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The teamsnap app

Top 5 Apps All Softball Players and Coaches Should Try Out

Top 5 Apps All Softball players and coaches should try out

“…In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that does not exist” said Eric Hoffer. We live in a fascinating age: the information age. An age where information is the new gold and information is changing the world in fractions of seconds. Starting from communication, to learning; then to the field training, technology is taking over.  The things that took years to do are nowadays done at a tap on a phone screen. A few years ago, I could never figure out how training can be aided by phone applications or how pitching skills could be evaluated by machines. But today, such things are real. Sadly, many people are often reluctant to embrace such changes. Thus, this conservative notion makes them well equipped to inherit the type of softball that is slowly becoming extinct. In this edition, I desired to showcase some of those smart applications that all softball players need to have.

i.                    The TeamSnap App

This is the ultimate application that all softball players and coaches ought to embrace. This app is available for both PC and mobile platforms (iOS, Windows 8 and Android). Since it is mainly a web-based application, you need not to worry about the memory it will consume or the security of your phone. This smart app will enable the coach to access the phone and email list of the players anywhere, communicate to various players and plan events with ease and be able to accurately track the players who will attend various events with ease. It also eases the communication within the team and it makes the entire team more orderly and controllable. This app is highly recommended for softball coaches. It is actually not a freeware, but it is worth the cut. Try out the TeamSnap.

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