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Softball Hitting Techniques - 10 Absolutes of Good Hitting

1. A Balanced Workable Stance

Good athletes are always balanced even in awkward situations. A balanced stance gives a solid comfortable base to work from, and helps reduce tension.

2. Rhythm and Movement in the Stance

Although it isn’t always obvious, good hitters always have some kind of body movement in the stance. They are like a car with the engine idling. This allows them to quickly execute movements and shift weights smoother.

3. A Smooth Weight Shift

A  smooth weight shift from back side to forward side to hit from a firm front side. A hitter must shift weight from back to forward to hit effectively. How smoothly and quickly this is accomplished will determine how hard you hit the ball.


4. Striding With The Front Toe Closed:

Striding with your front toe open can pull you out of position, causes your hips to possibly open too much, and can throw off the timing mechanics of your swing.

5. Having The Ball In The Launch Position:

Having the ball in the launch position before or when the front foot completes the stride or weight shift. Good hitters have the bat ready to launch before the foot completes the stride. Both movements are separate. They all step to swing as the two movements are separate.

6. Good Hitters Go To The Ball To Hit It:

Good hitters go to the ball to hit it. They don’t wait for it to come to them. Always strive to make contact with the ball.

7. A Tension Free Swing Is Crucial:

A tension free swing is crucial. Tension prevents full extension, causes your head to move improperly, and prevents a smooth swing.

8. Keep Your Head Down And Eyes On The Ball:

Keep your head down and eyes on the ball as you swing and hit. Good hitters see the ball longer. Body balance is the key to being able to do this.

9. Use The Whole Field To Hit:

Use the whole field to hit. Hit the ball where it’s pitched. Lay off the bad pitches.

10. Hit Through The Ball:

Hit through the ball. Follow through and get out of the box and sprint to first as fast as possible.

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