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Top Softball Tryout Techniques Every Softball Player Should Apply


Top softball tryout techniques every softball player should apply

Imagine this. Someone throws a ball to you in a try out and the first thing that shows on the face is panic. All try out colleagues will be laughing at you. This article provides the best techniques required by a player to perfectly clutch the ball. While the first tryout cannot be ideal to make the impression you anticipate to the trainers, with time, these tips will make you win their confidence and become the elite player you always dreamt of.

  • Demonstrate character of a great softball player

The first most important tryout technique is demonstrating the right attitude. A great player should not only posses the right skills, but demonstrates capability to work with others in a team. Gather confidence, be tough and generate as much power as possible. Besides, you should be able to throw harder and become dominant when playing in the field. The focus here is to look tough and be tough while demonstrating the above qualities to standout and help the team win every competition.  Every coach wants a team player so that others can learn progressively.

  • Always prepare properly and keep improving

How can one achieve this? A couple of days before the tryout, it is prudent to acquaint yourself with all the requirements of softball. More importantly, plan and document so that all the drills will take place and you can keep improving on very skill. Every coach is interested in getting players with appropriate skills as well as positions. In particular, you need to ensure that every drill improves your pitching, running and hitting.

  • Demonstrate great athleticism
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5 Extra Traits of an “A” Softball Player

To this date, I have not read a better explanation to give a softball player than the popular phrase of “Run hard, Turn left; and then Strike accurately”. The phrase seems to give all the major characteristics all baseball players should strive to possess. Basically, all softball players know the need for speed, accuracy and strict observance of the game flow. However, there are still some skills that only experts earn with experience. This edition will provide a list of different traits all winning softball players often exhibit.


  1. Hard-nosed Game Persistence

It is a common slogan among softball players to “seek and destroy”. In the pitch, an expert player can never get discouraged. She will often have the bad feeling when their team makes the wrong moves. A perfectly good softball player will often need no motivation at all. She will always expect victory even when the sign of defeat is as clear as noon day. The good girls in softball will certainly enjoy “stealing”. As such all pro-softball-players should always have a dream of never to show a white feather.

  1. She has a Softball IQ

Persistence never scores always. The true softball guru has to learn other game tricks and their application. Coaches often strive to train players varied tactics that can be used to counter competing teams. Nonetheless, most softball and baseball tricks are greatly predictable than many people could imagine. As such, a true player will learn to be unpredictable as the spring weather. Softball is not just physical but also mental. So, you can teach your eyes to look left, but strike to the right perfectly.

  1. Keen to Learn the Competitors’ Game Moves
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Quick Softball Tip: Do You Know Where You’re Headed?


By Stacie Mahoe

Most softball players and coaches dedicate quite of bit of time to softball each week. In fact, you may even fall into the category of spending a “ton” of time on softball when you’re in season. However, it’s surprising how often players or coaches train, compete, and spend hours of their time on this game with only the vague purpose of having fun or wanting to “get better.”  It almost boggles my mind how much time and energy some commit to softball without really giving much thought to exactly what they want to accomplish this season or even over the course of the next 2-3 seasons.

Are you one of those people? Think about it. If I asked you right now to tell me where you want to be softball-wise at the end of this season, what would you tell me? How specific would your answer be? Do you even know what your first and biggest goal would be? If you only accomplished ONE thing, what would you want it to be? Is it a hitting goal or a defensive goal? Is it a speed and agility goal or softball skills goal? Is it more of a personal goal or one for the team you’re on?

If you’re not sure and can’t answer any of those questions with any certainty in less than 30 seconds, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone and I’m going to help you do something about that right now.

Is it really that important to do all that thinking and know all that stuff?
Before we get into the details of all that, let’s talk about why it’s so important.

You probably wouldn’t get in your car and start driving without first knowing where you want to go.  Right? 
If you would, then go ahead and stop reading right here. 😉

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Softball Performance Tips – Control Your Attitude

By Dalton Ruer

If you’ve read any of my former posts you probably realize by now that my writing is meant to encourage athletes, coaches and parents alike. I try to string together words that perhaps you have read before, in a way that makes them sound fresh. Recently one of my batting students made me realize how cliché some of our sayings can be at times and yet how critically vital they are to continue to repeat.

One of the things as a coach and an instructor that I realized a long time ago is that anyone can look good when everything is going there way. But how you react when you are in the batter’s box and the umpire made that strike call even though the ball bounced is what really separates the average players from the great players. What I’ve found is that average players allow the “happenings” around them to determine their “happiness.” While the players with the ability to win long term, and throughout life, are able to maintain control of the 6” between their ears despite the circumstances around them going against them.

That’s so profound right. Just follow that advice and all the weeds in your life will turn to roses. Well on paper everything sounds profound, but when you are a 14 year old girl like my student Jessie how does that work when you are in a big tournament and the coach benches you 2 games in a row for no fault of your own, 2 tournaments in a row. How do you control that 6” between your ears then? That’s kind of where the “rubber hits the road” as they say.

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Softball Performance Tips – Are You Enough?

