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"The Greatest Gold-Mine Of Softball Tips, Tricks, and Advice To Skyrocket Your Bat Speed and Hitting Power, Throw Harder and Run Faster Than Ever Before, Develop Mental Toughness and Unstoppable Confidence, and Turn Your Talent Into Extraordinary Performances!"

“You'll Discover the Performance Secrets of the World’s Best Softball Players and Coaches and Learn What Separates Them From The Rest…”

- Marc Dagenais
Softball Peak Performance Coach

marc dagenais

Marc Dagenais
World's #1 Softball Peak Performance Coach
  • Performance-Boosting Tips, Tricks, and Tools... 

  • How To Develop Your Talent and your reach your full potential or turn your team into a high-performing softball machine...

  • Ask Me Questions and Get Your Answers in the Newsletter...

  • How To Really Skyrocket Your Performance and become a dominant figure on the softball field...   

  • Expert "Insider" Interviews from some of the game's brightest minds!    

  • ...much, much more!

“Nationally Recognized Pitching Expert Benefits
 from Marc’s Advice and Expertise!”

"Hi, this is Doug Finch, hitting and pitching instructor in the United States, also Jennie Finch's father. Marc and I have had many in-depth, lengthy conversations over the past several years going way back when Jennie was only 14 years old. I feel blessed that the lord has had our paths crossed. Marc's kindness, knowledge, and expertise have been valuable tools to my self and my family. Thanks Marc!"

Doug Finch, Inventor of the Finch Windmill
Nationally Recognized Pitching Expert
Father of Jennie Finch


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"How to Quickly and Easily Boost Your Game Using
Proven Techniques and Methods!"

Marc Dagenais ' 
"Softball Performance Secrets Journal"
Jam-packed with proven tips, tricks and advice
for any players, parents or coaches who wants to dominate on the softball field and skyrocket their performance!

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From the Desk of Marc Dagenais
RE: A newsletter worth reading!

Dear Softball Friend,

Are you interested in....

  • How to be faster and quicker by developing softball-specific speed and agility.

  • Discover the hitting secrets of the world's best hitters and watch your batting average increase!

  • Innovative methods to boost your bat speed and hitting power

  • Discover exactly how to build core strength and rotational power that will produce more home runs and more dominant fastballs

  • How to increase mental toughness

  • Breakthrough training systems and the best exercises to develop softball-specific strength and power

  • Proven methods to avoid slumps or quickly get over them.

  • How to get "in the zone" for every game

  • Know exactly how to develop athletic talent

  • Confidence-building secrets to become super-confident

  • Learn why just about everything you have read about training for softball is dead wrong.

  • Most effective drills to refine your skills and troubleshoot faulty mechanics.

  • Learn the secrets behind dominant pitching

  • Tools to effectively deal with stress and perform under pressure

  • Advice to get recruited by the top-level college softball programs

  • And much more.

... then this may be the most important newsletter you ever subscribe to! 

Here's why...

I'm Mad As Hell about all the "hype"... 
but that doesn't do any good ! 

Instead, I just gotta tell you how to do it right!

I don't know about you, but I'm so sick and tired of all the people that don't use the proper methods, techniques, mechanics, drills in their quest to get better and instead rely on "gimmicks" or irrational, useless ways that don't get them anywhere. Aren't you?

It's sad but it's almost to the point that the average, everyday softball person like you and me can barely tell "fact from fiction" when it comes to what really works... and what doesn't.

It's time to stand up and make a difference! 

Instead of crying about it... 
I'm taking action! 

I'm publishing this newsletter to make a stand for what I believe in... what I think is right... what I think is important based on my actual formal training and experience with what works and what doesn't when it comes to improving performance, developing talent and helping athletes and teams reach their full potential.

In my Softball Performance Secrets Newsletter, I'm going to give it to you straight. You'll get it all - the good... the bad... and the ugly!

In fact, here's my personal pledge to you:

Marc promise to only deliver the best possible performance-boosting, talent development information to YOU!

"I, Marc Dagenais, do solemnly promise..."

  • I'll Test The Waters First
    Before I tell you to do anything... I will have tested it first myself!

  • 100% "Naked Truth" and Honesty ALWAYS
    Even if the truth "hurts," that's what you'll get!

  • I'll Admit When I Screw Up 
    So you and I can learn from my mistakes!

  • You Deserve The BEST
    The BEST tips, tricks, tools and softball performance-boosting information available - and that's what you'll get!

  • To Entertain AND Educate You!  
    You learn better when it's fun... and I like to have fun!

