech. She is a power hitter batting in the 4 hole with a .470avg .685obp 6hr 8tripples 14doubles. I dont think she will be changing anytime soon.

Rthahockey @ 5:18 pm

2004 Anderson Rockettech

Seankimberley @ 5:22 pm

Can't go wrong with the Easton Stealth. Lots of pop, huge sweet spot and very durable for a composite. I would avoid the glass ones, but the old ones (05-07) are awesome and the new ones seem hot once they are broken in.

Coach David @ 5:25 pm

Anderson RockeTech is the one that over 50% of our team uses and likes the best.

Coach J @ 5:47 pm

I like the Anderson bats. RocketTech and the TechZilla. Both seem to have bigger sweet spots and seem to have a good weight balance between the handle and the barrel.

Al @ 5:52 pm

CF-4, Phenix, RocketTech 07

Queensbury Softball @ 6:13 pm

My daughter found the CF4 was easier to swing. The Easton was too end-loaded

AZ Outlaw Gold Player @ 6:20 pm

1. Well I have my favorite bat in the world! I used to own a CF3 Demarini and it died in 6 months which I was not very happy with. I got the Easton Synergy Speed and I adore it! 33 in 23 oz. 10 drop

2.The thing I like the most about the bat is that it is more evenly loaded throughout the entire bat. Unlike most bats now a days that are end loaded. It has a giant sweet spot, it is super durable, and the grip is amazing. I chose the bat because it felt right when i took a few practice swings with it. It fit my hitting style I guess you could say. I know so many people with this bat and have never heard anyone complain. They all LOVE IT!

3. Honestly I would save up money for it if I felt it was the right bat. There is no point in buying one you dont love because it can be frustrating to hit with

AZ Outlaw Gold Player @ 6:22 pm

I was able to test the Xeno at a college showcase and found it a bit too end loaded. Also my team mates did comment on the sound that it sounded more like a rocket tech than a composite bat.
And you do have a good point about alerting the defense

AZ Outlaw Gold Player @ 6:28 pm

I have an Easton Synergy (the speed with the white and blue) and I was also in a slump during my high school season turns out there was an issue with my overall hitting machanics. Plus everyone goes through a slump and she is adjusting to a new bat which sometimes causes a difference in machanics. Personally I dont believe you can blame a bat for a hitting slump

Kevin @ 6:33 pm

My daughter is a slapper and she uses a Easton Synergy also.

Coach Rusty @ 6:45 pm

Anderson RocketTech, 2005. 2008 any weight any length, still better than any thing new. I move my girls around when I see one at the plate……Go Deep, Go Very Deep………

leonel25 @ 7:13 pm

i agree with coach rusty… anderson rockettech…we have 3 models in the bag.

alexis flenniken @ 7:43 pm

i use an alluminum easton typhoon and it works great ive used it for 6 summer seasons a travel season and a school season and it still works perfectly i couldnt have asked for a better bat so if you want one that lasts its perfect!

Lisalo222 @ 7:49 pm

My daughter LOVES the Rawlings Liquidmetal Plasma Fusion bat 2007. Not a common bat, but she has played with it for 4 years straight,and just loves the weight and load of it. I tried getting her a RocketTech this past season, to keep her with the -9 drop, but ended up going back to the Rawlings in the next size. Can get it cheap now, and it is a great bat!

Vic Gardner @ 8:21 pm

My daughter went through Combat Virus FP's, TPS Catalyst, Easton Stealth. Settled on the Demarini CF4 34-25. Loads of pop and feels balanced through the swing. Playing 18U Showcase.

TerraNovaSoftball @ 8:50 pm

Easton seems to be the easiest for my smaller girls to swing. They like the feel on contact and can get the bat around fairly easy. My stronger, bigger girls wont touch anything but a RocketTech. The extra yards per hit stand out!

Chuck @ 9:12 pm

Mattingly V-grip, not too expensive and it really helped my daughters increase bat speed and helped her overall swing by always having a correct grip. I highly recommend this bat to younger players.