By Stacie Mahoe

“If you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it”

softballtips - mental gameI love quotes. I just absolutely love quotes. Whether they are about chasing dreams, building confidence, working hard anything that I can use to inspire me. So I love watching some of the all time classic sports coaching movies. The ones where at just the right time emotionally the well respected old coach delivers the perfect motivational saying. The one that rallies the troops to come back from an insurmountable score, the one that sticks with you the rest of your life and you just wait for the right time to share it with others and pass it on.

One of the lines that has stuck with me for 18 years now actually comes from one of the most unexpected places. The comedy classic “Cool Runnings” which is about the Jamaican Bobsled team. The coach in the movie is played by John Candy and throughout the movie he is the exact opposite of what you would expect from a “great coach.” He’s not very disciplined. He doesn’t even try hard. As the move progresses you learn that he got kicked out of the sport he loved, bobsledding, for cheating. Clearly not the kind of person you would want leading your daughters … right?

After rolling on the floor for over an hour at the rib splitting humor in the movie, it finally transitions to that pivotal moment. The central character in the movie finally has that “heart to heart” talk with the coach and asks him “Why did you cheat?” The laughable, fool hardy, undisciplined coach finally opens up and shares “I let the pressure get to me. I felt like I HAD to win. Don’t let that happen to you. If there is one thing I want you to know” and here is the line I’ll never forget “If you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.”

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Attitude – How Do you Play the Game?

softball-girlsBy Coach Marc

Last summer at a tournament, I was talking to a college coach who was on a recruiting trip.

Like I often do, i asked her:

“Besides athletic talent, what do you look for in a potential recruit?”

Without any hesitation, she answered:

“A warrior mindset.”

“They make the best competitors and they are the ones that make the differences in key games.”

I agree.

In fact, most coaches use the following words (or synonyms of…) when describing players that are difference makers:

– Hard work
– Passion
– Determation
– Team Player
– Fighter
– Attitude (in a good way)

Do you have a “warrior mindset”?

My friend Coach Dalton Ruer, author of Winning the Short Game,  always tells his girls to “get dirty”.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, that’s how the game should be played.

If you love this game and you’re passionate about it, be a difference maker and give yourself 100%.

That will not go unnoticed.


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What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

By Coach Marc

In January 2009, Crystl Bustos received the 2008 USA Softball Player of the Year award. 

It’s definitely a well-deserved honor for who is considered by many to be one of the best hitters to ever play the game especially after her 2008 stellar season.

Here’s a quote in the news release by USA Softball:

“She leaves behind a legacy not only as the most  powerful hitter in the game, but also as a leader on and off the field.”

As you probably remember, she was one of the few players on the US team  to leave her cleats at home plate after the Olympic final.

This powerful symbol means that you just played your last game and that are you’re retiring.

After you retire from something, people will usually talk about what you are leaving behind and what you will most be remembered for.

So, let me ask you, as a coach or as a player…

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What do you want people to talk about when you retire?
  • What legacy will you leave behing?

These are powerful questions.

What would people say if you were to leave today?

Think about it for a second and be honest with yourself.

What would people say about you today if you were to leave the game and is that what you would want to be remembered for?

If so – then great. If not, think really hard about what image you’re carrying and how to conduct yourself on the field.

Every single day, whether at games or practices, you want  to conduct yourself and act like you want to be remembered.

That’s important. You build your legacy every day.

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Becoming A Top Softball Player – You’ve Got to Want It

By Coach Marc

Earlier this week, I was having a discussion with a very talented teen athlete.

Like many kids of that generation, she has it easy. She is used to get what she wants and do what she wants.

We were discussing her life goals and she mentioned she want to go far in softball.

However, she somewhat believe that it will naturally happen.

I had to wake her up and tell her that many talented athletes never go anywhere because they either don’t have the desire or they aren’t willing to work and make sacrifices for it.

It’s only a very small majority that do make it at a high level.

I think as coaches and parents, we need to really emphasize  that to our athletes and kids – especially those who are both talented AND somewhat spoiled.

They have to learn to make sacrifices and work for what they want.

Do they really want it? That is the question.

Something to think about and that needs to be drilled in the head of kids at earliest age possible.


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Softball Performance Tips – Can Be Really Destructive

JennaHitting.jpgBy Coach Marc

I started working with my team officially this weekend with our first practice yesterday.

We have a good hitting team. And yesterday, I was  introducing a few simple softball hitting concepts mostly about stance, rythm and loading/trigger/negative movements.

I have one player who said “I can’t do it”.


“I can’t do it. My body won’t do it.”

Are you kidding me?

Wow – we got also as much, if not more coaching on the  thinking and mental side than we do on the technical side.

But you know what? It is certainly not usual.

In this case, this young lady was actually arguing with me to convince me that she couldn’t do it.

I’m only talking about a slight trigger here. What else can’t she do? I’m looking forward to see.

This is actually very typical.

And this is a big block to getter better.

Kids are used to instant success, instant fixes, to getting what they want NOW!

They aren’t used anymore to working hard and facing obstacles to get what they want.

This kind of thinking is really a big road block to getting  better.

You really can’t afford to think like that if you want to get better.

Learning works this way..

1) you have to be willing to try something else and have an open mind

2) Willingly integrate the new stuff

3) Understand that it will NOT work right away

4) Understand that you actually will probably be even worse than it was because you learning a new thing

5) Understand it will take time to master it and before you feel comfortable.

Learning takes time.

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