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Softball Performance Tips – Start with Great Expectations

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

The pitching circle, seen here at ASA Hall of ...

ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, where championships are won (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


To Win, Start with Great Expectations

Everyone has known a fastpitch softball coach or two who never seems to be happy.  Ask him/her how the team is looking and you get a tale of woe that makes you wonder how the coach gets out of bed in the morning.  Then you watch the team and you realize they are a manifestation of the coach’s negative view.

Our sport is hard enough without making it harder on ourselves — player, coach or parent. What’s often needed is a positive mental attitude — in other words, setting out some great expectations for ourselves and the team.

I’m not talking about being unrealistic.  You can’t take a group of marginally interested players and expect them to win ASA Nationals.  Ain’t gonna happen no matter how positive you think. But you can expect your team/kids to play to the level at which they are capable — and have been trained. When you do that, you can also expect them to win most of their games.

Winning and losing both tend to be contagious.  If you step onto the field expecting to win, you stand a better chance than if you expect to lose. And once you win a few and start believing in yourselves, more wins are sure to come.  It becomes a self-feeding mechanism.

The same goes for losing.  When you expect to lose it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You make the little physical errors and mental mistakes that lead to losses, then figure “That’s what I thought would happen.”

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10 Keys to Championship Success

coach-darrick-brown chicago bandits
By Darrick Brown

10 keys to our success this season:

1. Team chemistry – I truly believe this was a big part of our success. The veterans immediately accepted the rookies and new players from day 1. This was one of the closest teams that I have ever coached. A ton of lifelong friendships were made this summer.

2. Management – Our owner Bill Sokolis and GM Aaron Moore did a fantastic job of putting together a team full of great players and most importantly great people. Not a ton of big names but players who certainly are earning the right to be known in the future.

3. City of Rosemont/Mayor Brad Stephens/Rosemont Stadium – The 2011 season began a new era for the Chicago Bandits and most importantly a very positive move to a new location, 27 Jennie Finch Way, Rosemont, IL. Mayor Stephens and Owner Bill Sokolis moved the team to Rosemont and the city built us a 6 million dollar stadium. It could be the best stadium ever built for fastpitch softball. So when the players and I walk out on the field it is truly a honor to wear the Bandits logo.

4. The fans – I truly believe we have the greatest fans (of course I am biased) in the NPF. We had great crowds every home game. There is a very loyal following in Chicago and they expect nothing but the best. We are glad we could bring the Cowles Cup home to them! Game 1 next year will be for them. Im guessing the Cup will be present.

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