Eli_camarillo @ 10:42 pm

Easton, DeMarini, and Anderson are not the only company's that make fastpitch bats. Granted Easton bats do have good pop. I'm surprised you fail to remember that Miken makes great bats. Any parents or coaches wondering what the hottest fastpitch bat out, don't sleep on the the 2011 Miken MV3 -10. You will not be dissapointed when you take the plastic off the bat! No need to break in, tremendous pop out of the wrapper. If your daughter is a hitter and makes great contact, you can't go wrong with this bat. You will be satisfied! The bat has been out since Feb or Mar of this year and have yet to see another girl with this same bat my daughter has. If your willing to pay around $300 for a good bat, don't overlook this bat. I'm 100% satisfied with the first balls my daughter hit,the day I bought it.

frenchfry @ 11:12 pm

Anderson Techzilla 31/21

Dannygene1 @ 11:12 pm

06 easton sygenry -9 better than 05 rt in my opion 05 rt 3122 weighted 24.5 oz on digital scales.all andersons are over weighted except nanoteck they r great bats also

August 7, 2010

Dredge61 @ 7:28 am

Honestly I found the Anderson Rockettech to be the best bat. Only bat that I found that TRULY had good pop right out of the box. All the girls on my daughter's 18 team who had CF4's broke them within the first 5 or 6 games and they were replaced with bad bats. My daughter had a Louisville Slugger that broke and was replaced witha XENO that just doesnt have the pop of the Rockettech. Same story with Easton.

CoachJoe @ 7:42 am

Anderson NanoTek 32 -10. Hot out of the wrapper, great balance, huge sweet spot, amazing power. Best bat for average size girls. The Rockettech 2005 or 2007 is still what the bigger girls on our 16U team prefer.

Atowncrush @ 7:42 am

My daughter's have used a Catalyst, and a Rockettech and the Cf4 hope series bats. I like the rockettech but it dents to easy, The Cf4 has been a very good bat.

Bmellin @ 8:19 am

My daughter has great appreciation for Combat bats. Her favorite was the Virus end loaded 33 -10. Great grip, never any sting. She used the Virus until the end came off. She hated to give it up. She now has the Morphed, likes it, but would love it if it was an end load.

Reyes1970 @ 8:32 am

Well if you really want to know I love the 2005 Anderson rockettech bat has awesome pop just love the way the ball comes of the bat I was swinging a Easton Stealth SCN6B and I thought that bat had pop but I am sold on the Rockettech even on balls that are hit towards the tapered end the ball still comes off hot. I love that bat!!! Thats why I carry 2 of them in my bag wouldnt step on the filed without it

2005 Anderson Rockettech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmayhue @ 8:54 am


Hogtyed3 @ 10:14 am

DD loves the Anderson RT. I got her the Nanotek and TechZIlla this summer. We'll see how those work throughout the next year. She's a stronger kid and can get the RT around with ease. Once she zooms in on her two favs, I'll sell the 3rd.

Keithcherry @ 12:18 pm

I have trouble deciding also. I like the Anderson Rocket Tech Line but feel they are a little heavy for younger girls. Most only have a -9 and with a 30″ min length this swings a bit slower. Although, If you connect with it you will see results.My daughter will move to 12U this fall and she is not real big. We used a Miken Lite this year. It was ok but outdated now I think. I need help deciding also. look forward to reading other comments. Thanks, Keith

Rndrod @ 12:41 pm

DeMarini 2009, The red CF4 33 in. drop 10 for balance. This bat bat has more pop than any other bat.

Kathryn @ 1:48 pm

Easton Stealth 32″ -10

Kparker @ 3:57 pm

2006 Easton Synergy 34/24 oz
comes out of the wrapper hot, nice sweet spot
2010 Easton Synergy, 34/24 oz

Kaylana Kelley @ 3:59 pm


rich staley @ 4:50 pm

miken mv3 and miken rain. both bats are in the middle price range and when properly broke in, they work well.32/20 12 inch drop. dont forget! properly brake in a composite bat. thanks marc. rich staley

Coachjmeyers @ 8:40 pm

We love our Synergy. 14 yr old daughter made all district as a freshman and hit her first HR with it.

Gohardgx @ 10:44 pm

What size and how much do you want for your Rockettech bat?

August 8, 2010

Teamhotwheels @ 9:25 am

told you before Mark, try the older mikens, they are even better

Adjvsc1 @ 10:46 am

1. DeMarini CF4 Black -10
2. The balance and feel, my daughter used to swear by the Rocket Tech. She wanted to try the CF4 and hasn't went back. She has doubled her homeruns.
3. I coach and elite travel softball team and the CF4 is by far the preferred bat!

catcher @ 5:46 pm

I use Easton Stealth. It's my favorite bat I've ever used.

