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Most Useful Tips on Improving Softball Hitting

Most Useful Tips on Improving Softball Hitting

When playing softball, the most complex roles that every player need to master is softball hitting. Players who cherish playing softball have special connection to it for better mental and physical development. It is one of the games that require the mind and body working together for top results. Knowing how to throw and hit a ball is not enough, it is prudent to perfect the skills in order to avoid being left behind. Here are the most useful tips on hitting the softball that you require.

Understand personal techniques

To advance in softball, players are advised to understand themselves and develop individual tactics. While it is okay to look at others and how they do it, trying to copy them will not help. Work on your techniques and improve on them from time to time. A good way to do this is making every game a learning session. Work closely with the team leader and coach to get a review of personal techniques and how to improve on them. This will make it easy to fine tune every aspect of your hitting so that moments taken in the game helps to bring top results.

Getting the perfect grip on the bat

To be sure of a perfect hit every moment, you need the right bat grip. Professional softball coaches insist that you should grip the bat with a handshake. This gives you better control and makes targeting easy. Place the bat in the front and where possible pinch it between index finger and thumb. The objective is keeping the wrist loose, get top speed and make it possible to explode the hands to the ball. Remember that this requires patience to try, practice and perfect until it becomes part of you.

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Softball Hitting Tip for Low Ball – Stick Your Nose in There

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

softball hitting tip for low pitchLate last week I got an email from a parent asking me if I could help his daughter with her softball hitting. He told me she’s been struggling with the low pitch. Sure, I said, and arranged a time to get together.

His daughter is very tall – at least six feet tall, and she just graduated eighth grade – so I had a pretty good idea of what was likely happening.

On the appointed day we got together, I set up a tee about knee high and had her swing. She proceeded to take several swings, all of which weakly went on the ground to the backstop, and I had her stop.

The problem she had, which many girls of all sizes have, is she was pulling her head and shoulders up as she would swing – essentially standing up as she got to contact. She was also dropping her hands pretty far down to reach the ball, essentially winding up with very little bat angle, i.e. it was pretty close to parallel to the ground despite the ball being low.

I told her what I saw, then suggested she try something different. I told her to try keeping her hands closer to her shoulder as she turned, and take her back shoulder forward then down. But the key phrase that really made it work for her was “stick your nose in there.” In other words, instead of standing tall and reaching down, bring your head (and eyes) closer to the ball, lean in, and swing from there.

Suddenly what had been weak ground balls off the tee started turning into line drives. It was a quick turnaround. She had a better bat angle, was seeing the ball better and driving it.

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Softball Hitting Tip – Be Sure the Front Side is Firm

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

In the last few years, much has changed in the way fastpitch softball players are taught to hit. The entire technique is much closer to the way Major League Baseball players hit – in fact, the general wisdom is that it should be the same swing.

softball hitting tip - firm front sideOne of the elements that includes is a weight shift, from balanced to back to forward. The backward movement is a slight push back to overcome inertia, then the forward weight shift takes the center of gravity ahead of the point where it started. (In the old days, for those too young to remember, hitters would stride out onto the front foot as though they were stepping on thin ice, and then keep the weight back.)

All well and good, and I heartily agree with that method. However, for some hitters, shifting the weight forward ends up getting their weight out ahead of the front foot, essentially lunging forward. They take the idea of weight shift a little too literally. Usually they wind up with the front leg bent and soft, rather than straight or firm.

If you have a hitter doing that, try telling her to land on the inside part of her front foot. Usually when they’re wind up soft, they’re letting the weight continue forward until it’s on the outside of the front foot.

At toe touch, the weight comes down on the inside of the front foot, and the weight shifts into the front foot instead of over it. That will help the front knee firm up when the heel drops, and will give the hitter a solid foundation around which to rotate. Having that solid foundation is critical to delivering maximum power in hitting the ball.

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Softball Hitting Techniques – Power Requires Both Linear and Rotational Forces

By Coach Marc

Softball hitting techniques lead to heated discussions, especially between the proponents of rotational hitting and linear hitting who are often firm believers in their approach and will spend hours arguing for it.

No matter what softball hitting technique, style or philosophy you adhere to,  there is a fact: every swing has some sort of linear AND rotational component. In fact, you need both linear and rotational forces to generate maximum power.

In biomechanics, these forces are known as angular velocity (rotational speed) and linear velocity. In this video, I further explain how both linear and rotational forces are important to generate hitting power.

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Softball Hitting Tips – Improve Your Bat Speed

By Coach Marc

If you’re looking for good softball hitting tips or proven technique to increase your bat speed and hitting power – I got one for you. You must use the overloading and underloading swing training protocol. Done correctly and consistently over several weeks, it will increase your bat speed. This protocol has been well researched by exercise physiologist Dr. Coop DeRenne and shown to work well.

Note: The audio on the video is pretty low. Many have reported they cannot hear it. In order to give you a chance to get the info contained in the video. I have created a little audio recording that explains the hitting training protocol I’m talking about in the video.

Download MP3 Audio File

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Softball Hitting Drill to Increase Bat Speed

By Coach Marc

The secret to successful softball hitting is proper mechanics, good hand-eye coordination, and making good decisions at the plate. Being able to increase bat speed (or how fast your bat makes contact with the ball) will also help become more dominant on the softball field.

This drill is a great drill to reinforce proper mechanics and bat speed. It’s also easy to implement.

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