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Softball Performance – Softball Nutrition Tips

There exist a very clear and definite relationship between the nutrition of a player and the player’s performance in the game. The evidence to support this opinion is huge enough to be considered factual. According to Holt et al. (1963), most leading traditional athletes were mainly concerned of their nutrition, which in return had a significant boost in their performance.

While seeking to establish a better explanation on the relationships between players’ attitudes, practices and their playing performance, Grete et al. (2011) too supported the idea of nutrition having played a very significant role in player performance.  The same source showed that among softball players in American college schools, barely 10% of those who engage it as freshmen end up playing it in their final year. All this owed to poor dieting and practices that are acquired with time.

In this edition thus, I tried to outline the best player practices and the best nutrition tips for a softball player at varied times in order to remain strong and encouraged to play again and again.

Foods and Fluids for Softball Players

Rodriguez et a. (2009) in the Gatorade Sports Science Institute publication pointed out that athletes and softball player did share a great deal of characteristics. Their publication argued that baseball, cricket and softball players had a main characteristic of running short distances and making rapid decisions frequently. Either, such players are required to have an uninterrupted focus/ attention for long duration. As a result, most softball players are likely to experience glycogen (sugar) and fluid depletion frequently.  Below is a table illustrating the appropriate meals to consider before a match (suited for a player weighing an average of 80 pounds (81.8 KG).


Duration Meals to Eat Nutrients Meals to Avoid Notes
Before the Game 4 Hrs. prior –   1 backed potato with a tablespoonful of sour cream.

–   150g of chicken.

–   1 medium sized apple.

–   2 – 3 oranges

–   200ml of Yoghurt (optional)

1750 Calories, app. 340 g of carbohydrates,

21 g of fat,

About 80 g of proteins and

30 g of fibre.


Avoid all smart drinks, highly creamy meals,

Deep fried meals and soft drinks like sodas.


NCAA report advised softball players to avoid meals like vegetables rich in fibre at this time.



Never ever drink or eat any new drink or eat a meal you have never tried before.

Most people neglect the significance of proteins at this juncture. However, this research established that proteins are key element to fueling a player through the game.


Thus, one should consider meals like boiled/scrabble egg, beans, green grams and meals of this kind.


A few scholars also proposed trying out a chewing gum.

3 Hrs. prior –   200g of spaghetti.

–   1 ½ slices of garlic bread. (you can substitute with a half a piece of lemon fruit)

–   2 cups of white rice

–   2 cups of lemon iced tea.

–   2 bananas.


1290 of  calories,

250 g  of carbohydrate,

20 g of fat,

30 g protein,

18 g fibre.

2 Hrs. prior –   200g of green grams

–   100g of dried cranberries

–   2 cups of orange juice.

–   2 scrambled eggs

920 calories,

170 g of carbohydrate,

20 g of fat,

28 g protein,

20 g of fibre.

Before Warm-ups –   Sports drink (glucose enriched)

–   200ml of water

–   1 medium sized banana.




optional proteins

Smart drinks

Avoid fibre-enriched meals and flesh.

Avoid caffeine drinks and sugary meals

Meals to take at this time should provide instantaneous energy and hydrate the body.
During The Game –   Sports drink

–   Water

–   glucose

Water and


Any other meal During the game, the only a fast-energy supply is required. Ensure you eat enough before the game. A player ought not to feel hungry during the game.
Immediately After The Game

(Partial Recovery)

–   300 ml of chocolate milk

–   Sports drink.

–   Water


Carbohydrates and


Caffeine drinks and any smart drink should be avoided Immediately after a game, a softball player’s body will require a short recovery period. Here, meals rich in water and proteins are encouraged.
After All Games (Full Recovery) –    Green vegetables.

–    Milk shake

–    1kg of baked potato

–    Water


All meal nutrients (Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins) Avoid drinks with caffeine. During the period of full recovery, a player should take no tea, coffee or any caffeine drink.

Also, one should take little amount of meals and have enough rest (SCAN/CPSDA).



As stated at the beginning, there surely exist a link between what a player eats and how a player responds to situations in the field. Through the research, I noted that most researchers in the field have persistently discouraged the use of caffeine and smart drinks or alcoholic drinks. Thus, it is also a personal plea that all softball players should at all times strive to evade the use of such drinks. Also, players should remember to have enough resting duration to cure both physical and mental stress that may have been acquired in the process of playing. I am very certain this editions has covered just enough to make one succeed anywhere in the world. You will use these tips in America, and remember them while in China.


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