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Softball Beginner Drills: How to increase the softball Bat Speed

One of the fundamental skills of a hitter is that of handling a bat. Usually, hitters are trained to hold a bat and hit in an almost similar way that result to the same bat speed (40 – 45 mph). This is a very good practice when beginning your tuition as a hitter. Nonetheless, there is always a notable distinction between pro hitters and novice hitters by examining just the agility of hitting (bats peed). Often, expert hitters always win by hitting easier, faster and accurately whereas learners don’t.

A study that was carried out by Ralph and Karen (Human Kinetics, 2012) to examine the relationship between the bat speed and the performance of a team’s has affirmed this popular hypothesis [1]. According to their publication on the research, a faster bat speed is likely to boost the chances of a team’s win by almost a half. Thus, this edition seeks to enlighten you on a few proven tips and drills that will help you or your team to increase your chances of winning through increasing the bat speed.

Points to remember …

Hitting is an art. It isn’t majorly a talent as many would love to put it. It is therefore important for any hitter to remember the following before reading further:

  • That all hitters can become perfectionists, as long as they practice regularly
  • The tips and drills below are only effective if practiced not if read.
  • Most of the drills and tips are greatly effective if shared and practiced by a partner/friend. So, don’t be solo, share this.

Tips to increase the bat speed

  1. Aim for a heavier bat: the iSport online publication, argued that in a case where all aspects of a hitter are retained apart from the weight of a bat, there is a likelihood of the one with a heavier bat to make faster swings and hit faster than one with a lighter one. As such, it is recommended that you choose a heavier bat when aiming a faster hit. Heavier options are also great for training as opposed to light ones as they will make your muscles stronger. The popular “torpedo” bats that are characterized by a slim handle and an accompanying heavy barrel have been the most recommended for this.
  2. The quicker the toss, the better the speed. You should always desire to make fast tosses. This ability does not rely much on the speed of the arms by rather on the speed of the hips when swinging. Thus, always hold the bat normally and swing normally but make the speed of swinging the hips a little faster.
  • Focus on strength building workouts. Most scholars of this topic highly recommended a daily work out on exercises that could build one’s strength than any other thing. As a hitter, you will seek to develop the triceps, biceps, deltoids, forearms and the hips. The workouts should last about 40-45 minutes daily. The Softball Spot advised of exercises like pushups, sit-ups, jogging and press-ups.
  1. Learn to have even quicker hands. Above all things, it important that one gains a quicker speed of swaying the hands when hitting. This can be achieved through a series of training drills like the ones below.


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