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Top 5 Apps All Softball Players and Coaches Should Try Out

Top 5 Apps All Softball players and coaches should try out

“…In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that does not exist” said Eric Hoffer. We live in a fascinating age: the information age. An age where information is the new gold and information is changing the world in fractions of seconds. Starting from communication, to learning; then to the field training, technology is taking over.  The things that took years to do are nowadays done at a tap on a phone screen. A few years ago, I could never figure out how training can be aided by phone applications or how pitching skills could be evaluated by machines. But today, such things are real. Sadly, many people are often reluctant to embrace such changes. Thus, this conservative notion makes them well equipped to inherit the type of softball that is slowly becoming extinct. In this edition, I desired to showcase some of those smart applications that all softball players need to have.

i.                    The TeamSnap App

This is the ultimate application that all softball players and coaches ought to embrace. This app is available for both PC and mobile platforms (iOS, Windows 8 and Android). Since it is mainly a web-based application, you need not to worry about the memory it will consume or the security of your phone. This smart app will enable the coach to access the phone and email list of the players anywhere, communicate to various players and plan events with ease and be able to accurately track the players who will attend various events with ease. It also eases the communication within the team and it makes the entire team more orderly and controllable. This app is highly recommended for softball coaches. It is actually not a freeware, but it is worth the cut. Try out the TeamSnap.

ii.                 Softball Coaching Drills (for iPhone & Android)

This is a simple dummy app with drills. It costs just $1.99 to download form the Apple store. Though this app is incredibly simple, it has a combination of some of the finest drills and a for various softball skills. What makes it adorable is the fact that it uses some cartoon like illustrations that make the drills very easy to understand. In addition, this app is pretty cheap to acquire as long as you have an iPhone or Android phone. It is highly recommended for players who want to perfect their drills. Keep updating it regularly to get newer drills added. Come on girl, it is barely $2, what will you lose anyway? Go ahead, download this app and have some fun.

iii.               Game Changer for Baseball & Softball Score keeping

This is a free application that runs in both Android and iOS that help one to keep track of game scores for their favorite teams. This app also puts you ahead on the scores of your competitor teams. Through a keen and updated analysis, you will be able to know which team has won, lost, improved and such like information. This is a general application for all softball fanatics. It will enable the coach to know the speculative strength of their competitors and evaluate chances of winning easily. It can also work great when giving out live-score game updates to both parents and fans. You can download it here.

iv.               Softball University App

When you want to play softball in the university level, this app will get you the aid you need. It does not give you the drills, but this app will give you the contacts to several university coaches and teams. It is a dummy database application which will enable you to browse through various softball teams within various states, universities, their coaches and other such information that can help you track the nearest softball team near you. This app is also free and you can get it here.

v.                  The Vstrator App

There are times when as a coach you may have desired to make some video or image tutorials for your team, your online sales or simply for fun yet you lacked an appropriate tool to help you. One app that could greatly help you in making video tutorials is the Vstrator. Though it is not directly linked you to softball, this app will play a great role if you use it to train. Since it is a free app, you must not worry about any cost besides time to download and to record. There you go, just make one professional tutorials and let your players be astonished at your new skill of making videos. To download Vstrator click here.


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November 29, 2017

Ryan Taylor @ 1:07 am

I see that you have a category for apps and published a top 5 apps list. I would like for Softball Bound to be considered for any future articles covering apps for Softball players and coaches.

Check out our app and if you are interested in checking out the app let us know.


February 11, 2018

samuel @ 6:09 am

I always use Softball University App on my iPhone. It’s a good application for baseball.

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