Ellis314 @ 7:21 pm

I was at an Ohio State softball game vs. Northwestern. Louisville Slugger brought them the new Xeno to use , 2 games 16 runs , 14 runs . I told my 13 yr. daughter we was gonna try it. It is the most evenly balanced ,not end loaded bat that you could have .We couldnt be happier really.Even when she stuggles at times and tries to go back and use the stealth or RT she will come back to Xeno. Two homeruns over 200 ft , 5 off the fence.Ball exit speed is incredible when hit in the sweet spot. Downfalls are miss hits sound like a broken bat ,umpires turned it end for end several times and checked it ,Overall 8.5 out of ten . Very Happy !

August 9, 2010

Shannin Adams @ 3:04 am

Definetly the Easton stealth. Personally I am just inove with any Easton that is why the Synergy flex has given me such great success iun my softball career.

13 year old dad @ 6:39 am

My 13 yr old has been swinging the green/yellow Worth AMP Hybrid for the past 2 seasons. The coaches/players love the “Ping” sound the bats makes when the ball jumps of the bat. She is more of a slapper/contact hitter and the bat has turned her game around. She not only makes good contact, her power has even increased. She has used this bat for 12u rec. ball, 12u travel ball, Middle school ball, and she played up this spring for a 14u travel team. She led her school team and was a top 3 hitter on her 14u team even though she was playing as a 12 yr old. This was a good bat for the money. We are now considering the next bat we will purchase because hers is beginging to die. Worth will get serious consideration.

Lauras @ 7:36 am

My 12 year old daughter has the CF4 and the Easton Stealth. We just bought her the Easton because it was the next size up and we got a great deal on it. She has done very well with the CF4 and I would recommend it to those that have a budget for it. She has been using it for about 8 months and the ball still flies off it. If I could change one thing about it, I would make the sweet spot about 2 inches further down the handle for the inside pitches.

Chad @ 7:37 am

As of right now, my daughter's favorite bat is the Miken Halo.

Anita Rosa @ 8:40 am

My daughter got her Easton Stealth bat almost 3 years ago, when she was 9. At the end of last year, we realized how much bigger and stronger she had gotten and decided that she needed a new bat. To make a long story short, she used her new bat for about 2 months, and her hitting was not as great as it was in the past. We weren't sure if it was because she moved up on her travel team to 14U. So she decided to try going back to her old bat. The difference was amazing. That bat is a little small for her, but the hits she gets can't be argued. So it works for her. She is 12 now and says she will never use another bat. The Easton Stealth is worth every penny.

bill brideau @ 8:47 am

for my money id sumthin in the freek family!!–i do like the juggernaut -money no object id try the xeno for sure. i like the pop the distance an durability of my first to choices

Ladydreamer @ 9:07 am

31/21 $150.00 I can send pics if u want..

GReece @ 9:21 am

My 13 year old just got the new Easton Synge (yellow) about two weeks ago and really likes it. Nicely balanced, good pop and it works great for bunts and slaps as well.
Someone mentioned the old DeMarini Medusas, I got one for my older daughter when she was in Little League, she is a senior now and I have other girls who demand to use it (14 U team) still has good pop in it, even after 5 years of use. Ended up buying three different lenghts and all of them get used.
I have had varying degrees of satisfaction with the Anderson Rocket-techs. Great pop, some have been durable, some have not.

Boyd Minton @ 9:39 am

I coach a 14u travel team and my girls have quite a few different bats, and I have used just about everyone of them for practice, the 07 rocketech is durable and has alot of pop, the 2010 cf4 is another solid bat but the sweet spot is not as big, my daughter has a catlyst 2 -8 that she has had for 3 yrs and it might be my favorite bat with a large sweet spot and tons of pop and I use it for infield almost all of the time, very durable, she also has a 2010 Miken Icon that she really likes and seems close to the feel of the catlyst 2, another girl has an old stealth that she loves. Stay away from the Demarini Vendetta because I have seen 2 of these break in games, and one of my girls has one and the sweet spot is very small. I hope this has been helpful. Coach Boyd DARK ANGELS 97. PS I bought all of my bats on ebay for 40-70% off retail New in the rapper with warranty.

