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The Making of a Softball Defending Culture

You can run, hit, throw or even coach; but, if you haven’t studied to the secret of defending, you may never make it in the softball-world beyond just your passion. Learning the defensive softball tips is a golden requirement for killer softball teams. Good defending however is a combination of daily learnt tricks and practices that all players and even the coaches have to learn and make them a part of softball culture. This edition was mainly drawn from Jacque Joseph’s “Defensive Softball Drills” Guide Book. It gives a summary of values to inculcate into the killer softball defending squad.

Philosophy 1: Big innings must be a No-No…

According to Jacque Joseph, big innings are the deadliest demoralizer to a team. They happen when a team allows an opponent team to make three to four runs in a single inning. John Kelly describes the causes of big innings as the trigger events that turns a player’s “I can…” to “I can’t…” In other words, big innings are cold waters to a blazing softball team. As a coach, one should train pitchers to be of high speed in running as well as gain an unstoppable stability and equilibrium when pitching. It is also important for pitchers to learn some 3-Fs (Fearless, fatigueless and focused) in all games. Nevertheless, all coaches ought not to force any tired player back to the game as it could be fatal to the performance.

Philosophy 2: Catching well is mandatory

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