  • I Won't Hold Back
    You'll always know what I think about things and what I feel is important for "making it"on the field !

Why the heck should you bother listening to me?

Good question!

I am a sought-after peak performance coach and an expert at improving performance, developing talent and helping athletes and teams reach their full potential.

I work with softball players to help them turn their athletic talent into extraordinary performances and I consult with coaches on how they can get more out of their players, turn their struggling team around or get an edge over their opponents.

I have an exceptional combination of softball coaching expertise and sports sciences knowledge - which a very rare combo in the world of softball. I have intimate knowledge of what it takes to develop and maintain a high level of performance in athletes.

I have worked with numerous elite amateur, college and professional athletes including hundreds of softball players. I have also been coaching women's competitive fastpitch softball for almost 20 years and have coached at every level of the game from grassroots to the college and the international level.

I have served three years as an Assistant Softball Coach at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C and I presently work and coach with the Canadian Women's Softball National Team Program and some other high-profile softball athletes, coaches, and collegiate programs.

In addition to having an extensive background as a softball coach, trainer, and consultant, I have advance studies in sport sciences (high performance coaching, sports psychology, and strength and conditioning) and numerous high level certifications.

Also, in addition to being an expert strength and conditioning specialist and a high-level softball coach, i am extremely well-versed in the areas of sports psychology, sports nutrition, and injury management.

I'm not telling you this to impress you... I'm telling you this to PROVE that I am qualified to teach you what to do and what not to do to be truly successful on the field!

But more importantly, I get people results! Here are some of my success stories:

“Marc’s Programs Helps Pitcher Get Rid of Pain, Lose Weight, and Get Invited to the US Olympic Team Tryouts!”

"Thanks to Marc! I was able to get in peak shape in just a few months. I started Marc's program in the summer 2002 after my freshman year as a Purple Ace. At that point in my career, I was playing in a lot of pain because of a back fracture in high school but thanks to Marc; by the end of the summer, I was feeling great and pitching with no pain. It was truly amazing. I was also able to drop from 24% to 17% of body fat. Every aspect of my game improved and I was invited to Chula Vista for the United States Olympic Softball Team Tryouts. Thanks again Marc! The workouts have been fun with a lot of sport-specific variety. Thank you!

Casey Clutch, Pitcher
4-year starter, University of Evansville
Clutch Athletic Performance, Inc.



“NPF Co-Pitcher of the Year and Olympic Strike-out Queen
 Uses Marc’s Secrets to Boost Her Game!”

"I feel personally that to be the best athlete you can in your sport, you need to have a solid foundation and that is what I have received from the workouts from Marc Dagenais. I not only feel I have gotten stronger physically but also more flexible and more agile because all the workouts that I have been given have included every one of those elements. Also, from a pitcher's perspective, it's nice to know I only have to worry about throwing the next pitch knowing that the rest of the stuff is taken care of. I would recommend Marc's services to anybody; I think it's absolutely wonderful because they focus on building a complete athlete. It's wonderful. I have been really excited to be able to use it. Thank you!"

Lauren Bay, Pitcher
2005 - National Pro Fastpitch, Co-Pitcher of the Year with Jennie Finch
2004 Olympian - Most Strikeouts at the 2004 Olympics
Canadian National Team
Philadelphia Force, National Pro Fastpitch


“A Legendary Pitching Coach Follows Marc’s Advice to
Produce Elite Pitchers!”

"I have been working with Marc Dagenais for over 6 years and I have always been very impressed with his knowledge and his ability to help softball players increase their performance. He has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to develop softball players. I now have better knowledge of how to train my pitchers because of what I learned from him!"


Ernie Parker, Legendary Pitching Coach
Pitching Coach of some of the game's greatest pitchers



“Marc’s Expertise Helps Produce an MVP in Pro Fastpitch!”

I’ve been using your info for quite some time – very good stuff. I’ve used lots of your info in my pitching/coaching instruction. It must be paying off since my prime pupil, daughter Sarah Pauly, was the NPF Most Valuable Pitcher this season and she was just selected to the USA National Team. Thanks for all your help!

Rick Pauly, Head Softball Coach
Spartanburg Methodist College
Father of Sarah Pauly, 2006 National Pro Fastpitch NFP Most Valuable Player



“The Best Workouts I have Ever Had!”

"Marc Dagenais has addressed all my needs as a National Team athlete and provided with very valuable advice. I have seen results both in the weight room and on the softball field. I am quicker and stronger than ever. Most of importantly, I am injury free. I know what to do to achieve superior performances. Also, Marc's workouts are by far the best workouts I have ever had."

