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Static Stretching in Softball Warm-Ups – More Wrong Than Ever

static stretching in softball warm-ups

Static stretching in warm-ups – DO NOT!

By Coach Marc

This morning, like I do every month,  I was perusing the latest edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

It’s the gold standard when it comes to stay on top of the latest scientific advances in strength and conditioning. All the best research in the field are published in this peer-reviewed scientific journal.

In nutshell, it tells what’s effective and what’s not.

While I was perusing the latest edition, I came across YET ANOTHER study that CLEARLY shows that static stretching done as part of a warm-up DECREASES performance.

Definition of static stretching: A type of stretching in which a relaxed position is held without moving for a significant period of time. As opposed to dynamic stretching in which the limb is moved vigorously to stretch.

Softball is a speed and power sport. Doing static stretching as part of a softball warm-up turns off your nervous system and decreases performance.

You see, the nervous system is responsible firing up your muscle fibers when you need speed and power. If it’s turned off – it will not firing up these muscles fibers quickly and effectively!

Once and for all – GET RID of static stretching and do a good softball-specific dynamic warm-up using a protocol like my Dynamic Warm-up for Softball system.

You work so hard to perform your best, why would you shoot yourself in the foot by doing static stretching in a warm-up???

I don’t get it.


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