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Softball Beginner Drills: How to increase the softball Bat Speed

One of the fundamental skills of a hitter is that of handling a bat. Usually, hitters are trained to hold a bat and hit in an almost similar way that result to the same bat speed (40 – 45 mph). This is a very good practice when beginning your tuition as a hitter. Nonetheless, there is always a notable distinction between pro hitters and novice hitters by examining just the agility of hitting (bats peed). Often, expert hitters always win by hitting easier, faster and accurately whereas learners don’t.

A study that was carried out by Ralph and Karen (Human Kinetics, 2012) to examine the relationship between the bat speed and the performance of a team’s has affirmed this popular hypothesis [1]. According to their publication on the research, a faster bat speed is likely to boost the chances of a team’s win by almost a half. Thus, this edition seeks to enlighten you on a few proven tips and drills that will help you or your team to increase your chances of winning through increasing the bat speed.

Points to remember …

Hitting is an art. It isn’t majorly a talent as many would love to put it. It is therefore important for any hitter to remember the following before reading further:

  • That all hitters can become perfectionists, as long as they practice regularly
  • The tips and drills below are only effective if practiced not if read.
  • Most of the drills and tips are greatly effective if shared and practiced by a partner/friend. So, don’t be solo, share this.

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Hitting Drills to Increase Bat Speed

Drill #1:  Training with a Hitting Tube


As noted before, the training drills that will increase the strength of a player will ultimately increase the bat speed as a consequence. This drill aims to strengthen the forearms and the elbow of a player.


  • Suspend a hitting tube vertically in position letting the tip of the tube be close to the approximate height of the height of striking.
  • Keep striking the tube slowly gently and gradually increase the magnitude of the hits and the speed.
  • Keep increasing until the tube gets to an uncontrollable speed; which will happen when the tube hits you.
  • Keep doing it for at least 10 minutes.


  • If you are playing with your friends, keep adjusting the height of the tube relative to the height of the player.
  • Never use a hitting tube that is too heavy to break a bat or hurt you in the case of swinging.
  • Never use a hitting pad with a rough surface as it is likely to damage your bat.


Drill #2: The Heavier Ball on Tee


Just like Drill #1 above, this drill too aims to develop stronger elbow and arm muscles of a player. But besides the two, this drill will also seek to train accuracy when hitting. As a coach, you can as well use this drill to train beginners on the softball hitting essentials.


This drill requires to be practiced in a batting cage or a well aerated enclosed place. It can be practiced best when training with a coach; then again, you can try it out with a friend but ensure you are never doing it alone. Now proceed as follows:

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Softball Hitting Techniques – Power Requires Both Linear and Rotational Forces

By Coach Marc

Softball hitting techniques lead to heated discussions, especially between the proponents of rotational hitting and linear hitting who are often firm believers in their approach and will spend hours arguing for it.

No matter what softball hitting technique, style or philosophy you adhere to,  there is a fact: every swing has some sort of linear AND rotational component. In fact, you need both linear and rotational forces to generate maximum power.

In biomechanics, these forces are known as angular velocity (rotational speed) and linear velocity. In this video, I further explain how both linear and rotational forces are important to generate hitting power.

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Softball Hitting Tips – Improve Your Bat Speed

By Coach Marc

If you’re looking for good softball hitting tips or proven technique to increase your bat speed and hitting power – I got one for you. You must use the overloading and underloading swing training protocol. Done correctly and consistently over several weeks, it will increase your bat speed. This protocol has been well researched by exercise physiologist Dr. Coop DeRenne and shown to work well.

Note: The audio on the video is pretty low. Many have reported they cannot hear it. In order to give you a chance to get the info contained in the video. I have created a little audio recording that explains the hitting training protocol I’m talking about in the video.

Download MP3 Audio File

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Softball Hitting Drill to Increase Bat Speed

By Coach Marc

The secret to successful softball hitting is proper mechanics, good hand-eye coordination, and making good decisions at the plate. Being able to increase bat speed (or how fast your bat makes contact with the ball) will also help become more dominant on the softball field.

This drill is a great drill to reinforce proper mechanics and bat speed. It’s also easy to implement.

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Softball Hitting Tips – How Stretching Can Increase Your Power

By Coach Marc

Just like in golf, the softball swing requires a tremendous amount of flexibility, especially in the trunk.

Unfortunately, too many players have poor trunk flexibility and that prevents them of hitting with all the power that they could have.

You see, when your trunk muscles are too tight and that you don’t have enough spinal mobility, you ability to follow-through and extend through the ball is dramatically reduced. As a result, you hitting power are greatly reduced.

Moreover, you have a much greater chance of suffering from back pain or injuries. Improving your trunk flexibility is one of the most important things you can do to improve your power and significantly reduce your risk of injuries.

I’m shocked because even despite its crucial importance, even the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world fail to train that key physical quality when working with softball players.

So, take a few minutes every day to stretch your torso and increase your dynamic trunk flexibility and that will help you hit the ball further!

If you want to increase your bat speed and hitting power, I invite you to check my new “28-Day Express Bat And Hitting Power Enhancement Program”.


This program is a variation of my other express fitness program but specifically designed for increasing bat speed and hitting power.

In addition to strength and power exercises, it includes special flexibility exercises, specific hitting drills, key principles of bat speed, and an advanced hitting protocol.


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Is Your Lack of Fitness Hurting Your Game?

By Coach Marc

As you know, most people really want to be fit and certainly all softball players were to perform at their best on the softball field.

However, during the off-season, we often find ourselves not hitting the gym or working out as often as we should or wished.

Most of the time, life just gets in the way. We have so much on your plate that we end up not having the time, being too tired, or lacking the motivation to go to the gym or workout consistently even with the best intentions in the world.

Does that sounds familiar?

So basically, the season starts and we are not physically at our peak where you should be and our suffers from it. We aren’t as fast, as strong, or as powerful as we could be.

Yet being fit can make such a big difference on our game and if we aren’t in good enough shape, then our game suffers greatly…

Here are 20 reasons why working out is important…

– Pitch faster and throw harder
– Swing the bat harder and hit the ball further
– Steal more bases
– Get better jumps off the bases
– Explode out of the batter’s box
– Run down more balls in the field
– Reach, stretch and get more of those “oh-so-close” ball
– React faster
– Have more stamina for long games and tournaments
– Stay healthy and avoid injuries
– Tolerate heat better and perform when it’s really hot
– Practice longer without being tired or losing your focus
– Be much more consistent and have less “ups and downs”
– Get it faster when learning or refining a skill because
of increased body awareness
– Be much more confident and feel stronger
– Be mentally tougher
– Get more extra bases when running
– Develop an athletic body
– Recover faster between innings and games
– Be more dominant in all aspects of the game

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