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Free Pitching Drill Video to Increase Speed

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Former Olympian and Professional pitcher Lauren Bay demonstrates a simple softball pitching drill for increasing your pitching speed and power.

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April 19, 2012

runningmanOH @ 8:55 pm

Thanks.  How often in a week would you incorporate this?  Would/could you incorporate a heavier ball also?  My questions would be for a 15 yr old pitcher.  

May 4, 2012

Albert Lopez @ 8:57 am

How many times a week ?

January 25, 2013

Marc O Dagenais @ 9:25 am

Minimum 2x per week. Ideally 3x.

[…] training aids) that will help you increase pitching speed. Here are some articles for you: Free Pitching Drill Video to Increase Speed Softball Pitching Drills – How to Increase Pitching Speed Softball Pitching – A Drill to Increase […]

April 13, 2016

morgan @ 2:01 pm

How would I hold the ball if I was trying to throw a screw ball.

December 11, 2016

curso De teologia a Distancia iasd @ 4:33 pm

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