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Softball Hitting Drills

Practice alone does not always make perfect. But perfect practice will always make one perfect. Nowadays there are hoards of articles on good softball hitting drills out there; this isn’t one of them. More so, if you only sought have just a good reading time. This is because in this edition I opted to focus mainly in the objectives of the drills rather than the ease of engaging them. Upon a careful consideration, I am certain that every hitter who reads this article will obviously add something to his/her hitting menu. I know it’s not always an easy task to read through drills line-by-line, but I am sure you’re going to enjoy this if you read so.

Are you ready my now? Keep the wide stance, feet straight, knees & arms bent; elbow, shoulder and your eyes be even. Now assume the correct bat grip. Everything check?  Now we begin our drill list.

Part A – Basic drills
Main Objective:

In hitting, strength, agility, confidence and creativity will often support winning. The drills of this segment will focus mainly on strengthening the hands. In addition, they can also help a beginner to master the art of swinging. They are pretty simple and you can actually try them indoors if you wish.

Drill #1: The Wall Drill

Assume a bat’s distance (place a bat between the tip of the belly and the wall) with a wall.
Within that distance, make swings without the barrel of the bat hitting the wall.

Note: This drill’s main aim will be to help you learn the correct swings. It could best be practiced with a friend/coach to correct you if you mess up.

Drill #2: The Tee Drill

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Softball Hitting Drills – The Helicopter

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

One of the most common problems softball hitters face is a tendency to want to drop the back side down to early. Rather than rotating the shoulders and then dropping the
back shoulder down to get on-place with the ball, they first drop down and then come forward. That creates all kinds of problems – including extreme difficulties with hitting the riseball.

The softball hitting video below shows something I call the “helicopter drill.” It’s designed to give hitters the feeling of rotating the shoulders first and then getting on plane. Have them
stick their arms straight out and start to turn like a helicopter. They turn, then angle in.

On the video, the third one is the best example. It shows the shoulders staying up, coming forward and then coming in. And no, Coca-Cola is not paying a product placement fee. 🙂

Softball Hitting Drills – The Helicopter

softball hitting drills

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Softball Hitting Tips – Helping Slappers Learn to Place the Ball

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

softball hitting - slapping drillBeginning slappers, whether they’re natural lefties or right-handed converts, often have difficulty learning to hit the ball to the opposite field. They tend to want to turn their shoulders early and hit the ball out in front – as they’ve always been taught to do with full

Of course, that’s a recipe for disaster for slappers. The result is usually a weak ground ball straight up the middle, and right to the pitcher. What slappers should do is keep their shoulders squared up to the plate as they run up, and hit the ball off their back hip. That will send it toward the shortstop, or better yet the 5/6 hole.

Easier said than done, though. It’s often difficult for a beginning slapper to feel the proper position and visualize what she needs to do – especially when you’re in a batting cage. Here’s a way to make it easier.

Place a bucket or some other object in the area where you want the slapper to hit the ball, then have them hit off the tee. If you’re using a bucket, tell her to hit the ball into the bucket. That’s a very immediate and visual cue. If you’re using an orange cone, tell her to knock the cone over. Otherwise, tell her to hit the ball toward the object.

If you’re using a tee, start by placing the hitter in the proper position then have her stand and hit. Once she gets the hang of it, have her do the run up and hit. You can keep progressing until she’s hitting off of live pitching, still aiming for the object.

It’s simple, but effective. If you have a budding slapper, give it a try.

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Softball Hitting Drills To Increase Your Hitting Success

By Coach Marc

We are in season right now and  now and everybody is looking for ways to improve their hitting effectiveness. At this time of the year, you don’t as many of the basic softball hitting drills to work on the fundamentals but you spent more time on timing, rythm, pitch recognition, hitting various pitches, making adjustments at the plate, and so on.

I have for you two excellent, somewhat advanced live pitching drills that works on those elements of timing, adjustments, etc. They are live pitching drills but they can also be done with just front toss from a shorter distance.  if you have nobody that can pitch to them. I’ve done it successfully many times with pretty good results. You just set-up a screen 20-25 feet from homeplate and just front toss the ball underhead to the batter. It works great.

Here are the two drills:

Full Count Game

This is a great game simulation drill that teaches hitters to be aggressive and to hit under pressure. Two teams face off in a 7 inning game with each batter coming into the box with a full count. Action is quick and players must be alert both offensively and defensively. The count may also be changed to 2-2 and each team can be given one out to start the inning.

Up the Middle

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Softball Hitting – Ditch the Pitching Machine

By Coach Marc

You know you can easily hit for .800 if you want?

How? Just hit off a pitching machine!

Seriously, we are using the pitching machine way too much. We love pitching machines.

Pitching machines are a great invention but doing too much of it especially during the season is counter productive.

The machines do not vary pitch locations and teach your players to swing at every pitch without making a decision.

It’s great to work on hitting mechanics and get a lot of swings in the off-season but nothing beats live pitching, front toss or other variations of live pitching to learn how to judge a ball and adjust to different pitches.

After a bit of practice, it’s very easy to hit well off one of those pitching machines but it really takes away the decision-making ability.

Too many coaches and teams rely too heavily on them. It’s detrimental and counter productive.

So, once the season starts, ditch the pitching machine. Learn to run effective hitting practices with live pitching and front toss to simulate game conditions.

This will train visual tracking, timing, and decision-making which are crucial to hitting success.

Train hard. Play Hard.


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