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Top Softball Tryout Techniques Every Softball Player Should Apply


Top softball tryout techniques every softball player should apply

Imagine this. Someone throws a ball to you in a try out and the first thing that shows on the face is panic. All try out colleagues will be laughing at you. This article provides the best techniques required by a player to perfectly clutch the ball. While the first tryout cannot be ideal to make the impression you anticipate to the trainers, with time, these tips will make you win their confidence and become the elite player you always dreamt of.

  • Demonstrate character of a great softball player

The first most important tryout technique is demonstrating the right attitude. A great player should not only posses the right skills, but demonstrates capability to work with others in a team. Gather confidence, be tough and generate as much power as possible. Besides, you should be able to throw harder and become dominant when playing in the field. The focus here is to look tough and be tough while demonstrating the above qualities to standout and help the team win every competition.  Every coach wants a team player so that others can learn progressively.

  • Always prepare properly and keep improving

How can one achieve this? A couple of days before the tryout, it is prudent to acquaint yourself with all the requirements of softball. More importantly, plan and document so that all the drills will take place and you can keep improving on very skill. Every coach is interested in getting players with appropriate skills as well as positions. In particular, you need to ensure that every drill improves your pitching, running and hitting.

  • Demonstrate great athleticism
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Softball Tips – You Gotta Have Heart

softball tips heart

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

Most of the time when softball people get together to discuss the game, the talk turns to technique. They’ll debate for hours on end regarding the best way to hit a ball, pitch a ball, throw a ball, etc. They’ll talk about athleticism, conditioning and a lot of other physical aspects.

One subject that rarely comes up, though, is heart. That’s a shame too, because while a player with great physical skills is a valuable thing to have, without heart you’re not going to win as many games as you could.

Heart is what keeps a player going when others might give up. While a player with heart loves to win as much as the next person, winning is not what ultimately drives her. Instead, she plays for the love of the game, and thus focuses on the game itself rather than the outcome.

Players with heart are highly valuable to a team. Just as a player who loses heart can bring a team down, a player who has heart can drive her team to keep playing even when the odds are against them.

In fact, players who have heart often love the challenge of overcoming tough odds. That’s not to say that they purposely try to get behind in a game, but when it does happen on its own it brings out the best in them.

The thing about heart is it’s not always easy to spot, especially in a tryout situation. A player can look like a world-beater in tryouts when there’s no win or loss at stake. There is pressure to perform, of course, but it’s a different type of pressure.

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Softball Skills Debate

By Ken Krause, Life in the Fastpitch Lane blog

There’s No ONE Answer for How To Execute Skills

Most of us come to resources such as the Discuss Fastpitch Forum because we’re looking to improve our understanding of the skills and strategies of the game.

One thing you’ll find along your journey, though, is some people are extremely, uh, passionate about what they think is the best way to hit, throw and catch a softball. Not only will they make statements about techniques as if they are facts instead of opinions, they will dismiss any contrary opinions as if they are the work of heretics. It can get mighty uncomfortable to read at times as vastly differing ideas go head to head.

What you need to keep in mind is either side could be right — or wrong. The only fact in the debate is that we don’t really know the absolute optimum way to execute any given skill. No one does. A lot of people think they do, but not a one would bet their house on it. And for good reason.

You can watch all the video you want. You can read all the books you want. You can take all the swings or throw all the pitches you want. You’re still taking your best guess, no matter who you are.

The reason is there is no reliable way to test varying theories against each other. To test something scientifically, you have to be able to restrict the variables to one. But you can’t do that with human beings. Regardless of whether a technique is good or bad, an athlete will tend to execute something she knows better than something she doesn’t know. So if you have the same person do two different things, she’s going to be better at one than the other. It doesn’t mean it’s the better thing to do, just that she’s better at it.

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Softball Performance Tips – Acceleration Techniques

By Coach Marc

Softball fielding is a lot about reading the situation and reacting quickly. The faster you can read and react, the more likely you are to get to the ball and make an out.

This quick softball video introduces the proper technique to accelerate from a static position (fielding position) to any direction where the ball might be going.

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Softball Fundamentals – Your Fix For Preventing Errors

softball-fieldingBy Coach Marc

Softball is all about fundamentals.

Have you ever taken the time to analyze our game?

It’s a game of errors.

The team that wins is often the team that makes the least amount errors or doesn’t beat itself with errors.

Serving the wrong pitch, throwing the ball 2 inches too high, mishandling the ball while fielding it or making the wrong decision in action are all things that cost you runs and even games.

Errors are bound to happen in a game where everything happens so quickly.

It’s a game of reactions and quick decisions.

Once the ball is delivered by the pitcher, you’ve got no more time to think.

You’ve got to trust your ability to read the situation in an instant, react appropriately (choosing the right skill to execute at that moment), and your “muscle memory” to properly execute that skill without errors.

In almost all cases, all of this happens in less than 1 second.

Reading the situation and reacting appropriately without making errors is easy in a no-pressure, controlled environment like in practice.

However, doing the same thing quickly under pressure in a game is totally different story. It’s much harder.

That’s why softball is a game of errors.

How do you minimize errors and make sure you can perform under pressure?

Your fundamentals must be right.

First, you make sure you have proper mechanics for throwing, fielding, hitting, bunting, and all other techniques.

Second, you’ve got to make sure that when you execute a skill under pressure that your technique is the same than when you do it (or practice it) in a controlled environment.

You achieve that by working on the fundamentals long enough that it becomes second nature.

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