Trdevore @ 10:40 am

My daughter uses an Anderson Pyrotech and a Rip-it Force and they are both great bats and hit the ball hard. A few of her teammates use Anderson RocketTechs. They are all great bats, no doubt. I have been coaching for 5 years and my experience is you don't need an expensive bat or even a composite bat to hit the ball well and with force and get on base. However, if you want to put the ball over someones head or over the fence the better bats and end-weighted bats will help you to do that – provided you can swing the extra weight. The older the girls get – the more of a difference you will see. It's more about correct mechanics than a $400 bat. Studies I have seen say the composites will give you about 20% more distance off the sweet spot provided you can swing the heavier bat at the same speed. Moral is don't get too wrapped up in “The Bat” concentrate on “The Skills” especially at the younger ages. As they progress and every little bit can make a difference between a win and a loss, they can make a difference.

Rystlh @ 12:08 pm

demarini cf4 -10 (33/23) Miken Halo light for faster pitches (33/21)

August 10, 2010

BoydMinton @ 3:16 pm

My daughter has the Miken Icon and I agree with you that it has a ton of pop and the more I use it for infield and flyballs the hotter it gets, I purchased it on ebay for 86.00 plus 10.95 shipping, don't wait get one now!

Shaulis155 @ 6:57 pm

Do you have this for sale?

August 11, 2010

Guthrie_pch @ 8:11 am

We were Miken fans for the longest time till my daughter picked up her first Easton and put one over the fence. Just thinking it was a fluke I made her go back to her Miken the next at bats. Granted she hit soild, but nowhere near what the Easton did. Being this was someone elses bat she didn't use it the rest of the season. So following season travel ball starts little girl gets the new easton stealth my daughter uses her bat hits two more over the fence. Her Dad comes to me and Ask that my daughter not use the bat being he paid so much for it. Next week I ordered her the Easton Stealth 32/22 and she has crushes another 4 homeruns and has burnt countless outfielders. At 12u it's awesome to hear opposing coaches say to the outfielders “she got you last time give her a step”…………LOVE THIS BAT!!!

August 12, 2010

Chris @ 10:01 am


Ladydreamer @ 1:30 pm

yes I do can send pics

Dakotajrs4 @ 9:34 pm

Miken Halo baby!

RKT07 @ 9:44 pm

The Anderson Rockettech 2007. No bat comes close……….

August 13, 2010

raiderfastpitch @ 9:25 am

The '08 Easton Stealth….by far….the best bat we've ever used (before they changed the composition of them in '09)!! Other ones which have been successful for us include the DeMarini Phoenix, Miken Rain, DeMarini CF4 Black and the '10 Easton Stealth.

August 14, 2010

cnr1994 @ 1:50 am

Demarini Voodoo 31/21..Plays 10u. 10 years old 5'0 and 100lbs.. gets hits over center field even though she's hits late and still needs lost of work on her technique.. after she spanks a homer, everyone else love to give it a swing and always a sure thing..HOMERUN!!! wish I never ever had to by a new bat..and oh my 9 year old has a medusa..same thing..

Biggunfrazier @ 11:44 am

I'm a kid on a 12u tournament team. My favorite bat is the cf4.

Shaulis155 @ 11:48 am

That would be great. please send pics to shaulis155@comcast.net.
Definately interested.

August 20, 2010

Gabrielle @ 3:01 pm

I personally like the demarini cf4. I have it and i really like it i use it almost every time i go up to bat. My last bat was a miken freak but it was way to heavy for me, so my dad bought me the demarini cf4 hope bat and i like it a lot because, it feels and hits a lot like a miken freak bat. So if you like or have every tried the miken freak bat you should most definetly try the demarini cf4 bat. it has a very big sweet spot.

August 24, 2010

Motse @ 1:48 am

My favorite bat to use is the 27oz 34 inch Worth Mayhem.I call it the green monster.It seemed heavy at the first use of it but in time I soon found it to be one of the hardest hitting bats ever made.When swinging it,its movement is superbly fluid with my body motion.I swing hard so the ball goes off its end like a rocket,to any side of the feild.If wishes were horses… I sadly dont have money to buy my own and have to stick to the one my team owns.I wouldnt dream of using any other but if push came to shove,I would go for the 27oz 34 inch Combat Virus 100% composite.It is the only other bat I feal comes close to the Mayhem.Im currently saving up for the Mayhem

September 1, 2010

Bixbygretta @ 10:55 pm

Bought a 2011 Anderson Techzilla and LOVE it! Been using Miken NRG 500….great bat also. Bad news…both bats are purchased this year, new in wrapper…(Anderson in the last month), and think I bought too small. Gonna have to sell them both and get a bigger bat. Anderson has seen only 2 games. NRG maybe 6. 31/21 sz on both bats. Batting coach says move to a 32 inch. I was on here looking for what to buy. Proabably stick with Anderson or DeMarini CF4 Insane this time.

