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Success Stories and Testimonials

What Others Have to Say About Marc Dagenais...

Nationally Recognized Pitching Expert Benefits
 from Marc’s Advice and Expertise!”

"Hi, this is Doug Finch, hitting and pitching instructor in the United States, also Jennie Finch's father. Marc and I have had many in-depth, lengthy conversations over the past several years going way back when Jennie was only 14 years old. I feel blessed that the lord has had our paths crossed. Marc's kindness, knowledge, and expertise have been valuable tools to my self and my family. Thanks Marc!"

Doug Finch, Inventor of the Finch Windmill
Nationally Recognized Pitcher Expert and Father of Jennie Finch



“Marc Helps Pitcher Get Rid of Pain, Lose Weight, and Get Invited to the US Olympic Team Tryouts!”

"Thanks to Marc! I was able to get in peak shape in just a few months. I started Marc's program in the summer 2002 after my freshman year as a Purple Ace. At that point in my career, I was playing in a lot of pain because of a back fracture in high school but thanks to Marc; by the end of the summer, I was feeling great and pitching with no pain. It was truly amazing. I was also able to drop from 24% to 17% of body fat. Every aspect of my game improved and I was invited to Chula Vista for the United States Olympic Softball Team Tryouts. Thanks again Marc! The workouts have been fun with a lot of sport-specific variety. Thank you!

Casey Clutch, Pitcher
4-year starter, University of Evansville
Clutch Athletic Performance, Inc.


“NPF Co-Pitcher of the Year and Olympic Strike-out Queen
 Uses Marc’s Secrets to Boost Her Game!”

"I feel personally that to be the best athlete you can in your sport, you need to have a solid foundation and that is what I have received from the workouts from Marc Dagenais. I not only feel I have gotten stronger physically but also more flexible and more agile because all the workouts that I have been given have included every one of those elements. Also, from a pitcher's perspective, it's nice to know I only have to worry about throwing the next pitch knowing that the rest of the stuff is taken care of. I would recommend Marc's services to anybody; I think it's absolutely wonderful because they focus on building a complete athlete. It's wonderful. I have been really excited to be able to use it. Thank you!"

Lauren Bay, Pitcher
2005 - National Pro Fastpitch, Co-Pitcher of the Year with Jennie Finch
2004 Olympian - Most Strikeouts at the 2004 Olympics
Canadian National Team


“A Legendary Pitching Coach Follows Marc’s Advice to
Produce Elite Pitchers!”

"I have been working with Marc Dagenais for over 6 years and I have always been very impressed with his knowledge and his ability to help softball players increase their performance. He has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to develop softball players. I now have better knowledge of how to train my pitchers because of what I learned from him!"

Ernie Parker, Legendary Pitching Coach
Pitching Coach of some of the game's greatest pitchers

“The Canadian Women’s Softball National Team Uses Marc’s Services
to Take their Game to the Next Level!”

"Marc Dagenais has been a member of the Senior Women's National Softball Team as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the last 2 years. Marc's background in the sport of softball allows him to personalize the programs not only for the needs of the sport but also for the needs of each player.

Marc is passionate about his work, he seeks newer and better ways to get the results necessary, he seeks input from the coaches and players with respect to what the deficits are and how to go about strengthening them. When Marc started this journey with the Women's National Softball Team we had 3 areas that we wanted to see initial improvements. 1) Functional Foundation 2) Injury prevention and 3) Strength and Speed. Marc's attention to these areas along with the athletes belief in the system have allowed for noticeable improvements in a short period of time. Well done Marc and thank you."

Lori Sippel
Head Coach, Canadian Senior Women's National Team Program Associate Head Coach, University of Nebraska
1996 Olympian
International Softball Federation Hall of Famer as an Athlete


“Marc’s Expertise Helps Produce an MVP in Pro Fastpitch!”

