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Interesting Facts That Set Softball Apart

Many people, me included, do not hesitate to point out how softball has striking resemblance to baseball. It is very true that for spectators, the two games are almost similar. What most of us do not know is that the two games are actually different in various ways. Nobody can be blamed for this kind of ignorance because most of us were exposed to the other kinds of sports that are more popular as we grew up: I am talking about games like basketball and football that almost everyone knows a lot about. This article highlights facts about softball that set it apart from other games and totally differentiates it from baseball. After reading this, you will never, even for a second be tempted to view the two games from the same perspective.

The game acquired its current name in 1926.The name ‘Softball’ was coined by Walter Hakanson. From its invention by George Hancock in 1887 as an indoor sport, it has had several names; mush ball, kitten ball and even indoor baseball.

This game is mainly for female players and is often referred to as a sport for ladies. It has even been argued by many, that the invention of the game was so that Baseball would remain to be played by men only. The game is played by 9 players.

There are two known types of the game; there is fast pitch softball and soft pitch softball. In soft pitch, when the ball is pitched, it must arch in the air. Fast pitch on the other hand, pitching of the ball is faster and stealing and bunting are permitted. It is important to note that stealing and bunting are not allowed in soft pitch. In any softball game, the ball has to be strictly pitched underhand.

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Understanding the rules in softball

There is always confusion between the game of baseball and softball and it is with good reason. In essence, they are variants of the same game but with minimal differences. One major difference between the two is the fact that soft ball is pitched underhand while in baseball it is pitched overhand.

The differences between softball and baseball

In terms of the ball sizes, softballs are bit heavier than baseballs. They too come in white and sometimes in shades of yellow or green. In softball the games last for seven innings while in baseball it typically lasts for nine innings. Furthermore, the softball field is smaller than the baseball field. The other recognizable difference between softball and baseball is the size of the bat –in softball the bat is shorter and with a larger barrel than in baseball.

In the game of softball we have slow pitch and fast pitch; slow pitch is whereby the ball is pitched slowly into the air. On the other hand, fast pitch has the ball being pitched fast enough. Mostly, this latter kind of pitch is played by women.

Understanding the rules of softball

A typical softball game comprises of 7 innings and two halves. The first half and the second half are divided depending on the home team and the away team. The away team will bat during the first half while the home team does it during the second half.

There are three probable outcomes when a pitcher pitches to the batter; one they might get 3 strikes. The three strikes is where they throw the ball to the strike zone and the batter misses, they throw 4 balls consequently making bad pitches outsider the strike zone or they walk the batter by striking them with the ball.

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