If you are interested, make an offer. bixbygretta@yahoo.com my daughter is moving up to 14U this year. Bats were used minimally during end of season and Anderson not much at all. Just makes me sick.

September 9, 2010

Baseball Center Blog @ 7:13 pm

Louisville Tps Catalyst 13…

[…] y small. I hope this has been helpful. Coach Boyd DARK ANGELS 97. PS I bought al […]…

October 31, 2010

Batman @ 7:50 pm

Some of my favs

07'-08' Easton Stealth

04'-05'-07' RT

05'-08' Easton Synergy (silver or blue)

Demarini Phenix 08'

08' Miken Halo gold

You will pay top $$$ for these bats but they're worth it

If you want to save a little $$

Rip It Elite 08' yellow

Combat Virus 08'

Catalyst 05' yellow

All in all, you can't go wrong with Easton, Anderson, Demarini & Miken

December 19, 2010

Number8fan @ 6:21 pm

I was wondering my daughter is on a 14U team she is 13 is a 22 oz too heavy for her?

March 6, 2011

Gr8dad_in_az @ 3:59 pm

can you please explain what you mean by “it died”…refering to your cf3.

May 11, 2011

Fatboy5500 @ 5:45 pm

My daughter plays 14U. She has had 3 Rocket Techs in the last year in a half. She has hit flat spots in the barrels of all 3 models. 2009,2010, and now a 2011. We are looking at the Demarini CF4 St -9, The Demarini CF4 INsane, and the Easton Stealth Speed -9. We are staying with an end loaded or slightly end loaded bat, and I have been told these are some of the top end loaded bats, and they are hopefully more durable than the Rocket Techs are

Fatboy5500 @ 5:50 pm

Does ANYONE know which of these 3 have the most pop? the biggest sweet spot in the barrel? I know you have to hit the sweet spot in the Rocket Tech for the ball to have a lot of pop. I have personally seen a few girls use the CF4 ST and I was impressed with how fast the ball flew off the bat. I have never seen the Stealth Speed, but hear it's supposed to have one of the biggest sweet spots of any fastpitch bat on the market

August 1, 2011

TXFSTPITCH @ 5:21 pm

My daughter was scouted by other 14u and 16u travel teams and said, “pound-for-pound, she out hits everyone in the tourneys”, and this was when she was a first year 12u player. She was using the Synergy SCX24B, one of the first composites Easton made for fastpitch, and it is SCORCHING still to this day. She still uses it to burn outfielders who don't give her the credit since she's small, but when she cranks a line drive to the 210' fence without dropping, the start playing back a bit further the next time she's up. She also carries a VirusFP, an '05 RocketTech (blue barrel) and I just traded her Catalyst for a Miken MFNRG (lots of people swear by them, even slowpitch players). I use her old Synergy SCN1B (30/20) as my fungo bat because I can hit easily to deep outfield using one hand with it. Now that's some old school pop!

BTW, she uses different bats for different tourney balls. All the bats she uses are 32/22, but like the softballs that are used in play, not all are created equal…

August 24, 2011

33keystone @ 10:52 am

The Stealth is end loaded so for a power hitter, this is a great bat. My daughter has the new CF5 and that is an amazing bat with lots of pop.

October 5, 2011

Softball player @ 11:26 am

i love the Easton bats… i think they swing the fastest and are the most comfortable.

October 12, 2011

Krista @ 8:39 am

I had a Rocket Tech for 2 years and I also hit flats spots into the barrel. Then yesterday at practice the bat completely broke, the handle broke off. I will never get a Rocket Tech again! They are not durable at all.

October 31, 2011

Jordan41896 @ 4:16 pm

you have had the bat for two years it was bound to happen?

December 30, 2011

Jfrzr0507 @ 1:23 am

2007 Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bat HAS TO BE 33/24…cant find it anywhere!  Willing to pay some reasonable cheddar for this particular bat.

January 8, 2012

just wondering @ 11:20 am

Out of the 2005 or the 2007 which rocketech bat do you think is better?