I’ve been using your info for quite some time – very good stuff. I’ve used lots of your info in my pitching/coaching instruction. It must be paying off since my prime pupil, daughter Sarah Pauly, was the NPF Most Valuable Pitcher this season and she was just selected to the USA National Team. Thanks for all your help!

Rick Pauly, Head Softball Coach
Spartanburg Methodist College
Father of Sarah Pauly, 2006 National Pro Fastpitch NFP Most Valuable Player



“Master Strength Coach and Trainer to the Stars Strongly Recommends Marc’s Services!”

"Marc Dagenais is an exceptional trainer specialized in sport-specific and functional training. During his time with me at the Performance Institute in Burnaby, BC, he had the chance of working with various provincial and national level as well as many pro athletes. I fully recommend seeking Marc's training to get the most out of your game."

Steve Ramsbottom, BHK, CSCS, PFLC
President, The Performance Institute

“An Olympian Gets Significant Results!”

"After doing Marc's program for the past year, I feel stronger and more powerful for competition. His individualized program is the first one to give me significant results. Now, I can play full tournaments without sore muscles or nagging injuries. It's been great to notice such an improvement in my fitness level and as a result, I can now focus on the technical aspect of my game."


Angela Lichty, Infielder
2004 Olympian
2001-2006 Canadian Women's National Team



“Marc Helps Athlete Participate at the Junior World Championships! ”

"When I had an emergency arthroscopic knee surgery two months before the Junior National Team Selection Camp, Marc prepared a special rehabilitation program for me that helped me get back on the field in time. His help got me ready for the camp and I made the team! Any athlete looking for a way to improve their performance can benefit from Marc's guidance."Janice Campbell


Janice Campbell, Second Baseman
1999 Junior World Championship
1999-2003 Ball State University
2004 Women's Baseball World Cup





“An Elite Outfielder
Gets to the Top of Her Game!”

"My training program from Softball Performance has really helped me to be physically prepared for my sport and everyday life. I am faster, stronger and injury free since committing to this program. Thanks Softball Performance for helping me to get to the top of my game!"

Alison Bradley, Outfielder
2004 Olympian
Canadian Women's National Team


“All-Conference Outfielder Gets Faster ”

"Training with Marc, I have seen noticeable improvements in my game performance level.  I have also seen improvements in my work ethic towards practices, warm-ups and games. I like the exercises because I can feel them when I'm doing them and I can see the improvements on things we have worked on (speed, running technique, leadoffs, backhands). I like Marc's sessions a lot and I recommend them!"  Debbie Sasges


Debbie Sasges, Outfielder
2003-2007 Smith College

NEWMAC All-Conference Team 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
NFCA All-Region 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
ECAC New England All Stars 2005, 2007




“An Elite Infielder Gets Significantly Stronger and More Powerful
 While Staying Injury Free!”

"Marc's strength and conditioning program paved the way to a considerable improvement in my game. I noticed a gain in strength and power while remaining injury free -- all important components of a winning game in the sport of softball."

Cindy Eadie, Infielder
2004 Olympian
2001-2006 Canadian Women's National Team
Program Director, The Zone Training

“An NHL Strength Coach Recognizes Marc’s Expertise!”

"I have worked with Marc Dagenais several times over the last few years and I find him to be an excellent strength and conditioning coach; one who is dedicated to seeing his athletes do well and knowing the most that he can about his trade and expressing that with his clients."

Scott Livingston, B.Sc., CATC, CSCS
President, High Performance Inc.

Former Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Montreal Canadiens NHL

“The Best Workouts I have Ever Had!”

"Marc Dagenais has addressed all my needs as a National Team athlete. I have seen results both in the weight room and on the softball field. I am quicker and stronger than ever. Most of importantly, I am injury free. It is by far the best workout program I have ever had."

Kristina Odamura, Infielder
2000 and 2004 Olympian
Canadian Women's National Team
Athletic Trainer, University of Hawaii-Hilo



“From Average to All-Star Status!”

