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John Tschida on Softball Hitting

John Tschida - softball hitting

John Tschida on softball hitting

By Coach Marc

John Tschida, head softball coach at the University of St-Thomas,  is considered by many to be one of the best softball coaches in the country.

He is particularly known for his unique ability to teach softball skills, especially softball hitting. His teams are some of the most fundamentally sound you’ll ever see.

Softball hitting is considered to be one of the toughest skills in sport to master. And how to teach softball hitting is a source of many heated debates.

No matter what softball hitting technique, theory, or philosophy you adhere to, you still have to be able to teach it. That’s no easy task.

And when it comes to teaching softball hitting, there is no doubt John Tschida can deliver.  His outstanding results speak for themselves.

A few years ago, I had the chance to sit in a room and listen to John Tschida talk about how he teaches softball hitting. All I can say, I walked away impressed.

Recently, he even published a set of DVDs on softball hitting – Mega Softball Drills: Hitting. If you would like to learn more about John Tschida and softball hitting philosophy, I invite you to check /download this great handout that was sent to me by one of our loyal subscribers.

Just click on the link:

John Tschida on Softball Hitting

Here is a preview of this 24-page handout (give it a few seconds to load):


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April 21, 2010

Valuable Softball Hitting Resource | Batting-trainer.com @ 8:22 am

[…] Softball Hitting Guide […]

July 15, 2010

Steve @ 12:51 pm

Keeping the front foot closed ‘as long as possible’ can also lead to locking your hips. One is as correct as the other as long as the end result is proper execution. When in doubt I ask myself if one ‘way’ is a short cut to the solution. If so, short cuts lead to more problems. Let’s work at it and do it right.

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