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Most Useful Tips on Improving Softball Hitting

Most Useful Tips on Improving Softball Hitting

When playing softball, the most complex roles that every player need to master is softball hitting. Players who cherish playing softball have special connection to it for better mental and physical development. It is one of the games that require the mind and body working together for top results. Knowing how to throw and hit a ball is not enough, it is prudent to perfect the skills in order to avoid being left behind. Here are the most useful tips on hitting the softball that you require.

Understand personal techniques

To advance in softball, players are advised to understand themselves and develop individual tactics. While it is okay to look at others and how they do it, trying to copy them will not help. Work on your techniques and improve on them from time to time. A good way to do this is making every game a learning session. Work closely with the team leader and coach to get a review of personal techniques and how to improve on them. This will make it easy to fine tune every aspect of your hitting so that moments taken in the game helps to bring top results.

Getting the perfect grip on the bat

To be sure of a perfect hit every moment, you need the right bat grip. Professional softball coaches insist that you should grip the bat with a handshake. This gives you better control and makes targeting easy. Place the bat in the front and where possible pinch it between index finger and thumb. The objective is keeping the wrist loose, get top speed and make it possible to explode the hands to the ball. Remember that this requires patience to try, practice and perfect until it becomes part of you.

Keep training and learning new things

While most games demand a lot of training, it is even more critical in softball. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with experts like trainers and coaches with a lot of experience. Here, the player is able to learn about various tactics, learn new skills and perfect them. Softball training is like a powerhouse that reinstalls confidence and makes the impossible a reality. Through training, players redefine their focus and keep fit which is necessary for top performance. Among the top things that players learn during training include;

  • Maintaining balance for perfect hits
  • Maintaining focus when playing softball
  • Positioning hands and shoulders for appropriate hits

Carefully coordinate the hands and eyes

In softball, getting a perfect hit is determined by eyes and hands coordination. The eyes follow the ball closely and dictate the ideal moment to hit it. It is important to keep the eyes level and take the right stance to give hands ample swing space to target and hit the ball on time. If new to softball, it is advisable to take open stance for easier coordination between eyes and hands. With time, as you master all tactics and coordinate the eyes and hands better, think of trying the closed or square stance. Remember that with these, your hands and wrists need to be firmer.


Succeeding in softball is a combination of personal focus, love for the game and skills perfection. The outlined tips help to understand softball, build on personal skills and make every moment on the field a thrill. Remember that all of these require patience to perfect. Start with one thing and keep advancing while venturing into deeper aspects of the game.


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