"Marc Dagenais' programs have really helped me increase my performance. I now have a lot more strength and power. Because of this program, I can hit the ball further with more authority. I am also quicker and am able to get to the ball faster. More importantly, his programs have helped me get rid of chronic back pain and rehab after a serious knee injury. As a result, I am now a much better player. Thanks Marc!"

Annik Darveau, Infielder
Canadian 23U All-Star Team
Quebec Rebelles 23U



“Seriously Injured Athlete Gets Back in Shape Quickly!”

"Marc’s expertise, advice and excellent programs have helped get back on my feet after a terrible bus accident that left me unable to play at all. After months of rehabilitation and following Marc’s Program, I was finally able to step back on the softball field in better shape than ever and ready to perform!”

Krissy Chrisztopulosz
Softball All-American, University of Delaware
2002-2003 Greek National Team Member




"Pitcher Boosts Pitching Velocity and Impresses Her Coach!"

"By Christmas, I switched to your program and at the start of the season my coach told me she thought I came back in the best shape of anyone on the team, I looked stronger than she had ever seen me, and that she couldn't have been more pleased with the work I had done in the off season. I have to admit that I feel stronger than I ever have. I've picked up a few miles/hour on my pitches - and I can now throw the low rise, which I couldn't manage to do last season.  For next season I plan to time it all out properly and get everything in before the season starts."Lauren Peloquin


Lauren Peloquin
Head Softball Coach, Rutgers University
Former Pitcher and Co-Captain, Amherst College
2001 NESCAC Pitcher of the Year
2000 NESCAC Player of the Year
1999. 2000 NFCA All-American



"Pitcher Gets Impressive Results Working with Marc! "

"I met Marc Dagenais and I realized I was only functioning at 50%. With Marc's help, I was able to harness much more of my potential. The six months that I was under Marc's guidance were the most intense, but rewarding, of my softball career. Marc devoted a great deal of energy to structuring a program for me. I was not assigned a generic set of drills and exercises based on my position as a pitcher, but by observing me in a game and practice situations, Marc was able to pinpoint my weaknesses. The program he composed included cardio, weights, stretching, and technique drills designed to make me a stronger more balanced player and dominant pitcher.

My wrist snap was very weak. Marc worked very hard with me using unique drills and exercises to strengthen it and make it more effective. It got a lot better over a few months and I started being a lot more dominant as a pitcher. Marc told me to use my muscle memory and remember how it felt. Often he would get me to close my eyes during a drill so I could concentrate on the feel of it and program my muscles to remember it. Today I can feel when my hip is lagging behind or I am being lazy with my wrist snap.

Marc also taught me that to be a dominant pitcher, the mental part is really important. One of the first things I learned about my mental game is never say never, and the word cannot is blaspheme to Marc. He was the constant motivator, never letting me be discouraged, and always assuring me I was the greatest. People are always placing limits on themselves and Marc believes we are limitless. Marc encouraged me to set goals, both long and short term. With Marc's Help, I was able to take control of my mental game.

As a result of the time I spent working with Marc, I became a much better pitcher. Every aspect of my game was improved. The physical portion: my technique, strength, and endurance. Also the mental portion: strategy, confidence and readiness.

Carrie Scoville


Carrie Scoville, Pitcher
Cole Harbour Comets 18U



"Softball Team Turns Into Baserunning Machine After Marc's Workshop "

"My experience with Marc was nothing short of outstanding. Marc ran 2 hours worth of excellent and inovative drills. As for the presentation all I can say is that Marc kept 12 young girls running and working for 2 hours with smiles and laughter the entire time. I didn't hear one complaint.The clinic was better and more than expected. One of the focus points of the clinic was quickness. We incorported some of the drills and routines into our normal practices. This teams is by far the best baserunning team I've ever coached. On more than one occasion I have an umpire come up after a game and tell me how well he thought our team ran the bases. I've never had that happen before."marysville team training


Karl Hellstrom,
Head Coach, Marysville Softball Team, WA



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