Kristina Odamura, Infielder
2000 and 2004 Olympian
Canadian Women's National Team
Athletic Trainer, University of Hawaii-Hilo



“From Average to All-Star Status!”

"Marc Dagenais' advice have really helped me increase my performance. I now have a lot more strength and power. Because his advice, I can hit the ball further with more authority. I am also quicker and am able to get to the ball faster. More importantly, his programs have helped me get rid of chronic back pain and rehab after a serious knee injury. As a result, I am now a much better player. Thanks Marc!"

Annik Darveau, Infielder
Canadian 23U All-Star Team
Quebec Rebelles 23U



“Seriously Injured Athlete Gets Back in Shape Quickly!”

"Marc’s expertise, advice and excellent programs have helped get back on my feet after a terrible bus accident that left me unable to play at all. After months of rehabilitation and following Marc’s Program, I was finally able to step back on the softball field in better shape than ever and ready to perform!”

Krissy Chrisztopulosz
Softball All-American, University of Delaware
2002-2003 Greek National Team Member



I have tons of these success stories. That many people can't be wrong.

What Are The Details?

I publish my Softball Performance Secrets Journal very regular - so you get a ton of action-packed issues a year! But, I'll probably also throw in some bonus issues here and there!

Sometimes it'll be long (when I've got a lot to say!).

Other times it will be short, sweet, and to-the-point. 

Don't Sign Up Unless You Like a "Straight Shooter"

I call it like I see it!

In my Softball Performance Secrets Journal, we'll cover these subjects and much more -- all with my personal flavor, style and SIZZLE:

  • "What's Great... And What Sucks!"
    I'll give you "no-holds-barred" product reviews on all the latest "fads" along with more traditional performance-boosting resources.

  • "Fact vs. Fiction"
    With all the junk out there, it's hard to separate out the "good stuff." I'll use my experience s to show you how to perform to your best and become dominate on the softball field...    

  • STOP Banging Your Head Against The Wall!
    If you're struggling with a tough question - ASK ME! I'm sure others have the same questions... Though I can't answer your questions individually, I can answer them in the newsletter so that everyone benefits!

  • Straight From The Trenches!
    You get my personal insights and a first-hand look into my work with coaches and athletes, thoughts, feelings, and the lessons I learn as we all move down the trail to superior performances - together!

  • The "Inside Story" From People Who Are DOING It!
    I'll give you access to some of the game's brightest minds and biggest achievers through expert, "Insider" interviews. These pros will share their secrets to boost your game or turn your team into a high-performing softball unit.    

  • Got a comment for me? "Love it" / "Hate it" Mail?
    I'm not a "mind reader" so I need my readers to "Sound Off!" (literally) because we'll do it all -- the good... the bad... and the ugly! I'll include the best and the worst in each issue.

How is this newsletter different?

We're going to use a whole lot of really cool new tools to get the information to you in ways you can use immediately. That means this newsletter won't read like some dry old grammar school history book... with a bunch of boring text that'll have you snoring in minutes. 

I'm going to use the latest multimedia tools to WAKE YOU UP and deliver the performance-boosting messages to you in an exciting and useful way every single week! 

I promise to make every interaction we have together as a power-packed as possible. 


Sign Up NOW and Get an Incredible FREE Bonus!

Hey, I know this newsletter is already free, but I want to prove to you that I'm all about providing value by including an incredible BONUS just for signing up! 

For a limited time, I'm going to give you a BONUS that I really should be charging $29.95 for... In fact my buddy Tom Antion told me I was crazy to give this away because I could easily charge for it.

If you sign up today, you'll get immediate access to my incredible new ebook:

"The 125 Top Performance Secrets of
Superstar Softball Players"

In this ebook -- delivered instantly over the Web -- you'll discover that top performance secrets that the world's best softball players used to achieve extraordinary performances on a consistent almost at will.

Don't wait... sign up right now... 
and let's begin this journey together! 

Marc Dagenais ' 
"Softball Performance Secrets Journal"
Jam-packed with proven tips, tricks and advice
for any parents or coaches who wants to dominante on the softball field and skyrocket their performance!

  1. You will receive an email confirming your subscription in a matter of seconds.

  2. Your next issue of the newsletter will arrive very soon.

  3. * Your information will never be sold or disclosed to anyone. I respect your privacy and hate junk email with a passion!

To your softball success, 
Marc Dagenais
Marc Dagenais

P.S. Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any time - there is no risk!

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