January 12, 2012

CDunn @ 12:00 pm

No Bat will ever come close to the Easton SCN4B if money were no object that's all my daughters would swing. BTW they are swinging SCN6B's right now close 3rd or 4th

January 27, 2012

Jeffrabbetts @ 11:27 pm

My daughters favorite,Easton Stealth, 2007, gold handle, silver, love that bat and am looking for one, 34-24 to take to college,

January 29, 2012

Softballaly21 @ 8:33 pm

My daughter has only used three types of bats since playing tournament ball the last 9 years. The king of all bats for her has been the Easton Synergy Scn1b, by far the most pop of any bat out there for her, I wish I could find her a new one!  Next comes the Easton Synergy Scn8b, any great bat. Her bat of choice the last two seasons has been the Easton Sealth Speed, with a great sweet spot and tons of pop.

February 4, 2012

Ken @ 9:10 pm

Can I get a picture also

February 6, 2012

STEALTH @ 7:20 pm

I'm a freshman this year and I was a varsity starter last year as an eight grader, with one of the highest batting averages in the state. My high school is in the top division in our state and so we compete at the highest level. My favorite bat of all time is the Easton Stealth 2011, it has never let me down and I have had it for about 2 years. It still has way more pop than a lot of my teammate's bats and the only reason I would ever replace it is to upgrade to a longer one. The sweet spot is ridiculously big. I am hesitant to get the new 2012 model just because there isn't really a ton of reviews out there and I have yet to see one in a game, but assuming that it is like most Easton bats, I expect it to be awesome. Overall you have to keep in mind that it really isn't the bat; it's the batter. So you would need to get a bat that is the right size for you. However, you can hit much better with a top notch bat than a tee ball bat. So it does make somewhat of a difference. As for money, my parents didn't want to get me any bat. They were satisfied with my old one but I wasn't. So, money shouldn't be an object, get the bat that you love. I saved up for it myself without a job so I think everyone else should be capable of that too. One last thing is that no matter what bat you buy NEVER use it on a pitching machine. This will greatly increase the life of your bat.

February 15, 2012

Surfergirl4819 @ 2:34 pm

deffinitly the xeno i hit one over the fence with one.

April 26, 2012

Tabitna @ 11:39 am

My daughter LOVES her Anderson Nanotech 33/23. It did lose it's pop quick but she used it everywhere so it was justified so. She used it in the batting cages at practice and in the games. When my daughter has a bat it better be tough because it is gonna get used. She hated her Miken, it had too much vibration. She is a 14U player and the best hitter on her team. We just bought the new Easton Synergy and we are waiting for the 2013 Demarini CF5 Insane to come out. We are going to warranty the Anderson since it has been under a year. I am not saying the Anderson was a bad bat my daughter is just a tough user. I am a believer in practice as you play even if it does mean at the cost of a bat.

May 13, 2012

Searaykeys99 @ 11:59 am

outlawed in college thanks to the cry babies at Alabama. Guess when you lose you have to blame something other than just getting spanked

May 14, 2012

Matthewbenedetto @ 7:34 am

Hey i have an 09 Rocketech and 09 Easton Synergy that my daughter has grown out of. They are both 30″. Let me know if anyone wants them and I will give you a great deal. $50 each. You pay shipping. They are in used but good condition. She has been using the 2012 Rocketech and has had a good experience with it. But I have been trying to research what the majority of college kids use and it looks like the Stealth. So, can't imagine there all wrong!! Any thoughts. For me its between the Xeno/Stealth and Rocketech.

May 16, 2012

Gabsoftball @ 6:51 pm

Demarini Cf4 hope is the best bat I've used. I have hit 3 homeruns off of it, it lasted me almost over a year before it broke, in half. 

May 20, 2012

Softball @ 12:12 pm

it seems like the cf-4 is the most popular bat

June 1, 2012

shley @ 9:34 pm

I am between the Easton stealth and the demarini cf5 They are both around the same price and both have about the same amount of pros and cons. Which one do i get

August 15, 2012

travisb @ 9:57 pm

2012 Easton synge is junk. Never able to break it in. My younger daughter has a 2011 easton synge and that bat is hot. Older daughter has a dimarini phenix, what an amazing bat

March 1, 2013

Terrence Flendersen @ 1:29 pm

The Anderson Rockettech 2007. No bat comes close………. fastpitch softball bats

August 24, 2013

booyah @ 4:51 pm

2013 CF5 or XENO (-10). Daughter loves them both and hits well with both.

booyah @ 4:52 pm

They are 32/22

March 4, 2015

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March 11, 2015

Monserrate @ 2:33 am

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May 6, 2016

David @ 11:01 am


April 2, 2017

usasoftball @ 5:41 pm

05 rocketech not for the faint of heart

December 23, 2017

Demarini Voodoo Balanced @ 12:25 am

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